No matter how long your marriage has lasted, you can still build a happy-couple relationship by putting into consideration the following habits:

Warm Physical Connection

This is not sex! It doesn’t have to be so all the time. But learning how to hold each other affectionately should be something you have to practice. It involves acts like cuddling and sensually caressing your partner’s body. It is characterized by moment to moment stroking. Couples that engage in it bonds better.

They have a talk time/ they listen

Amazing couples create time for a heartfelt talk where they share their experiences. Mostly, it is the woman who talks while the listening is done by the man. This gives room for understanding. It helps you to make the necessary adjustment that will enhance your relationship.

Imagine a marriage where the wife doesn’t talk and the husband seems not to listen. Such a relationship setting is highly susceptible to divorce. On the other hand, if your communication level blossoms due to constant listening and talking reciprocated from both ends, then there is room for happiness.

They spend time having fun

How do you spend your fun time as a married couple? Do you go out with your friends more than you do with your spouse?

Happy couples have been seen to spend a fun time together. According to research, the relationship between fun and marital happiness is significant.

A research finding published in 2000 by Aaron Arthur of State University of New work also supports this with a result which shows that sharing in new and exciting activities is consistently associated with better relationships. This will help you create memories you can look back on in times of conflict. If you have enough reason to be happy with your spouse, it will suppress reasons to be unhappy.

They always fix their differences

Another thing couples do to stay happy is knowing how to settle their differences.  Misunderstanding pops up once in a while, but most couples let it overwhelm them, thereby letting it drag them to the lower slope on the happiness scale.

Couples that are determined to be happy understands when to submit to each other. They know when to let their partner win an argument even though they have a point to prove.

It only takes sincerity to accept one’s mistake and humility to apologize. Happy husband and wife are often sincere and submit to each other. It improves their emotional well being.

They have a ceremonial practice or ritual

Just like cheating, disappointment, and failure in a relationship creates a scar in peoples heart, so does a good ritual embellishes the heart with wonder; and every happy couple has one to go with.

Try and create a daily ritual that will unite you and your partner more. Whether it is eating breakfast together, praying ogether, creaming your partner every night, and many more; just make it a part of you. This makes your absence very profound, therefore proving to your spouse how relevant you are.

They check up on each other in a unique way

Happy couple’s testimony concerning this is all wrapped in unbroken daily connections through text messages and calls. But some others make it more distinct and beautiful. Instead of texting their partner to ask simple questions like, “how are you?”, or call to ask the same question, they go the extra mile to write unique messages expressing their deeply felt love and how happy they are to have their partner in their life.

You and your partner can create that culture. Don’t go all day unconnected to your lover. Get him busy thinking about you with unique short text messages or calls.

They take a walk together

Maybe you might not have time to do this, being that you could be busy. But if you can, do it. It will help you experience your environment alongside your partner, and at the same time gives you room to talk
about fun things.

Walk talk is quite different from room talk. They are not so delicate and sensitive. This is where you get to laugh and cheer with your partner in the most exciting way.

It is also playful. I can remember a lady sharing how she hits her husband’s butt each time they are on a walk, and they both laugh about it.

They always come up with a surprise

This sparkles up the relationship. I can’t forget my friend when she was talking about how her husband bought a car for her, shipped it from overseas without her knowledge. The thought radiates her heart.

Can you do that for your spouse? It mustn’t be a car or any expensive gift. You can study her needs and surprise her with a corresponding gift. Isn’t that romantic? Wouldn’t it be a way to spoil your spouse with the little that you have? So give it a try!

Share your dreams and work together to achieve them

The best duo to walk with is your loving partner; especially when they share your vision with you. They help and inspire you with all they have. They give you the emotional and psychological support more than your work colleague.

Sometimes your partner might be off the hook of your dreams and vision, but if you find a way to constantly make efforts to help her achieve their goal, you are likely to get her to be involved in yours.

This gets you both busy helping each other to achieve the things you love, aligns you in one direction, and keeps you on track.

They appreciate each other

How many times do you let your partner know how much you love them?

How many times do you let your man know how handsome he is?

Sometimes we get too familiar with our spouse that we tend to forget that they are humans with emotions and senses. It is hard to know that your wife would dress up, looking all beautiful without you noticing. It will be more complicated if she would have to get compliments from outsiders.

Learn how to express your love constantly, and then expect the best to happen.

They speak their partner’s love language

I feel loved each time my partner spends time with me making me laugh the hell out of myself. How do you feel loved? Does your partner feel the same way too, or does he or she perceive differently?

You have to answer these questions. If you don’t know it, feel free to ask them. It will help you communicate in the most possible way.