Twinkle twinkle little star.

        How I wonder what you are!

……  Hypnotized by amazing look  ….

Really amazing  look!

A marriage ceremony. The entire house was lighted with sparkle lamps. It was very pleasant weather. The marriage function was already completed. The
dinner was finished. All of guests went away. But it was not possible for Wang
to leave the marriage ceremony house. It was his relative’s marriage. He was
overwhelmed by his thoughts and emotions to see a pretty lady who was quite
unfamiliar to him.

“What’s your name, please?”

Suddenly Wang asked that beautiful lady.

She was alone. Nobody else was there with her.

Chen … She replied with little hesitation.

“Are you married?”

“Yes … I am.”

“Are you two only?”

“No, I am three … Me, my husband and our daughter.”

“Yet you are so cute.”  … In an inaudible sound Wang said.


“Nothing.” Wang said.

“What is your husband?”

“A police officer.” Chen said.

Wang became afraid for a little moment.

But suddenly he laid Chen’s hand on his hand and said, “I love you. I have fallen in your love.”

The beautiful lady shouted loudly  … “What?”

But during that time Wang ran away.

Dreams … Dreams … Dreams

That night after returning from marriage ceremony house Chen felt asleep but she was not able to take sound sleep through the whole night. Her husband said, “what happened?”

“Nothing …. Chen said.

But she couldn’t sleep not for a while but for whole night.

Chen started to dream up of that man with whom she met in the marriage ceremony house.

Chen was cute lady. Tall figure. Slim. Very attractive personality. She was a woman of about 40 years in age. A mother of a daughter who was then of 12 years in age. Husband is of 50 years in age. Little family but happy family. Daughter was a student. But that night that man’s words “I love you. I have fallen in your love” didn’t give her sleep during the whole night. Who was that person? Chen started again to dream up of that person. She yearned that man. She fell in his love. But who was that man? Chen didn’t know him. She didn’t know his home. Alas!

… Paradise …

A few months after … It was 6 a. m. in the morning. It was still dark. The winter was approaching. Chen started from home for morning walk. As far as the eyes could see the trees and mountains were wet with morning dew. As she moved the upper body backwards and down for the rustling of the neem leaves on the way Chen suddenly got at that loving man just back to back him. The winter was just approaching. It was 6.30 a. m. in the morning. It was still dark.

In spite of winter a hot air ran down her spine. She laid that man’s hand on her hand and said, “I love you. I have also fallen in your love.”

“What is your name, please?”

The man was astonished. But that was only for a while. He grasped Chen for a little while. Chen asked again, “what is your name?”

“Wang”  … The man replied.

Then Chen grasped Wang. It was 7 a. m. in the morning. It was still dark. The winter was just approaching. The trees and mountains were wet with morning dew. Wang and Chen grasped with each other. Really they fell in love with each other.

It was a paradisal love. When true love resides in someone’s heart, it makes the person mad. Wang and Chen really became mad. In that moment it seemed to be that there were only two persons on the earth … Wang and Chen. They grasped with each other and were not in a position to watch any third person. Wang kissed Chen … Chen kissed Wang  … A passionate kiss for a few times  … A touch with the lips in kissing  … Touch with the lips is a sign of love, sexual desire. Wang tried to fondle Chen in the meantime. Chen also forgot the whole world. She grappled Wang affectionately.

Chen’s husband was a police officer. She remembered that time when her husband was at the back of the house with a glass of wine in his hand. She remembered that time when at the time of drinking her husband abused her rudely. She remembered that time when after drinking her husband was not in a position to love her. But Wang gave her a paradisal love.

… Embodied love …

Now the situation was  … Wang and Chen couldn’t stand a day without talking to each other. Day after day … Month after month … Their
love became matured. Now the time came. Both of them desired to stay altogether. They desired to stay  together 24 hours in a day. But how it was possible? They started to plan accordingly. When the police officer was in night duty they met at Chen’s home. They loved with each other through the whole night.

Gradually their paradisal love was converted into embodied love. Physical love.

Once came that night when Chen’s husband was present at home. What the situation was! But the time was when Wang and Chen was addicted with each other  … Both of them were physically and mentally dependent with each other’s body  … And were unable to stop taking it without incurring harmful effects. Actually they were infatuated with each other’s embodied love. But was it correct?

But it was happening. Chen’s  husband either was in night duty in office or in drinking situation at home when he was not in night duty. So when he was in drinking situation at home he detained himself in one room. He didn’t move to and fro in the house. And the embodied love was occurred in another room of the house. And this embodied love was occurred daily because Wang and Chen couldn’t stand a day without meeting with each other.  Then came that night when Chen’s husband was present at home. He was infatuated in wine in one room, and Chen and Wang were infatuated in embodied love in another room. But suddenly Chen’s husband suspected something was happening beside his room. He went there and discovered his wife in infatuated situation with a man. It was a bolt from the blue to him. He at once went his room to take the service revolver and returned to his wife to shoot her. At the time of velitation Wang was able to capture the revolver and at once shoot Chen’s husband to protect Chen and himself. Chen’s husband was injured and became hospitalized at once by his wife and associates of his apartment buildings. Wang ran away.

…  Realization …

Chen’s husband was a police officer. He was a gentleman. But he was not drunkard. Only at the time of drinking he was not in a position to love his family. But excepting that time he loved his wife so much. He loved his daughter so much also.  In spite of being a police officer he was very domestic. He fulfilled all needs of his wife. He gave her honour, merit. In a word, he was fully committed to take care of her family. In spite of Chen became perverted. Why? Only for embodied love! Chen felt sin. She didn’t take the pressure of this scandal. She went to her husband’s bed where his treatment was going on and decided to suicide. She touched his husband’s feet for bow but alas! Already the police officer was expired. Chen became still.