A young damsel’s heart has been vertically rationed into two pieces in Ontario, Canada, by two spunky hunky dishy personable young men. They go dutched it with an unswerving aim to keep and latch it for a life-time. If it were permissible, one would have both chunks over the other, but none could call it a day for another to take it all. Hence, the said lass has known nothing but a dilemma. A state for which she would sometimes wish she was never extant.

She’s been caught in the act! Perplexed of which arms to fall into, she has chosen to stay on the fence. Swept by waves of indecision, she’s quite unresolved. She wouldn’t want to follow one and leave the other as it is not her decision to make. She’s deeply in love with both men and both are keenly in love with her. Perpetually entangled in this matter, non can save her, else by providence. It is just like a hen amid two cocks.

This is the story of Bami, who built a bridge she would never be able to burn. A girl that has won several men with her dazzling look played them and filtered their hearts into canals without looking back.  Unbeknown of her, the past she boasted of has come home to her, but she should be grateful it is more fairly for sometimes she feels enveloped by the love showered on her by the men her heart is bilaterally devoted to. These are up to the mark gentlemen who would go through fire for her.

You probably might not understand how it could be that a girl would love to two gents. I am puzzled at this ball game. Maybe if we take a cursory gaze at this unhealthy sitch, we would be able to tell whether it is indeed a true love or if it is Bami that has fallen short of a grip of herself as a result of enchanted loving ministrations from well-formed stunning young men.

In the month of June 2005, inside a United Airlines Jet in Vancouver International Airport, Bami’s heart swam deep into her stomach when she saw two princely looking young men walk in. She couldn’t trust if her eyes told her the truth so she decided to have a second glimpse. When she did, she shrieked, her heart swam the second time, and this time it went deeper that she felt she was hallucinating. She has never seen anything this dicey. No man has ever left her so dazed, astonished and dumbstruck in her whole wide life. But today she got it in two folds and her breath taken away.

“Wope! This is my sit number!” he exclaimed with a husky, deep sensation voice, addressing Bami. It was one of the two guys she saw talking to her.

“I am Franky,” he said. “And this is my sit number. I am ought to sit beside you.”

It was the trigger of her life to know that such a man wrapped up in wonder was to sit right beside her. At this moment she couldn’t speak but had her mouth opened wide with a stir in amazement at what she could only term luck. She shifted to let him make headway to his sit. As he dragged himself across majestically all she could think of was the stuff he was made of. His well-proportioned body structure, shiny curly hair, and sparkling blue eyes. Everything about him was designed to be adored and he looked like nothing that could be found on earth. His body was a composition of stitches of consuming goodness glazed with fine coatings of a well smoothened sparkling layer. This bloke’s nature cannot be elucidated any less than a god.

Amid her thought, he interrupted saying, “where are you heading to? Ontario where the plane is heading to or you want to sneak out to heaven, cause you look divine?”

When Bami heard this, she giggled and felt like immersing herself into the sit as she was being drenched by his charisma and elegance.

“You must be a master of words,” she said.

“Not as you see it. I speak as I see. You look beautiful and exceptional. Comely girls like you rarely come by,” he added.

“Wow! thank you for the compliment,” she responded, blushing.

“Do you stay in Ontario? I’m just moving over, and I would like to have someone show me around. Do you mind?” He asked looking at her, expecting a reply.

“I stay in Ontario, and it’s just a big place to show you around. Nevertheless, I will. Here’s my contact. You can call me.” 

She handed over her card to him, stood up and excused herself to the restroom. She wasn’t feeling like using the toilet but was attracted at the sight of the other guy that came in alongside Franky. A well-polished gentleman with qualities equal to no literary description.

Her guts shivered as she moved, and it seems like it is a long-distance as she approached closer. All she wanted was to speak to him even if it means blathering or prattling her way through his heart. Before she could get there, he was already done and out. He went back to his sit without even looking at her face. Bami, being disappointed, kept her head down in disappointment to walk back to her seat. On the floor, she saw a purse, which she scooched to pick. Inside was the picture of the mean handsome gent. It also included an ID written by Tony Stonk, few dollar notes, and contact cards. She kept it to herself and was glad she did. She didn’t have much of a conversation with Franky until the plane landed, and she said hello and went her way. 

After a few months, a loving spree began. Bami had already gotten Tony wishing to come to Hamilton twice a month after being there two consecutive times. At the same time, she had received several calls from Franky. And as days rolled by slowly, they all got entangled.

In her wildest dream, she never knew that a girl could ever be choked by care. Every single night, both men spoon-fed her with love in a quirky approach. These got all of her, and she burned every night each time she is not with any of them. On the contrary, each time she is with Tony, she would long to be with Franky.

Everything turned around and came to naught on the night when she couldn’t find Franky in the bed. She didn’t want to worry about his absence but was called out by chatters of two voices coming from the living room. She stood on her feet to find her way to the living room. When she got closer, the conversation became more audible, and the other voice sounded familiar. Sentences like “I’m done with her,” “aren’t you done?,” “I’m done. We should find another girl,” popped out of the room. She wanted to opine that it could be her they were talking about but have no reason to. However, she had to clarify her doubt, even though she has no reason to, so she tip-toed to peep.

At the view, her heart was knocked out. Frankie was talking with Tony on a video call, and it was about her. It appeared that they were friends all these while and that she has been hut more than she has ever played anyone. It was the shock of her life. In an instant, she scrubbed herself to the floor and wept profusely.