Beauty For husband

In the course of a relationship, the male should not allow his wife to show up before the external men, since the beauty and qualities of the wife could motivate both of them to have illicit relations or have marriage, thus breaking the previous knot and ruining the family, especially the children. Sacrifices have to be given, it should be kept within sight that the husband should as well exert his utmost to avoid women, but since he has to relate with the world outside home mostly, he would be expected to come across different women. The wife should be asked to take care of home only and adopt veil while she is outside so that her face and the general form of her physical self remains visible only to her husband.

Divorce Right

During an ongoing marriage, the husband might come across another woman and marries her without revealing to his first wife since the wife might be highly intolerable towards this action of her husband and, therefore may ask for divorce from him. In fact, the husband has the natural disposition towards more than one woman, moreover, he is the decision maker of his family especially with regard to maintenance as well as stability. The first wife, becomes too much emotional at the second marriage of the husband and thus they raise hue and cry and final get divorced, this decision of the first wife ruins the whole family forever, if she had accepted the reality that by second marriage the husband would not be usurping her rights as it is her right to do that then her response could be less severe. Since the women has been declared to be highly emotional individuals as well as partners, therefore, the right of divorce should be limited to the husband and the wife should not be allowed to divorce her husband.

Written Guidance

In the course of a relationship, the parties generally focus upon their experiences with each other to acquire mutual understanding, in this regard it should be mentioned that studying about each other’s personalities could play the pivotal role. There are written materials about the possible problems that a person can encounter during a married relationship or another one, constant reading about maintaining highly positive relationships should be a continuous process.

Horoscopic Knowledge

The book available on the market that contains information about the people who are born under different birthday stars: cancer, SAGGITARIUS, LIBRA and others, could make a big difference, since it gives information of the fundamental nature regarding your partner encompassing her preferences, the possible physical problems, the expected psychological inadequacies, the compatibility between you both, in addition to the techniques to handle your partner.

True Incidents

The acclaimed most read magazine in the world: Reader’s digest, could be comprehended to be greatly helpful in connection with the manner of going on with multiple categories of relationship since it contains true incidents that take place within the lives of people all over the globe. The faith in God is what can make the phenomenal difference when you wish to enter or keep going with regard to a contact, whenever you are faced a difficult situation, you shall have to leave the results in the hands of God and then you would find that the affair would take such a turn that could be source of peace and contentment for you.

Corporal Therapy

When a husband experiences corrupt attitude from his wife then he should first have a profound discussion to find out the causes and form solutions along with the suggestions of his wife. In case there is no betterment, then the beds of the husband and of the wife should be separate. This would be leading towards making both find out whether they feel any deficiency in their lives in the absence of the spouse or not. This separation could be the turning point as the physical contact is considered one of the most important aims of a marriage. But when the second strategy fails too with regard to correcting the wife, then the husband could be strict with the wife in the corporal fashion though in a light manner.

Two Representatives

This corporal harshness could be carried out so that the shock could shake up the mind of wife and her attitude could change and by doing so the thoughts of the husband may alter as well towards the wife. The derogatory influence onto the wife could make a great difference to her self-respect and this may compel her to rectify her conduct. It is therefore, recommended that the software therapy comprising the communication with the spouse is followed by the hardware treatment encompassing corporal strictness. Finally, a representative from the wife’s side and another from the wing of the husband should sit together and try to arrive at a solution. Failure in this regard may move the parties towards divorce.

Menstrual Cycle

The divorce should be given in 3 phases, each phase being a period of one month during which the woman could undergo her menstrual cycle, there should be no physical contact within this time duration between the husband and the wife. In the scenario wherein the decision of both the parties do not change then the husband could initiate three divorces, each within one menstrual cycle, and after the completion of the 3 pronouncements of divorce there could be permanent divorce. This process reflects a highly responsible manner to separate.

To Reunite

There could be the situation when the circumstances take a gigantic turn or the attitudes of the couple change widely, and they may wish to reunite as a married couple after years of divorce. In this scenario, the reunion should not be carried out till the wife has married another man and he has given divorce to the woman according to his free will in the normal fashion, without any external influence. This second marriage could cast a life changing blow to the husband mainly, following this event he may come to his senses.

Appealing Characteristics

In general, in any relationship the man and woman have high expectations from each other, I strongly believe that when the wife is not coming up to the expectations of the husband, then he should focus as well repeat within his mind everyday those qualities which he likes concerning his wife. According to scientific research it has come to light again and again that whatever you think repeatedly about an event that event becomes a reality in your life. When the husband keeps directing his attention onto the good characteristics of his wife then he would begin to accept her wife since the level of his tolerance would shoot up.

Gifts of God

The opinions which have been placed before you within this composition are meant to stabilize the sacred relationship between the husband and wife since this relation is pivotal in connection with the stability of the family especially the family that is composed of the great blessings in the shape of innocent hearted children, which are indeed the gifts of God to married couple. It is looked forward to that you shall contemplate over the stated opinions prior to forming a judgement.