Life is an ongoing process and as we get older, we realized that we should have learned things early in life. With time we learn a lot of things about what life are and what we should do to survive in this world.

Do you ever question yourself that “what did you learn in your life?”

There are number of lessons we learn late in our life. We are unable to go to our past to change things but we can seek some advice from elders who are older, wiser, and more successful.

Do you want to learn some of the biggest lessons about life? So, here are many valuable pieces of advice that most people learn far too late in life.

Everything is temporary

When we wonder about life we come to know that everything in life is temporary. Anything we have in our life will be replaced by something else at some point of life.

It depends on us how we take advantage of things we have and how we feel happiness to own something.

Life Isn’t Fair

Many people complain about life is unfair to them and it seems right sometime when we see powerful people are gaining more and more profit from the hard work of others and those who worked get only few coins in return. Don’t lose hope over this. Start focusing one goal that went right for you.

Family Matters More Than Friends

Yes, we can’t deny the importance of having true friends in life but the fact is that your family worth more than your friends because you will always get support of your family in hour of need. So, try to give respect to your family.

Live a life true to yourself

Do you ever felt that you are living your life to please others and in fear of society? This is the hurdle that restricts you from achieving your peace of mind.

You should live your life according to your own rules and enjoy it.

When we make dreams approximately accomplishing something, tied to serving others, our dreams hold on giving

It’s my personal experience that when you help other and aim to serve other you will be succeeded more often.

Here I want to share incident regarding serving other will let you win.

Like whilst my younger brother and I have been on the carnival and I we thought to do a challenge to hit the plates with the ball so we ought to win a massive filled animal for his or her little sister. Faith played the role and we broke all three plates, on three of three attempts and won a massive filled canine for her, but in past we hardly have broken  these plates when we played for ourselves. A selfless purpose like that maintains you linked  to work, life and the world.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

We always heard that “money can’t buy happiness”. Sometime money can buy things or can solve many problem and we think that money is the key to happiness but the fact we realize too late is that money can’t buy peace of mind and internal satisfaction.

Studies conducted which shows that even people with even six figure salaries have bad days as the people who get three figure salaries. One of the popular opinion is that “when you have more money you will face more problem” because you will face stress about your responsibilities.

Respect Yourself

Many people exists in the world who devalue themselves to get approval from other and they spend their whole life in pleasing others without realizing that their own-self matters a lot then society.

This is one of the great lesson people learn late in life and then feel beamless that how they put away their self to please others.

People don’t think about you as much as you think.

There are number of people who think that people are thinking about them which are actually not true because most of the people think about themselves.
When you learn this lesson in life that no one is too much concerned about you as you think then it will be helpful in getting rid of anxiety that you feel when people are around.

Keep Learning New things

Sometime we go through dilemma in our society that there is certain age for learning and if you have crossed that age limit you shouldn’t go to school or college to learn and this is the most problematic behavior.

Some people give importance to opinions of others and never try to learn new things but in later stages of life they recognize their mistake that they have done wrong to themselves.

Health should be your first priority

In world, there are number of people who sacrifice their health to earn money and then in later life they had to spend their money to gain health.

We always heard that “health is wealth” so we should maintain our health instead of running behind temporary wealth of the world.

Material Things Don’t Matter

I know many of you always aims to get rich and have more wealth, but do material things really matters?

If yes, then tell me about things you desperately wanted that you have right now. Did those materialistic things make you happier person in world? I think most of the people will answer “No”, which is a fact.  Instead of collecting materialistic things, focus on achieving something and you will be happier.

So, I discussed some of the important lessons that people learn late in their life and they feel sorrow for them. People always think that they will live their future life better than present life but who knows?

Happiness is your own choice that you have to choose over sorrow, because you are winner, not looser. Always try to learn lessons from others experiences because experience is a teacher that cost q huge amount offee in form of time from your life, your happiness sometime and many other things .

The last but not the least lesson is that “A Lifetime Is Not Really That Long” and you should always focus on “Self- Made Successes” to be a champion of your life.