Saajid suffered eyesight blindness, during the war, he had served as captain with the Pakistan Army for 15 years. This came as jolting experience to Saajid, he had a sister to turn to, his parents expired earlier, and had an elder brother as well who lived at a distant city. Thus, he began living at an attached apartment within the compound of her sister’ house. 

    Permanent Loss of vision

     The Pakistan army offered captain Saajid a great relief, as a token of recognition of his meritorious martial services as well as a compensation in association with the permanent loss of his sight: huge amount of profits a month through the manufacturing of cement. This inflow of funds helped Saajid magnificently at maintaining a respectable living style in addition to making him vulnerable to murder on top of having robbery at his home! The neighbors had the perception that he lived alone and that he enjoyed a life loaded with every sort of conceivable luxury. Saajid never accepted, for a second, that now he was without sight. 

    Uncontrollably Aggressive and Dominatingly Outright

     The incidence during the war forced him into psychological depression, as the result of which, he remained continuously in furious mood so much so that many times it occurred to people that he might hurt them beyond repair. In reality, the intensive feelings of self-pity combined with the sea of anger, transformed the retired captain into a living bomb, the captain could not be part of the social settings anymore, since he had become uncontrollably aggressive and dominatingly outright to be respectably comprehended by the individuals around. There was no one who would make any effort to understand him, therefore, captain Saajid could not express out his tortured state of mind to anyone. 

    Odor of the Perfume

     One evening Saajid decided that he should end his life, but prior to committing suicide he intended to visit a few places, being vital portion of his last wishes, of unparalleled significance to him. He had hired the services of a college boy, Farooq, who would escort him to the spots after arranging a limousine according to the deep aspiration of the captain. They both left for the city of Islamabad on a plane, during the flight Saajid surprised Farooq enormously by telling facts about the personality of the air hostess, who brought them drinks, without ever having known her previously and which stunned her beyond explanation. Upon being questioned by Farooq, Saajid replied that the odor of the perfume, used by the hostess, was sufficient to make him get to know the type of people who used that sort of perfume. This event amused the three of them and, thereby, facilitated the comfort of the air trip for Farooq, Captain and the air hostess. Following the landing, the couple rented out a two bed room at a luxurious hotel of Islamabad, having rested their, they set for Saajid’s brother’s residence in connection with the family thanks giving gesture.   

    Clutched the jaws of his nephew

     The elder brother, Samil, felt highly offended at receiving Saajid, he asked Farooq the reason for bringing Saajid to his house instead of taking him to his, Saajid overheard this and simply absorbed this highly unexpected derogatory remark from his closet relative in the world.  At the dinner, the nephew of Saajid, married and 35 years old, ridiculed Saajid for mismanging the pin with, beyond the required time period, after having unpinned the grenade during the war in which the retired   Captain lost his sight, he insulted his father’s younger brother loudly and abused severely as well, holding saajid deeply responsible for his blindness. At this humiliation, Saajid got up from his seat and clutched the jaws of his nephew within his strong hands making the nephew gasp for air and would not leave him despite great hue and cry of his wife and father, though after some time he loosened his grip. In view of the third rated attitude of his brother and the nephew, Saajid departed elegantly using commanding language. 

    Couple Dance to a Wonderful Music

     Captain Saajid left for a prominent hotel to enjoy tea, inside the dashing black Limousine, Farooq asked him about the plans of Saajid, he responded that after having slept with a woman, and having had a brand new suit stitched for him, he would be killing himself. Farooq could not believe what he heard, and thus became greatly fearful of the impending disaster, at this very juncture a lady was invited by Saajid to have a couple dance with him, she hesitated initially due to the expected arrival of her boyfriend and partially due to the forceful style of Saajid, however, she agreed and they both had couple dance to a wonderful music and amongst the amazed audience, who clapped vehemently, thus, greatly appreciating the delightful ball.  They both returned to their hotel room. Early next morning, Farooq heard voices and found that Saajid was giving measure to a young tailoress in connection with a highly elegant suit for Saajid.

     Short Drive in a Brand New Cadillac

     The evening of the next day the captain intended to entertain himself with a drive in a brand new Cadillac, the salesman would not allow them to take a ride at the car since he could not afford a scratch. Saajid, being greatly persuasive Colonel in the Pakistan army, motivated the salesman finally and he, along with Farooq, took the car for a short drive. During the trip firstly he asked Farooq to drive and he kept sitting enjoying the trip within the zero meter Cadillac, later he took the controls of the luxurious Cadillac and drove fast without stopping at any fork. This attitude made Farooq highly scarred but he kept his emotions inside him respecting one of the last wishes of Blind Captain. During the trip, the policeman stopped them and, after following an argument, he let them ago regarding Saajid as the acting Colonel, since Saajid did not reveal his retired status. 

     One Impressive Reason for not Committing Suicide

      The captain and Farooq moved to their hotel room, the captain asked Farooq to fetch some cigarettes for him from the shopping mall, and he himself began to assemble the gun, Farooq feared that Saajid was tricking him so that he could kill himself after he had gone. Farooq immediately rushed back to the hotel and found Saajid dressed remarkably in the Army uniform and loading bullet in the gun, Farooq tried to snatch the gun but the captain pushed Farooq with full force and resultantly Farooq broke his wrist. Farooq continued his struggle against Saajid, when the captain pointed the gun at Farooq and threatened him with death if Farooq resisted him. But still Farooq put up resistance with full force but ultimately Farooq was overpowered by the captain. In view of the sincere struggle of Farooq, the captain asked Farooq to give him one impressive reason for not committing suicide, at this query Farooq immediately replied that the captain was an expert dancer.

      Hearing this, captain Saajid got away from Farooq and placed away the gun aside, one reason for the change of decision could be that the captain liked three elements greatly, dancing with women and driving in Cadillac and greatly fascinating clothes. A simple reminder from a sincerely innocent heart transformed the hopelessness of captain Saajid into a rebuilding existence.