Would you not surprise? If someone tell you that honey never spoils.

Or would it not sound crazy? That there’s a nuclear bomb lost somewhere off the coast of Georgia, yes its sounds strange but actually that all is correct.

Some of facts of history, science, geography, and math are so crazy that they sound wrong. And everyone thinks they are fake. However our limited knowledge makes us doubt about things that are completely real.

Below are some strange facts that sounds wrong but are actually correct.

A woman landed back safe after jumped off from the Empire state building

On December 2, 1979, a woman name Elvita Adams decided to do suicide by jumping off from building. She went to the observatory, which is on the 86th floor of Entire state building and jumped.

But a very strong wind blew her back into the building and she landed on a ledge on 85th floor. There came a little fracture in her hip only and security guard found her before she could make any other attempts.

Jumping off from a building and landing back safe sound crazy but is actually a fact.

Honey never spoils

Not fresh but after taking some time all the edible things spoils by itself.

Spoiling is due to microorganism like bacteria and sponges. To prevent spoiling you have to change normal condition (to stop growth of microorganism).

But the strange thing here that honey never spoils under normal condition also. It has an excellent chemical composition which prevent organism from living in it. So no matter how old is the honey it’s probably edible.

Nuclear bomb lost somewhere off the coast of Georgia

On Feb. 5, 1958, a b-47 bomber crashed and dropped 7,000 pound nuclear bomb into the waters off Tybee Island. The pilot worried that the bomb might break loose from the damaged plane but not.

The navy searched the bomb for months but never able to recover it. Fifty years later the bomb has never been found while the Air force says the bomb, if left undisturbed poses no threat to the area.

Losing nuclear bomb (without breaking) for years sounds crazy but is actually a fact.

Humans breathe out of one nostril at a time

Breathing out of one nostril of humans sounds wrong but is actually correct. About all the humans use only one nostril during normal breathing.

Switching from breathing out of one nostril to the other happens in a cyclical manner.

About after 1hour breathing cycle changing, mean one nostril breath for one hour after one another.

Bangladesh has more people than Russia

Russia has the same surface area as Pluto and has a surface area of 17 million kilometer square, compared with 16.6 million kilometer square for Pluto.

Russia is the world’s largest country, but tinny Bangladesh (slightly bigger than the size of New York State) has a population of 156.6 million people compared to Russia which has 143.5 million.

Keep folding paper to reach the moon

 Folding a piece of paper with a thickness of 0.01 cm in half will give you a paper of 0.02 cm thick. Folding it again will give you a paper of 0.04 cm thick and so on.

If you fold the paper for 42 times, it will have a thickness of 439,804.651 km and will reach the moon.

Sound crazy? However, despite your best effort it’s nearly impossible to fold a normal piece of paper more than 7 times.

There are more synapses in your brain than there are stars in our galaxy

Astronomers estimate that there are more than 200 billion stars present in the Milky Way Galaxy. While on the other hand neurologist estimate the number of synapse (nerve connection) in the average three year old is close to 1 quadrillion.

After that, a refining process occurs, leaving the average adult with roughly 500 trillion synapses.

There are more trees on the earth than stars in the Milky Way

As you know that our solar system is extremely vast. We have nothing on our planet that could compare it in term of sheer number, but it’s estimated that there are more than 3 trillion trees on Earth compared to the estimate of 400 billion stars.

The World is full of such crazy facts like

  1. You cannot breathe and swallow at the same time.
  2. Coconuts kill more people than sharks every year.
  3. Carrots were originally purple.
  4. North Korea and Finland is separated by one country.
  5. There are more tiger in Texas than the rest of the world.
  6. There are fewer atoms on Earth then there are ways to shuffle a deck if card.

And much more facts that sounds crazy and wrong but is actually correct.

That’s why people said life is a drama.