A few years ago, I was walking with a close friend in Hangzhou, and she told me about her cohabitation experience.

“I don’t mean to dislike him, but, let me tell you, sometimes I really hope he can disappear for a day or two.” She said.


“I don’t know, but I feel like I want more space, or… “Desire for freedom”?

For example, sometimes I really want to stay up all night alone until three in the morning, and just chase an inexplicable drama, without having to explain to another person: baby, let me tell you why we do this.

Of course, I don’t have to worry about it because he will be angry and we will fight. “

I said “Oh” seemingly.

At that time, my life was leisurely and light. The more annoying thing was thinking about whether to go to an island country with a 7-hour one-way flight with my favorite boy. I had no thought of “live” at all.

To my friend’s speech, the answer in my mind is that it’s really tiring for two people to live together.

And I was thinking, wouldn’t it be too sweet?

The friend and boyfriend live together for the convenience of the summer internship. After get off work every day, the two bodies who are shuttled home in the crowd lie down together, flipping through their phones, talking a few words, that’s all.

I used to think it was so boring, can’t love be more romantic?

But as I grow older, my view of the world has changed by half.

Recently, I have observed such a pair in the circle of friends.

They have a lot of interesting plots in their rental rooms.

They are use the projector to see things together, including variety shows and long films.

When cooking hot pot together and preparing vegetables at home, play the live broadcast of the game with pad and listen to a lively voice.

We poured drinks together in the middle of the night and turned the light in the living room very dim – although there was no suit and red skirt, both were wearing pajamas and slippers.

That’s good. It’s really ordinary, but it’s really good

For me, it’s too easy to be moved by a smart, high-profile and bookish boy. The difficult thing is to follow him to a very late stage. The difficult thing is that when everyone thinks he is a fan, you think he is “just a lovely ordinary person”.

Because you know him too well – you know too much about a person that people are chasing. There is a lot of luck behind it.

What’s more, it’s really rare to be able to cross the unstable hot love period and turbulent running in period, and go to a more “boring” stage, so it’s really rare to have a feeling of “living”. Even if it doesn’t look so romantic and fairy tale, it’s rare.

There is a little vulgar words, can drink together, can’t send you home.

I think, the most precious feeling must be that two people meet after a day’s work, have a drink in the evening, and then take the subway or take a taxi home together.

Both sides don’t need to be surprised, just live a good life.

In fact, from the perspective of evolutionary theory, if two people’s love can go to the stage of “living”, they must have similar personality and background, and they still retain mutual appreciation in the wear and tear of company.

This kind of love, is already shouldering the early elimination mechanism of emotion, is the winner in the emotion.

On this basis, if we can live the most ordinary life together with rituals, details and light, luck belongs to the sign.

And I may be really old, the aesthetic of feelings is really a big change.

I used to yearn for the feeling that a phone call in the middle of the night called me out for a slow walk along the urban roadthe whole world can’t tell me the relationship between me and this beautiful boy beside me. Only we and the moon are happy to know. I used to be addicted to this. I feel that the more rampant I am, the deeper my heart is.

But I also suffer from this feeling.

You can’t hold on to anything definite in suspicion and fear.

It’s really like the moon, which can only be vaguely illuminated by it, but can’t have a real relationship with it.

Finally, one day, I opened the empty refrigerator in the evening and realized that I could find someone who could fill the refrigerator quietly. He would know that I had eaten too much or had drunk too much recently. So when he bought tea and milk, he would think about when the sauce was nearly used up and needed to be supplemented. He would learn how to cook with me, starting from the simplest one until both became masters.

This kind of feeling is to understand each other’s aspects, what you like, what you hate, or quarrel for the egg’s practice.

To show the most complete life, the two men again, in the face of the right are plain.

Is this feeling tasteless? In a sense.

Life will not have that kind of floating heart to bring fresh feeling, the ultimate attraction of romance is also insufficient. But it’s also better than mediocrity.

We are responsible for one vegetable and one meal together. We have laid down our development plans in recent years. We have set goals for two people. We have faced trivialities: tidying up our rooms, cleaning our clothes, purchasing various tools. Finally, we have grown up together, experienced different milestones in our lives, and then become old.

One of the most important things I understand in 2020 is that mediocrity, even mediocrity, has its power.

It has its own vitality and does not need to be colorful. Its persistence proves everything for it.

“Alone on the river, the moon is like water and water is like the sky”. I could not let go of those uncertain feelings. I left a place for it in my heart, as if I wanted to wait for the moon to continue to shine.

Later forced to bid farewell to the moon at that time, I lost those floating hearts, but found more permanent light.

How to say, the world let you heart so much, too much, but two people can live a good life, is really suitable for together.