Maybe a lot of people will think that only girls will be very curious about the future prince charming.

Rehearse the possible stories in my heart and guess how the two people will meet, know each other and stay together.

He even fantasized that if he was a rich second generation, his family would not allow him to be with me, throw a five million check in my face and let me leave his son.

Should I refuse or accept?

In fact, the boys have a lot of inner drama, and they will have a lot of fantasies about their future partner.

Boys expect their girlfriends to be pretty and sensible. Even sometimes, being sensible is more important than being pretty.

In fact, the so-called sensible, it is hoped that the girl had better understand these several truths, so talk about love is not tired, two people can also better go down.

What exactly is it? Let’s have a look with sister AI.


After a girl

Really need to respond

A lot of girls must hold the shelf high when boys pursue her. I accept flowers as gifts for your face,

I’m going to move tomorrow. My best friend, my cat, is sick. I’ll see if you are considerate enough,

And then it depends on how long he can hold on.

They felt that if the boy really liked her, they would insist on it, and then they would make the best of it to agree to be the boy’s girlfriend.

But in fact, boys also have dignity.

If a girl is always on the top, as if I like you, you are more noble than me, and do not put boys on an equal position,

Or drag and hang all the time, and do not give the boys a clear response, the boys will also have feelings.

They may think:

Does she really not like me at all? If I keep chasing her like this, will it be a kind of disturbance to her? Even think, is she just using me?

So, if you have a certain feeling for me, can you give me a little more response?

Be simple and brave.

I’ve walked 90 steps towards you, and you can also take a step forward, OK?


Really not all men will cheat!!!

I must take the place of the majority of male friends to say a word of conscience!

There’s no cat that doesn’t cheat! Say what man is the lower body thinking animal! c’mon! Ten million people don’t capsize the boat.

In reality, there are many cheating men and women, but not all men will cheat!

Boys are also yearning for love and pursuing, they are also willing to stick to the bottom line for the beloved.

Give me a little more trust, because with you, my world will be perfect, I will not be interested in other irrelevant women.


There are times when boys are weak

I will want to be your solid support, but when my wings are not full enough, I will often be hammered by the merciless society.

There are a lot of things I can’t do. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for you.

Can not buy a house early, and you build a warm home;

Can’t drive to pick you up and off work, let you crowded bus, subway every day;

You can’t even buy your favorite clothes bag for you, even the holiday gifts are not expensive enough.

Sometimes the pressure of work can make people breathless, the whole person is covered by anxiety, and you seem to be absent-minded.

Don’t think I don’t love you anymore. I just need a little space for me to digest.

I promise, adjust your mood and watch your favorite TV series with you.


It’s not good to do small things

Girls do a little, it will be very cute, but also more able to show the significance of the existence of boys, to add some sentiment to the lives of two people.

Sometimes, when the girls are angry and angry, the boys will notice what they have done badly, and then correct them so that their feelings will be more harmonious.

However, if the girls do too much, regardless of the major and minor matters, regardless of the scene and willful, it will only disgust the boys.

You can do it, but you can’t die!

The girls hope to take good care of it.


Don’t keep a problem in your mind

Girl’s mind sometimes, we steel straight man is really can’t understand!

So, if we can, we should try to find a way to communicate with each other.

Especially when something unpleasant happens, you must say it in time and never keep it in your heart.


Wait for me

I guess, you must be too crazy! I haven’t been found yet.

I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, a long time! Really, really!

But don’t be afraid, wait for me!

I will find you early, go to your side, embrace you, protect you. Take your hand and walk home together.