Hello everyone, this is March of Yixi.

As the saying goes: “A man who bleeds without tears.” But in my opinion, boys who cry are more complete.

One year, Da Shen and I went to Jinan to play, and we took many pictures of tourists along the way. When I was madly posting photos on my major accounts to show my affection, Da Shen always sat aside silently watching me do this. One night, hungry, we were going to go to Furong Street for dinner, but suddenly I saw a wall of photos on the road, and I refused to leave. I took the photos with Da Shen for half an hour before I was satisfied. At that time, when I was about to post to Moments, a sentence suddenly floated in my mind: None of the boys who dare to post a photo in Moments really love you. So I tentatively said to Da Shen: “You seem to have never posted a picture of us in the circle of friends.” I thought I was a person who didn’t care about these things, but after listening to Da Shen’s words, I think I overestimated myself before. He replied to me: “Is there anything to post, there is no one in my WeChat…” At that moment, I felt like a cat whose tail was blown by my tail, and became aggressive. “What does it mean? There is nothing to post. Don’t you think I’m ugly and shameless?” “You post now, if you don’t post, I won’t leave!” “Why refuse to post, is there a secret in WeChat?” “You Do you not love me?” I was alone for a long time, but I didn’t realize that Da Shen had been silent for a long time. When I got back to my senses, I realized that he was facing me sideways, with two lines of clear tears on his face.

That was the first time I saw him crying, and I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak. Because in my impression, boys don’t cry. Shen aggrieved and said to me: “You were in a bad mood some time ago, I will take you out to relax. You can buy what you want to eat, and go wherever you want to play. Now you ask me if I don’t love you, then you Say why I do this…” As he spoke, he cried more fiercely again. At that moment, I discovered that this big boy who has been taking care of me is not the omnipotent and invincible I imagined. He also has emotions and grievances, can laugh and cry. If I was still suspicious of his feelings because of his unwillingness to post on Moments, then after seeing his tears, I believe that his love for me is beyond doubt. Men do not flick when they have tears. And the second half is, but it’s not sad. And only those who are put in their hearts can hurt their hearts.

I always thought that only a few boys would cry in love. It wasn’t until my college roommate told me about her boyfriend’s cry that I realized that in every relationship, it’s not just girls who cry. Nini’s boyfriend is the kind of person who seems to be “keep a distance.” He is one-meter-eight, he gains muscles all the year round, making him a circle bigger than others, and he has a tattoo with an unknown pattern on his arm. But it was such a boy who looked like a man who was made to cry several times by Nini, who was only 1.5 meters away. Once, Nini came to her period and felt uncomfortable, so she could only lie in bed. In order to let her rest more, the boys bought dinner and sent it to the dormitory downstairs. But Nini didn’t want to eat the McDonald’s that boys bought that day, and she had a bad temper during her menstrual period, so she quarreled with the boys. The boy felt that she was right, and Nini felt that the boy did not understand her, and the two quarreled so hard that Nini even broke up. It was a trivial matter of making a tantrum, but it suddenly rose to the point of breaking up. When the boy heard the word “break up”, he stopped talking for an instant, but stared at Nini with red eyes, and then he squatted under a tree and started crying. While crying, he said: “If you quarrel, just quarrel, what do you say about breaking up! Do you know you were so fierce just now!” Nini, who was still full of resentment, was instantly stunned. She stiffly walked to the boy’s side, and began to awkwardly comfort a big boy who was eight meters tall. In the end, she coaxed left and right, and the two of them went to have a supper before it was settled. Nini later said to me: “I have never seen a boy cry so heartbreaking. I really felt that I had done a great sin, and I could anger him so much.”

In fact, in love, no matter how tall and strong boys are, they will become children. It will be as happy as a child who has been asked for sweets, and as sad as a child who has not been praised. Because he loves you, everything he does is taken away; because he cares, he takes everything you say seriously. A boy who has never cried for you is not necessarily not in love with you. But the boy who has cried for you must really love you.

There was a hot topic before: What are the things that girls only know after they have a boyfriend? I think I will tell you without hesitation: He will cry! People have always been used to making boys stronger. Educating little boys from an early age to be a big husband, not to cry easily, will be ashamed. When they grow up, they tell them that they are the backbone of a family, they are the support of everyone, and they cannot easily fall. But whether they were young or now, they are not supermen, but just ordinary people who can be happy, sad, and tired. Take the first man we know in our lives. Father is a great existence for everyone.

If you have any problem, you can solve it by just looking for your dad; if you encounter anything, just tell your dad and you won’t be afraid of anything.

In the impression, it seemed that nothing could stump him. But until one day, when I discovered that the tallest man in my memory would cry, I didn’t begin to understand that being strong in front of people is not necessarily being strong. I remember that it was the first day that Grandpa was hospitalized for cancer, and I was very sad. I want to ask my father, when will grandpa get better. But that day, I did not ask, because I saw my father secretly wiping tears in the aisle of the hospital alone. Obviously he was comforting me not to be sad the moment before, but the next moment he was alone in a corner where no one was sad. It turns out that everyone who has no armor but is “awe-inspiring” has tears and bitterness in his heart.

Whoever stipulates that boys cannot cry. Human beings are flesh and blood, and it is perfectly normal for people to have emotions. When you have really met a boy who is crying, then you know him completely. From invincible to vulnerable, there is nothing left out. Tears are not a sign of weakness, but only prove that he is indeed a real man with blood and tears. After all, boys rarely want to be seen on his fragile side. If you have seen him, then you must be a very important person. Because for boys, it is not shameful to show softness in front of their lovers. It’s like the story I heard before: A man fell down on an electric bike, and he made a long cut in his leg, dripping with blood. When the man’s mother rushed to the scene, the man calmly said: Mom, I don’t hurt. It’s okay, don’t worry, the ambulance will be here soon, it’s okay. And when his wife rushed to the scene, he hugged his wife and burst into tears and said, “Uuuuuu, daughter-in-law, it hurts, it hurts me…” So, the boy who really loves you will become the crying kid in front of you. If one day your boy is crying in front of you, then you can
take pleasure in it first.

Of course, please tell him, he is very manly!