What is the most important thing in a relationship?

I said a long time ago: “Two people look forward to the future together, and it’s worth it to smash their heads for this future; but if one party doesn’t have the heart at all, then all the efforts of the other party are cheap.”

Love is not one person cherishing, but two people keeping it.

I took out my sincere heart and responded to you because I thought I could harvest the same precious heart instead of short-term passion.

It’s just that many people don’t quite understand this truth and they have to take risks with their bodies.

And most of the world’s trials will not get satisfactory results. Xiao Bai is a living, bloody, and silly example.

Her predecessor, from the very beginning of pursuing her, was three-point lonely and seven-point leisurely. It was clear that Boring wanted to find someone to transition temporarily, but no matter how many times we tried to persuade her, this girl would definitely not listen. .

He plunged into this so-called love recklessly, but the other party only stepped in half his foot, ready to take it back at any time.

After suffering a loss, Xiao Bai, who knew his long memory, cried and swears that he would no longer give a sincere heart to others casually. The enthusiasm for not responding was all consuming his own life.

Don’t jump around the ceiling if you don’t reach it, don’t slap around and ask for the candy you don’t want, and don’t ask for it if you can’t get it.

If this road is unavailable, just change another road. All roads lead to Rome. Without this one, there are still next home, next home, next home…

As long as the objects change quickly, there is no sadness but love

You are my virtual companion day and night;

You are the intimacy that I have never owned and cannot capture.

No need, really unnecessary.

If you don’t get a response, change people quickly. If you don’t hit the south wall and don’t look back, there will be repercussions if you keep thinking.

Being in love is not like writing a song, and seriousness cannot be a style.

To be honest, before, I was also the kind of person who never stumbled on doing my best in love. When I like someone, I can give you all my lovely tenderness and courage. What is the moon in the sky and the stars in the water, even if my family is ruined. Also do not hesitate.

As long as he wants, as long as I have, I am willing to offer everything with both hands

It’s not that I’m cheap, it’s not that I’m stupid, I just don’t want to treat feelings as a casual game, and I’m willing
to be the one who pays first and walks toward him first.

But the premise is that he is worth it.

If I ran to you with full of enthusiasm, took out the many gifts that I had carried all the way, and gave them to you with treasures, but you just accepted them indifferently and turned around and plunged into other people’s tender land, why should I? Ask yourself a criminal.

I really love you, and you treat me the same way. Naturally, everyone is happy. It is the happiest thing in the world to get a one-hearted person; but if I give my true heart, but you are only willing to give false intentions, then I am sorry, I will not continue to wrong myself .

If you love me, I will be very happy; if you don’t love me, I will find someone else to be happy.

I can’t do such a stupid thing as hanging on a tree with a crooked neck. After all, there is a large lush forest outside, waiting for me to explore.

No one is who can not be lost, leaving you may not be a pity but a blessing to me, the sky is great, the talent is abundant, after getting off your little broken ship, some yachts are waiting for me.

Change your true heart

Messages should be sent to people who will return you in seconds, smiles should be reserved for people who treat you well, and “I love you” should be said to people who will cherish you.

As adults, we should all learn to stop losses in time.

If you don’t reply to the message once or twice, it can be understood that you are too busy at work; occasionally, you can be late for an appointment and you can wait a while, it’s okay.

But everything has a degree, no one can always perform a one-man show.

When I am sincere to you, when I am full of enthusiasm, when I want to give you the whole world, you don’t cherish, don’t care, and don’t respond, then I’m sorry, this sincerity has expired.

Everyone is very busy and tired. If you can’t give me the sincere and down-to-earth things I want, please get out of my magic castle and don’t consume my few love.

If you can’t feel being held in the palm of your hand, I will seek warmth from others; if you can’t get a response from you, I will exchange my sincerity with others.

Although I really like you, but since I know clearly and clearly that I don’t seem to be that important to you, there is no need to continue to live in the illusion that I have woven for myself.

To be reasonable, no one will stay in place forever waiting for another person. If the cold wind is too cold, if the rain is too strong, then I will not risk a cold and wait for you in the wind and rain, but hide away from others Under the umbrella.

After all, I am so lively, cute, gentle, kind and smart. Without you, there are people who want to give me lollipops and chocolates, and want to hold my hand to play and travel, to the far future and the wider world.

Occasionally moved, remember to be sober

You are still young, don’t be afraid of love wrong

Be bold, talk about fucking at once, two hundred.