Love is our most powerful emotion and we have strongest needs to be in a loving relationship.

A good relationship not only makes us feel connected to our partner, but also to the world at large.

Good relationship doesn’t happen by luck. There are specific skill and action that strengthen our relationship. No matter how strong your relationship is, maintenance is important.

How I maintained my relationship because of some moment that did not happen with me.

We made our relationship a top priority

To give less value to our relationship, that did happen here with me.

Relationship is like living things, either growing or dying. Relationship grows and flourishes when we invest and nurture them. To strengthen your relationship, you must make it a top priority of your time.

No misunderstanding

Misunderstanding is going to happen everywhere. If you take your partner words one way, then learn they meant something totally different, don’t punish and let it go.

Sometime what you say or do will be taken the wrong way that your partner does not understand. But take a step back and realize it’s not a big deal.

Misunderstanding are so minor but if you let then grow they become problem.

Why I’m happy because deep misunderstanding situation did not happen with me.

No criticism

Constructive criticism does not hurt, it advises and informs. But if you take it up another notch beyond constructive, it can destroy someone life. If you always criticizing and think you are helping your partner, but sometime else is happening.

He/she will hide things from you. Your partner may be tempted to keep secrets if you spew negativity. And you may be missing out on their growth, learning experiences and the intimacy of a healthy relationship.

I did not criticize ever as a result did not happen such a moment that my partner kept something secret.

Focused on the quality you love

Remember the moments and reasons why someone became special to you. Trust that all those things are still true which you had accepted in beginning.

A moment did not happen in which I ignored my partner. We used to make a special time each day for each other.

Maintained connection

A temporary break in connection occurs in every friendship but I had never broken my connection deeply with my partner.

Make time to engage with your partner emotionally, physically and spiritually. Say hello and good-bay. Simply taking a second to hug him/her is crucial to staying connected.

Learned how to forgive

Forgiveness does not mean to give permission to someone to mistreat you. It means that you accept each other and accept that we are all doing the best we can.

The moment did not happen when I disappointed my partner. When we disappoint and hurt each other, it’s not because we want to. We forgive that we have not learned better ways of loving each other. Forgiveness means letting go of the problems of the past and allow for the new possibilities in the future.

Accepted disappointment

Disappointment happens in every relationship. Disappointment happens when our expectation do not match reality.

As we know that two people have always differences in their expectation, that’s why there happened disappointment situation in a relationship. But we had focused on the positive and believed that our relationship is filled with trust.

And there happen no break up moment in our relationship.

No blame game

To avoid taking responsibility for problems in life is a blame game. It’s so easy to place all the blame on your partner even if you know it’s not entirely his/her faults.

Playing the blame game is common but blaming is a very unhealthy.

We did not play blaming game in our relationship. Whenever I felt like I’m blamed for something, I had gone to the root of why my partner felt something wrong that I done.

We tried to knew our mistakes and discussed it, that why there happen no such serious moment to disturb our relationship.


Relationship is a strong emotion and connection between two lives. Every life has its own thought and a person want to follow and prove his/her thought reality. It is difficult to make agree two couple in one page having different thought. But we should to maintain a balance in our agreement and minimize the crises.

How I maintained my relationship it’s all because there happened no misunderstanding, no blaming game, no bad comment, and no disappointment to break us.

Let’s stop these things to happen, make your relationship a top priority and stay connected not with your partner but with the world.