Have you ever felt that you have selected a wrong partner to spend your whole life with? And you have taken decision too early? Choosing a wrong life partner can be a reason for you unhappiness and it can damage your whole life.

We have hundreds and thousands of examples where we see people are regretting their decision of choosing a partner that later proved to be evil for them.

The question is that if you are not getting good vibes from your partner you shouldn’t marry them… all right? It’s our choice to be in relationship or not with our partner and most of the people
choose too early in heat of emotions I think…

When we talk about selecting a wrong partner we see many reasons behind that. The reasons can ranges from communication problem to insecurity about relationship. Lack of trust can be the reason for separation of couples also.

We go through number of stories where people share their real life events about how felt devastated by choosing wrong partner who ruin their life.

I read somewhere- “Your marriage decides 90% of your life” and I’ve come across few incidents that proved this statement true. I’ll share one incident that will make you learn many things.

I saw a couple who were very happy before marriage, posting many snaps together, enjoying a lot with each other. People see them as a perfect couple. They got married without their parent’s permission because their parents were not in favor of that relationship. After they got married their family ended relationship with them. 

In beginning I saw many romantic pictures of them chilling together and they were very happy to be married. After sometime I notice that the girl started posting sad quotes and after sometime she deactivated her social media account and cut off from society. I didn’t ask much detail because we were not close friends.

A few months later I saw her in market and I felt she was not okay at all. I asked her about her life and she said she want to meet me soon. She visited me and said I don’t want any help, but a person
just to listen to me.

She started telling me about her marriage life that was perfect at start but soon she realized that she made a great mistake by choosing wrong partner. She said that her partner was
possessive about her but as she loved him, she always mistook his possessiveness for love.

She said that my partner used to treat me like a queen and pampered me and I being immature never thought that marriage is beyond being pampered and treated like a queen.

She continued her story and told that her partner started to devalue her, started coming late at night and never giving her permission to go out .when she seeks permission for job he said people will say that “his husband can’t afford her”.

She said things were getting worse day by day and we used to fight daily and after many fights I decided to leave him and live her own life.

She said that never marry someone who disrespect others because a person who disrespect other can disrespect you too.

She added that there is a difference between being cared and possessiveness and you should be mature enough to feel the difference.

She was very disheartened and said Wrong choice of partner will not only ruin your life, but lives of your children, life of your family and everyone around you. Be certain; be very certain about what you want and more sure about what you don’t want. And if you’ve devoted a mistake, make it right before it’s too late!” and she left.

From this incident you can learn that before making a decision about choosing your life partner you should keenly observe life of both you and your partner in order to avoid any painful experience in future.

Now, may be you are thinking that how can I figure out that I have made a wrong decision regarding choice of my partner right?

So, I am discussing some main signs about how can you examine that you did wrong to yourself.

Fights become routine

It’s normal to fight and I saw many couple fighting over differences and sometime they fight over common things too but when this cash become daily routine and reach a painful level, you have to
see about what you have done to you because duel mostly occurs when your partner is not compatible.

You experience loneliness

Have you ever heard that I am in relationship but still feel lonely? Some people feel lonely even with a partner and this is worst thing both for mental and physical health. Now, you have to surmise
that whether this relationship can live longer or not.

Preferences start to clash

We all know that one of the main agreements in marriage and t respect one another point of view but when your partnerstarts to give priority to other things over you, this is the time when you are supposed to make a choice about your future life.

Lying become common in your married life

Trust is the key of healthy relationship but the day you start lying to your partner it’s the day when your relationship is almost ended. You have to and it is time to take a step back and review your relationship and decide your future.

These are few sure signs that I have discussed here.

Does anyone of you ever feel these signs in your relationship? Then you should show concern about your marriage life. You should try to make things better. Try to care your partner so it can help in making your relationship strong.

All of us should keep in mind that couple should remember good time that they spent together more than they remember bad time and this is one of the key ingredients in making any marriage successful.

Letting move of a state of affairs that appears proper however isn’t simply what you need may be hard. But if you could muster up the braveness to do it, you could be in a dating with the proper man or woman who loves you and who you like in return.