I have taken my search to the deepest ocean, held my breath tight, and explored its bed. I have taken trips to the wildest valleys, locked my fear in its dungeon to probe its billows. When I couldn’t find you, I crawled to the mountain top, gave my guts an unflinching buoyancy, moved to the edges of its cliff, looked, but the plains were so empty of you. Then I pondered at this: how it could be that a man would be as rare as a diamond. Nevertheless, you should have an abode.

At the pick of my wonder and inquisition, the desire to find you still kept me awake at night. Day after day, night after night, I hunger to discover and unearth the man that has enriched my heart with his grandeur. With a steady craving, I yearn to unveil the man whose splendor elates my mind. For this reason, I continued my adventure.

I communed with the birds of the air about you, but they insisted that they have found no man as lavishing as you are, even in their great highs and lows. I considered consulting the beast of the earth, but they found me to be crazy looking for such goodness in a man. They said that if the earth has known any man of such glamour, then it would be a greener place to be.  This got me thinking of how you beckoned my thought in the first place, but your source was difficult to fathom. Anyways, I continued with my search. I couldn’t give up in despair.

I journeyed to kingdoms, but their princes were jealous of the description of your effulgence. I couldn’t help it but whisk away to urban nations, where I found men who seemed nice, but were not. They wanted to buy the story of my expedition. Maybe if I write it down, they said, then I might be lucky enough to find you somewhere in between the pages of the book. They were after the money they will make, but I was deeply after you. I want to find the man I alone could only find in my thought.

Then one day, at the still of my thought, I decided to search within. I decided to stop the unyielding scouting of you in places where you cannot be found, to places where I believe it all started. So I perused the edges and the deep corners of my heart. I went through her nooks and crannies, but you were not found. I assumed I didn’t search well, so I went back. This time, I went deeper and deeper into its trenches and hollows; and there you were glowing and growing in the surest and most fertile part of my life. That was when I realized why I couldn’t find you elsewhere. That was when I found out that you were made for me; or rather, we were made for each other.

We are not together because you found me, fell in love with me, asked me to date you, and I affirmed it. I found you too, and it wouldn’t have been easy if I didn’t. I wouldn’t have been all over you. Most girls follow any guy they meet, but I can’t. I am into you as much as you are into me.

Now, I hope you see the reasons why I won’t get in a fluster about what people would say. I flush down everything they say against us. All I want is us, so don’t sit here acting like you are the only one in this ball game. We are into this together. And if you don’t mind, I would love to excuse myself to make your favorite meal.

What people say doesn’t matter. What is important is how much I love my man. We are fond of each other that is what is relevant. Anything against our walls of love should stay out because they build rifts that cannot be closed easily.

I don’t like to see him hurt. It makes us lose our usual ambiance whenever we are together, and at the same time instills disparity in the energy we share. I feel bad about it, and for this reason, I always take my time to speak peace into him.

I feel very bad each time I envisage what grips us: our constant move in an unending roller coaster, and the oblivion it is embellished it. I guess it hurts me more than it does to him. I don’t even know how I got scrolled into all this mess. The only thing we have in this life is our well-refined love free of impurity.

When he lost his legs in a factory accident last year, I felt crazy. With zero medical insurance, we couldn’t handle the bill, neither could the company. They had folded into ruins. Thanks to his friends that helped.

I can’t get a better job, and he can’t either. I guess high school dropouts are not often opportune, and that is what we both are. We are both in a sheet hole.

What amazes me is that he would go on his wheels to work so that we get extra bucks to pay our bills. He didn’t change a bit even after his accident. Every cent he gets, he makes sure he saves a little to get a beautiful present for me monthly. At the savory of his gift, I get to falling in love with him more and more. To me, he has not gotten any short of the man he was when I met him. He is still my well-formed prince charming.

Often, with ebullience, he gives me a ride on his wheels, and this gives me great delight. It is his way of breeding joy with the little things he has. He licks his lips at my poor soup, and never said anything less of praise each time my meal get so bad. He is so sweet, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

My friends are all going nuts at my loyalty to him. Well, I’m not surprised at that. It is a disgruntled society, and they frown at making sacrifices for others, especially ones tailored by love. His friends wanted him to leave me when he was on his feet for another girl. The crazy thing is that I can’t even have a child even though he is potent. I lost my womb during a careless abortion I did before I met him, and he knows that. He has stood by my side all these years, and I can’t leave him now.

Our love has come to stay. It is getting more romantic, and soon, we are going to have a windfall. It is a hard thing for anyone to put his faith in, but our love is strong enough, and our union is our ride to victory. I am hopeful as much as he is that men would far and wide travel to learn from our undying love.