He wants to lie to himself forever. He wants to wrap it all into the gloom. If he could, he would take it all up to the crest and heave it down the hill to fall in shreds, shattering everything they had ever shared: the unfiltered love, warm nights, plays, and moments of unending joy lit by a mutual muse that glows when a heart is fired up by true love.

He does not know how to go about it, but he was sure he would.

“At thismoment,” he muttered hushedly.

“I am done,” he said, standing poised, but his heart could not stand with him. All he had said was lucid to himself but somber to his bleeding heart; dispirited by what just occurred, it seems he has been unshelled from the feelings and love he was once engrossed.

Even though he had thought of thousand things to do, he was at the same time at sea, bemused, bewildered, and highly befuddled. It was as if a mountain brunt stormed his head, and a whirlwind ushered a twister into his mind. If his mind were to be a world of its own, it would be a world war.

I can’t explain it all, but anyone who knew how much he loved Chinney would understand why he would go freaky, loony, wacky and kooky in a balmy garden adjacent to a flowing river with its breeze billowing so much that it could quench the wildest fire. It was unusual, but you wouldn’t expect any less from a man whose heart has been bestowed to another by providence. He would always say it is nature itself to be in love with her, and he couldn’t get any less, rather it would grow deep as he grows old.

Chromp has gone all in love. He needs a chimney attached to his heart to smoke away some of these feelings unless it would set his heart ablaze one day. Well, he does not care. For Chinney, he would burn a thousand times, but rise again with a heart full of new birth love for a girl that he was only ready to leave by death. It was love green and new every morning. It was deep-rooted in his heart, and his soul was aware.

It wasn’t an obsession, but true love. It was as clear as crystal; dazzles and gleams like a diamond beamed daily by the rays of sunlight. It would glow even in the darkest places. Indeed, it was real, and it came with all of him.

Chinny’s feeling had never been anything less of what Chromp has for her. She loves him too, and she has given him enough reason to prove that. Even though she never did at first sight or few months when they started talking, but she knew he did because every time he speaks, he does it sonorously and unintentionally embellishes it with affection coated with lusciousness.

Her love for him grew over time. It started from the very first day at the coffee shop when they had their first goo-goo. I wouldn’t talk less about that.

They sat opposite each other. Chromp came in first, while she joined later. Sitting on the wooden chair, he had his head bent into his brown-colored Hardley Chase, and engrossed, sipping a hot coffee from a glazed ceramic cup when he noticed a thud on the table. It was Chinny who had intentionally let a cumbersome hard covered book off her hand to the table. But being absorbed reading, he didn’t notice.

She was her usual self. She was this beautiful Queen that wants to be noticed. Whether she was there before you or the other way round, all she would want is a hello. It is either you give it to her, or she slices you one in an unwonted manner, and if he knew, he would have given her one to save his day.

She stood, without sitting, waiting for a welcome from a stranger. She never cared about how it would come – whether a rage or a well mannered “why” question why she made the thud.

When she couldn’t get it, she thumped her bag on the table, and sat down without any sense of remorse, looking suave and unperturbed, waiting to see what his reaction would be.

“It’s going to take only a sorry to get everything down the drain”, she thought to herself.

But before she could think of anything further, he stood up, without looking at her, hurtled to the Barista to report her nuisance.

At his return with him, she was mindless of their presence, giving a second to none attention to her book, as if she had been reading for edges.

“She’s the one”, says Chromp. “Get her out of here”, he suggested.

Acting like one whose interest was deeply riveted in her book, she didn’t make a move.

“Hello Ma’am. Is it true that you are disturbing him?”, the Barista asked, calling to her attention.

“I’m sorry. I never knew I disturbed him”, she opined. “He never told me I did”, she claimed, looking at them.

She had so much innocence that is doubtless. Her charm was too flawless and irresistible. Even the Barista couldn’t help it but leave without saying a word.

Chromp couldn’t say a word. He was surprised, or rather amazed at how someone could lie with so much elegance, and with her posh-sounding words, she smooth-tongued the Barista to believe her.

He had no other option but to sit, took his book, and covered his face. Chinney, did the same. And once in a while they simultaneously would lower their book below their eyes to look at each other. Each look he grabs was breathtaking and awe-inspiring. He thought to himself if she were a goddess. Her extraordinary look was heart-shattering. It pierced his heart and iced it with chunks of sweet sensations. On the other hand, Chinney was having fun. It wasn’t anything romantic.

After a long silence, she made a shoot:

“Do you mind if we get to know each other?”.

“Here’s my number, can I have yours?”

He was dumbfounded at her request. He left his mouth ajar, and eyeballs almost popping out in wonder. He quickly wrote down some digits in a note and gave it to her.

Chromp went home, and didn’t call, rather, he was expecting her call. He was shy and tensed. Fortunately, she called and scheduled their first meeting. That was how their love story began, and they started building pages of memory together.

After a year of knowing each other, Chromp was unable to say the four-letter words to the love of his life. She has fallen deeply in love with him too, and her heart has gone abroad. She waited to hear him say it, even for a second, but he never did.

Everything went haywire when she invited him over to the garden to watch her lie in his friend’s bosom. This tore him apart and got his heart bleeding.

At this ungodly view, he shouted her name and left. He left to the east wing of the garden heartbroken. He was perplexed and filled with contrition. He regretted the day at the café.

His friend found him sitting out of sort. Chromp, feeling the presence of someone raised his head. He felt revengeful and bitter at his sight.

 “You should have told me you wanted her,” he said, with a sniveling tone. “You knew all these while that I’m in love with her,” he groaned.

“And you never told her? What kind of a man are you? You love someone, and all you could is to keep it to yourself,” his friend remarked.

Suddenly, Chinney, appeared, and he ran up to her saying,

 “How could you do this to me, you know I have always loved you.”

“You do?”, she asked.

“Yes, I do!”, he replied.

“It would be my second miracle to hear you say that you love me as much as I love you. My first miracle was when I fell in love with you, and truly I can leave with it, but it would be till eternity if we live on the two.

She was dazed and blushed at his words. Immediately, she retorted, “I love you, and everything you saw was all prank. I love you!”