She Retains the Focus of Authority

Sumbal got married to Hashim, aged 17 and 25 respectively, while she was studying the first year of the 4-year bachelor’s degree programme at the home economics college in Lahore, the academic institution of phenomenal reputation. The mother in law of Sumbal, Gul, turned out to be criminally dominating the decisions made by Sumbal and Hashim, pertaining to their lives. Gul lodged false complaints before Hashim, upon his return from office, so that Sumbal would become repelled by Hashim and Gul could retain the focus of authority and respect in the life of Hashim, who proved himself to be greatly obedient to his mother.

The Created Incidents

Gul was so deeply possessive that she would not tolerate a word of praise for Sumbal by Hashim, and thus after hearing Hashim talking positively on the cooking of his wife, Gul adopted the damaging habit to blame Sumbal’s cooking frequently, after asking her age old maid to meddle with the dishes. Initially, the apparently small incidents: distasteful dinner, loss of house keys, misplacement of gold jewellery, theft of cutlery and multiple occurrences, were overlooked but later they converted to blunders which had sown the seeds of discord between Hashim and Sumbal in addition to tension among Sumbal and the rest of the family members which comprised father in law as well the two brothers in law, Muqallid and Muhaddis, the latter being elder.

Detrimental Approach of Gul

As mentioned, Gul implemented her nefarious designs with the assistance of her age old maid who would place Sumbal in multiple sorts of derogatory situations, jeopardizing her marital relations. One reason underlying the detrimental approach of Gul was the humble response of Sumbal, belonging to a simple family, she had been trained to never argue with her elders and, moreover, she had disposition towards remaining quiet while obeying the commandments of the greatly honoured mother of her beloved husband, this fundamentally because of the ignorance based time period in which the adoption of bold attitude was deemed to be rude by the daughters in laws, years till 1980, in Pakistan.

Remarry for having a Boy Born

On top of all, Sumbal gave birth to three daughters successively, but the in laws were looking forward to having a baby boy from her, as was the attitude in those days of general backwardness, but Gul started sowing seeds of repulsion within the mind of Hashim regarding Sumbal, so that he could remarry for a male child from his second wife. The time approached when the relations between Hashim and Sumbal became so strained that a grand meeting had to be called that comprised the elders of the family, the father in law told the members that Hashim wanted to separate Sumbal. At this particular point there was a silence all over, when the real uncle of Hashim shouted and asked Hashim directly if he was indeed willing to divorce his wife to which Hashim responded in the negative.

Psychological condition of Hashim

Following the response of Hashim, his uncle declared that when the husband did not want to divorce his wife then who gave the in laws the authority to cause permanent separation between the couple! The meeting, therefore, broke and the matter settled for good since then. The very next year the longed for baby boy was born to Sumbal and Hashim, and the attitude of the family members improved prominently with regard to Sumbal, and the whole house celebrated the arrival of the son for months. But it must be mentioned that the tougher times for Sumbal had yet to be confronted by her since after a while the psychological condition of Hashim began deteriorating and he would inform that he could hear strange sounds and detect images of a particular person while he was inside a room looking at the wall or simply staring in to air outside.

Allegedly performed Black Magic

To add, Hashim evealed that he could watch that specific man while having meals at restaurants and that this man controlled his will and further that Hashim would do only that which would be approved by this individual. Hashim was shown to multiple psychiatrists followed by his admission into mental hospital where the board of doctors recommended electric shocks for Hashim. The Shocks were administered to Hashim but the improvement regarding his mental health remained minimal, while investigating the cause of this mental health issue it came out that the stranger had recently begun to visit the showroom run by Hashim. This man proclaimed to be religious, whereas he in fact had allegedly performed black magic upon Hashim so as to deprive him of his enormous financial strength for his personal gains.

Gigantic Blow to Sumbal

Hashim would divert funds, reserved for his wife and four children, towards that man as well as his daughter, this attitude of her beloved husband struck as a gigantic blow to Sumbal who, being in huge desperation, gathered her children and visited the man’s house and asked the kids to fall down to the feet of that man to plead for releasing her husband from his clutches. During this turmoil, Hashim embarked upon the trip to London, the residence of Sumbal’s brother, to explore business opportunities, but Hashim had greatly rough time there too since it was unveiled, through the letters of Hashim, that the brother of Sumbal hit Hashim.

Overwhelmed by his Influence

Hashim further informed the family that the man would be seen by him at London as well and that Hashim would only return when he would be commanded by that individual who appeared to Hashim as controlling his strings.. Upon return, Hashim exerted enormously in order to make his business regain its prestige as well as profits, but things got worsened rapidly so much so that he had to sell his personal assets as well as the jewellery of his wife to survive along with the family. The man squeezed out huge amount of money from the showroom of Hashim by presenting before him the face of a greatly humble and apparently religious fellow and Hashim was overwhelmed by his influence. But the climax of Sumbal’s story had yet to arrive when Hashim left for Karachi to ask his friend, Sadath, for assistance at diversifying his distorted business.

“Save Me, Save Me”

After staying in Karachi for a fortnight, Hashim informed Sumbal, telephonically, that Saadath was not serious at business development. Following this, one day, the guard of the house, where Hashim
lived, heard a voice shouting: “save me, save me,” it was the pleading by Hashim who was found dead after a minute. The police declared that he was murdered, since a bullet was missing from the gun in the closet and that his wrist was broken, apparently as the result of his struggle against the murderer. Saadath’s mother had warned Hashim of murder earlier when Hashim refused marriage with Saadath’ sister, but this warning had been ignored and forgotten through years alluding to Saadath’s mother as mentally deranged lady! The police closed the case after threats from Saadath’s side pertaining to murder of Saleem, son of Sumbal, in case the case continued. Rehana was transformed into a widow and her children became orphans!