A boyfriend or girlfriend is someone special. A boyfriend or girlfriend expects someone when he or she wakes up in the morning and before falls asleep at night. A real friend that may be a boyfriend or girlfriend can make you smile in every reason. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend means you are not in a position to count the hours till you can be with him or her. And when they are in a closed friendship it is not possible for them to leave the station. If a boy truly likes someone he should accept all of her. He should appreciate her strength and tolerate her weakness. A true boyfriend is someone who takes care of his girlfriend. For developing the best friendship some key factors are vital such as respect, behaviour, attitude, liking/ unliking, tolerance, appreciation, feeling, realization, responsibility, dutifulness, acceptance, trust, honesty, heartfelt love and undoubted adjustment. A best friend has the strange ability to read your mind before the words pop out of your mouth.

Respect means

A healthy relationship begins with respect. Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone. Respect means that you accept someone. Respect is defined as feeling and showing esteem for someone. In a true friendship or best relationship, both of boyfriend or girlfriend should be respectful to each other. When your friend speaks to you, you should listen to her with deep feeling. Listening, serving, affirming, etc. are some key factors for showing respect for others. Acknowledgement is a vital point of showing respect. So you should always acknowledge your girlfriend’s healthy activities.

Appropriate behaviour in best relationship

If the behaviour is positive, the integrity of friendship always will be positive. A true friend always shares the opinion with each other. Real friends never dream of engaging in the practice of gossip because it brings everyone involved down. A real friend always talks to you face-to-face. You can always count on this friend to have your back. Behaviour should be gentle with each other. You can have to face so many disturbances but you should be always gentle, come and quiet with your friend. Sometimes the person may be in stress due to work pressure but behaviour should not be changed. The face is the mirror of a man and a man is known by his behaviour. So always should be gentle and modest to your girlfriend.

Controlled attitude

Yes. A boyfriend or a girlfriend always should tell him or her what he or she needs to and should not be confrontational. The attitude should be always sober with each other. The boyfriend can tell his girlfriend occasionally that she is beautiful. Occasionally he can surprise her with his innocent love. The boyfriend should be compassionate, kind, friendly. He can always feel and show sympathy for his girlfriend. He should show always that he is willing to compromise. A boyfriend or a girlfriend always should be cool and calm. Never try to act to control the situation. Never be in a hurry to end the conversation rather be attentive to the entire conversation.

Awareness of liking/unliking of your friend

A boyfriend should have knowledge of liking/unliking of his girlfriend. He should be always careful to his friend regarding this. You can give her a flower sometimes if she likes it. You try to notice her liking/unliking and go for that way. Do something as per her likings without her asking. Try to be there for her when she needs you the most. Your girlfriend may be fond of music, may be fond of cinema, may be fond of tv serial, may be fond of theatre, may be fond of dance, may be fond of discussion on any topics or maybe fond of the outing. You should be careful about it. Always try to give the value of her likings. In this way, integrity may develop.

Tolerance is important

Tolerance is a vital part not only in the life of friendship but also in the life of human being. It is very important in a relationship. Tolerance allows someone to tell his or her partner that there is something he or she doesn’t like about him or her. But he or she is going to deal with it because he or she loves him or her. So to keep warm relationship everyone should be tolerant with each other. To keep tolerance everyone should avoid disrespectful languages with each other at the time of the conversation. Actually, try to get to know your partner better. Accept his or her flaws. Then it would be possible for him or her to be tolerant at any bitter circumstances also. You are tolerant means you are accepting your girlfriend’s opinions and preferences. Tolerance leads to less stress and greater happiness In fact, tolerance helps people to live together peacefully.

Appreciation means

Grateful, thanks, etc. are the keywords of appreciation. You should be always grateful and thankful for your girlfriend’s remarkable deeds. There are some short messages for appreciation. As for examples: thanks for helping me; so many thanks; thank you, my dear friend; good deeds of yours are highly appreciated; it’s my gratitude; thank you so much; congratulations; heartfelt congratulations; warmest congratulations; best wishes; with best wishes; so pleased; so thankful; etc. Any type of valuable activities should be appreciated by both of boyfriend or girlfriend. In fact, any type of messages for appreciation increases integrity in between boyfriend and girlfriend.

The feeling of best friend

Yes, I have felt. The feeling is an important key factor regarding best friendship. Both Boyfriend and girlfriend should have a feeling for each other. Friendship is a close association between two people marked by feelings of care, respect, admiration, concern or love. In feeling, don’t expect anything, not even an answer. The feeling of liking and caring for your girlfriend should be always into your mind. Always should have a feeling of wanting to be friendly and helpful to your best friend or girlfriend.


The realization of the real work always should be conveyed to the concerned partner. Best Friends are always together in spirit. One should realize his or her partner’s weal and woe invariably.

Responsibility in the best relationship

A best friend invariably takes care of his partner’s life. He should always show his sense of responsibility to his partner. He should always try to be careful to take responsibilities for his partner’s needs. Take care or take responsibility acts as a bridge in between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.


You can consider friendship to be only best if both of them stick with their duties with each other despite certain inconveniences of them. So a boyfriend or a girlfriend, everybody should be always dutiful with each other. At least they should have a sense of dutifulness.

Definition of acceptance

Every partner should have a fair mentality of acceptance in every respect of the job. A best friend is difficult without acceptance. Acceptance means accepting your friend’s deeds. Any type of deeds should be acceptable by both friends.

Trust, the backbone of the best relationship

Trust is the backbone of any relationship exclusively for a best or true relationship. It also works as a bridge between two friends. Trust allows feeling safe with the friend. There is no authenticity to the friendship without trust. So every partner should be always straight with him or her in respect of dealing.

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is one of the most significant key factors for best friendship. Honesty is the best policy. So friends always should remain honest in deeds. Tell the truth what it may cost you. It is also important that you keep your friend secrets. So it is necessary to develop honesty in between 

Heartfelt love

A boyfriend should have a heartfelt love to his girlfriend. It seems to you that life can go on without him or her. You can be happy without him or her. Love would be real.

Undoubted adjustment

Undoubted adjustment is the first and last key factor for building the best friendship. For this, best friendships have an important effect on individuals’ socioemotional adjustment throughout the life span.