Missing someone that you love is normal, but when it starts affecting your emotion and livelihood and feels like there’s is a hole in your chest that only he/she can fill. 

You feel empty and lost, that’s breakups are absolutely brutal.

Common wisdom tells us to purge ourselves of thought and feeling about farmer lover.
For a number of reasons there exist loving feelings for an ex, and you want him/her back right now. That’s shouldn’t be your focus.

Your focus should be on moving on and dealing with those intense feeling of missing. Right now you need time, space, clarity, and perspective.

Ways to stop missing your ex, so you can start moving on.

1.Stop blaming yourself

After a break up, it’s too easy to get into a storm of negative thoughts about yourself. Doubt yourself and assign blame in all the wrong places. That’s why a break up can damage your self-esteem.

Leave ruminating that you’re not enough good… that maybe he/she never loved me. This attitude creates a very unhealthy condition.

The end of a relationship is not just the fault of one party; both partners contribute to break-up in some way.

Control your mind. When the negative thoughts come flooding in, just kindly ask them to leave you alone.

2.Remember that you broke up for a reason

If your relationship was good enough as it is in your memory, then you’d still be together. But after break-up you really need to remember, you broke up for a reason. And you need to never forget what that reason was, no matter how much 

it might hurt you.

3.Stay busy

The less time you obsess over someone, the less you’re going to miss someone. Sometime we missing and thinking about our ex, simply because we’re lonely, board, or have too much time. 

Fill your time with activities like trying a new exercise class, getting into meditation, joining a book club, doing some charity work, to keep your mind focus on other things. 

Saturate your mind with people, stories, new feelings, and experience to curb thinking about your ex.

4.Look back

Instead of focusing on the missing, wanting, loving, focus on what you learned from the experience. Look your back from the very positive angle, because there is always a lesson to learn, especially from the most painful experience.

Learn the mistakes done in your relationship. Learn that what you will and won’t accept from a relationship. Learn that what you did? that you’ll never do again in a relationship.

Try to learn something from your experience and use it to become even better.

5.Remember the bad

I know I just told be positive, but it should be also remember that why he/she was not the right for you. Be positive always but when there come the matter of your ex, try to remember the negatives!

Probably you broke up for several reasons, so remembers the negatives to minimize your missing and loving your ex.