It has been estimated that 50% of all marriages life’s and 60% of 2nd marriages end in divorce. So its important to create lasting and loving union.

But the question is how can we choose the best life partner?

There are some tips to choose a best life partner.

Potential partners with same interest

You should select someone as a life partner who shares a lot of common interest with you easily. Its not necessary that your all interests should match with him. That’s will help you a lot to understand each other. It is said by Seema Hingorrany, The clinical psychologist and relationship expert, “When you decided to spend your life with someone, you must look at things that the two of you would love to do together.

Finding someone whom you can connect easily

It’s important to find someone whom you can strike a conversation anytime without hesitation. In that way you can enjoy sharing stuff together and doing new things without getting bored.

Family standards

It is important to consider your family standard and your own standard as well while choosing a perfect  life partner. Although it’s okay if you select someone who probably does not belong to the same strata of society as yours, but you should make sure that he/she is not completely off the mark.

Your life partner should be trustworthy

You should definitely find someone you can trust in all situations. Having trust and faith is very important if you want to live a happy life.

Mutual respect

You obviously cannot spend your life time with someone who does not respect you or your dreams/goals or your personality. So, you should choose someone who accept the real you for the rest of your life.

Spending a quality time.

It is important to find the guy with same interests, it is also not fine to be with someone who gives you enough time and who you would love to spend time with.

There are some characteristics to choose an ideal life partner:

Maturity       Honesty        Integrity

Empathy       Respect       Independence

Physically Affectionate     Funny      Openness


Considering some previous studies we get to know that the role of 24 characters strength in 87 adolescent romantic relations paying intentions on their role before selecting life partner. Love, humor and honesty is the most preferred character strength in an ideal relationship. Your partner should appreciate you whatever you do for him/her. Being supportive, thankful and accepting them for who they are can really help you to develop a better relationship and also having a realistic view of committed relationship. Right Partner selection is important to create a value in alliances.

We also get to know that in the life of youth, there are too much of chances and opportunities to marry someone with same understandings. the Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale, and an Ideal Partner Profiler for the composition of an ideal partner.Love, loyality,care and honesty were the most preferred character strengths in finding some perfect partner. Fairness Hope, honesty and religiousness reveal the most substantial assortment coefficients. “Hierarchical regression” observations confronts the certain targets, the  character strengths as explaining variances in targets’ life satisfaction. Having disagreements about some major—non negotiable aspects of your life can destroy your relationship even through if a couple is perfectly get along otherwise. For developing interpersonal skills, training ground is provided by Adolescent romantic relationship. When we truly fall in love with someone, the feelings and affection is the most normal of situations. Be real for yourself so that you are ready for someone else authenticity.

We hope you’ll find your life partner very soon, Our well wishes are always with