Let me write down two things about this article——

One is a friend who has been in love several times. I thought her dust had settled down. She went to a very late step with her boyfriend, discussed the matter of settling down, and suddenly decided to break up.

“How was it decided?”

“One reason is that when I was with him, I felt a bit bored and I had selfdoubt. Another reason is that I met a very caller, that is, I tried my best to divert my attention, but there was no way not to miss him.

I used to think that I would spend my whole life with my ex boyfriend, but there seemed to be a lot of voices in my life telling me that it was not necessary to be him. The sound frightened me at first, but I decided to listen carefully. So I decided to go back to being single and let myself think about it clearly. ”

One is a friend who is starting a business. She told me about her recent breakup. She said it was strange that she was calm and had a good time. She felt as if HR had left the employee in charge of a project and said that he was no longer interested in his work direction.

She would be reluctant to give up a little, and then go through the formalities for his.

“I really don’t think it’s a big deal, though I really like him.”

“Maybe it’s because I didn’t try hard at the beginning that I wanted to be with him forever—“

We’re not the “best to get married” kind of couple. But when I was under a lot of pressure, he relieved me. When he felt confused, I also saved him, just like the sentence “we brought happiness to each other, and then we waved to each other in the sea of people.” it seemed acceptable to think of it

We bring light and heat to each other, then accept the natural dissipation of light and heat, and go to other places to find out.

This reminds me of a question. My friend asked me: Da Li, do you feel you can always be with someone when you are with him?

Me: I have a good student personality. I want to do everything at once, or I’ll be hit by frustration. I can’t stand it. So I’ll try to make things go the way I want them to. For example, in love, first of all, I put the threshold of selection very high. I like good-looking ones, but this is only the first level. After that, boys may have to go through another 20 levels.

Secondly, I maintain the greatest enthusiasm and convenience of communication. To be frank, I am sensible. I didn’t do bad to my feelings. If the other party didn’t do enough, I would ask him to correct it.

I tried too hard. And I hope that in a relationship, he and I will be like driving a team race in E-sports. I will tell him that we will be the first or second place in the whole competition!

I try to make love more in my control by being “very regular, rational, and hardworking.”

In this way, I succeeded in becoming the least gossipy person in my early 20s.

In fact, I’m sorry. It seems that I seldom follow my own heart to be with the most callers. I had dinner with a friend and saw a boy. I felt that his behavior was too mature and sexy. I was already excited. But I stopped at the same place and I wanted to do background investigation on him.

I never smile meaningfully at a person just because we have fireworks. I’m just good at pretending to be stupid.

He said to fly to the far corner of the earth. I said that I had not finished my thesis. I knew that he would feel disappointed. I did it on purpose.

I’ve never been to a busy island with someone I love. I never responded positively to his invitation, because I was thinking about a heavy thing: can we stay together for a lifetime?

In a sense, I don’t have that kind of love, because I don’t understand.

In fact, we are trying to try, respect the randomness of love. There is no one here who thinks “right once”. Everyone is “just try your best”.

I want to be with you at this moment, because your character makes me have the impulse to do so.

Our start will be sweet, or even if it’s not, it’s what I want to experience.

Everyone is trying, there is nothing noble or mediocre. The reasons why you finally decide to be with someone can be quite different.

I suddenly realized that the vigorous part of love is that you can’t control it completely. You may get it easily, or you may be left behind by it. It’s like speeding up a car that overtakes you, driving past the curve in front of you and never seeing a shadow again.

On the road of love, what is staged is never a team race. It’s just a random opening. When it’s decided, it stops at a certain landscape.

If you are in tune with some people naturally, you can be a lifelong lover, then continue; if you are in a state of tension with some people, you should divide them. You can make peace with your partner or tear your face. After all, you’ll never see you again.

We have love for each other, although ultimately failed. But it’s not a debt. To you and me, it’s rich experience and wisdom in life.

I finally figured it out. Once again, if I have some love, I may not refuse it again, and I will not push the other party away by pretending to be stupid. Let the other party collapse “why I said this point, you do not understand, I want to be with you ah”, I understand, I just dare not.

If we take the breakup a little bit smaller, “just leave a person who can’t be together again”, I may be more brave to put out my hand.

Anyway, love is adventure. I’ll try it with you. After that is heaven or heartache, at the moment I decided to experience for you.

Because I love you very much.