He didn’t stagger at the unseen depth, nor did he for a moment thought of what would happen to his unskilled self if found inside. He didn’t for a second examine what it would cost, neither did he dare to picture the possibility of having his life still clinched in his palms afterward. He dived in by impulse, or better to say, he was propelled by his flight hormones. He wouldn’t have done it if he weighed reality. If he did, he would be dead before he was inside.

He had a little patient, but one only large enough to help him remove his t-shirts and pants. He went in all the way and swam towards her as the river was already drifting her away in her struggle. The faster he moved, the farther she was being swept away. Notwithstanding, he was hopeful. Moreover, letting her drawn would be his gateway to doom, and the only way he wouldn’t meet that doom was to make sure she gets back to the land in one piece. He would give his life to see she lives.

As he swam, he had a thousand thoughts, but they were never one thought that accrued to losing her. As far as their love remains, their life would stay through any storm to see it bloom every day. Nothing has been able to stop them.  Their love is exceedingly spectacular.

They are not just in love, they have an insurmountable faith in it. They see through it, talk through it, and move by it. It is all they stand and live for. They hinged their whole life to it. By their love, they breathe every single day. If you ever thought of taking it away, then you have thought of being responsible for their murder.

They have built a world of their own. A world filled with joy and peace. A place where no hatred would knock them down, shielded by defense built from the strength of what they share. This world might not be seen, yet people talk about it. Young men of their town now appeal to Ladies by referring to what Jag and Sheelah have for each other. They would often say to their ladies that they love them as much as Jag would love his woman.

Even though their love rings a bell, Jag has often been swept around by waves of pressures from Sheelah’s father. A wealthy fellow who believes that uptown is for uptown while downtown goes for downtown when it comes to marriage and love. He doesn’t give a damn about feelings. However, he was proven wrong beyond his expectation when they consumed every one of his actions against them with their doggedness and unwavering resolution to love each other forever. With their love, they outsmarted every of his attempt to bring what they have to an end.

He has done the unimaginable to Jag and at the same time grounded Sheelah from seeing him, but love has never had a better place to glow than the harms of those whose hearts are jointly sealed together. Their union is highly formidable.

Jag and Sheelah were smart before they met, but became smarter when they fell in love. Their intelligence to save their love sparkles alive each time a challenge comes by. It illuminates their path to survival. If you ever dare to stop them, they find a stronger way to continue their journey. When you conceal plan so that they won’t see each other, they unleash a strategy to see more often, cuddle themselves the more, and then send you pictures that would get you over the edge. Sheelah’s father has got his fair share of this, but he wouldn’t give up.

He used to be Sheelah’s driver before her father fired him back to the slums. Ever since he lost that job, a lot of things he has to his name has gone into flames. His farm, home, two kiosks handled by his brothers, and his recent college admission.  His lover’s father often finds a way to give him a fair wrap of frustration. Yet, as more frustration came, he fastened his heart to hers, fortifying their love to be endless.

Being smart is not enough to stop an influential Lord from wielding his power on any matter. He would go any length to keep his subjects as his subject. They knew this, so the desire to find a way heightened. Night after night, day after day, they groomed in their thought paths to take to save their love from extinction. They severed benign conspiracies and plots to find a means away from terror. Each plan they made was a straightway out of the tunnel into the light, and anyone that seems to have a loophole was complemented with an alternative. When they were done, they placed them in order and were highly set to start ticking off boxes.

The young fellow one day considered in his heart to make peace with her father. He went to his mansion, asked to see him, got on his knees, and apologized for dishonor. He committed his words to never seeing his daughter again, and they were words of honor he made in the presence of Sheelah. He felt victory running through his spine even though his daughter passed at the hearing of Jag’s word.

Eight months went by and they didn’t see each other. Her father’s eye was off her, neither was he bothered about the two love birds. To him, everything has been resolved. She was free to travel or live the mansion without being monitored. On the other hand, Jag has left town, and the whole town knew had left for a fresh start.

In the ninth month, as she and her father were being driven over the bridge of a major town river, she halted the driver at the sight of Jag, came down, and hurtled to him.

“Why did you leave me?” she asked furiously.

“I stopped loving you,” he said, looking at her unperturbed.

When she heard it, tears rained down her cheek. She jumped into the river. And that was how she had Jag chasing after her after in the first place. Her father was startled. He couldn’t believe his eyes and was in despair as he was not sure if she would ever see the light of the day again.

Jag got out of the river when he lost the sight of her. He joined a search team to look out for her, but she was not seen anywhere. After the search, Jag ran away to avoid more trouble.

Well, the plan went well for both lovers. Her father never knew she could risk her life just to be away from him. She had swum underwater to hide under the bridge after pretending to be drowned. To avoid the old man mourning her, she called on a video call to inform him that she has left with Jag to the United States of America; a plan she has teamed up with her sister, Jag, and his brothers to execute.