He’s so mad.

he will not ignore you.

He doesn’t just walk away from a fight.

No cold violence will be used against you!


Even though he’s busy.

But he doesn’t not forget to reply to your messages.

He will make time for you even if you don’t have time.

He goes to a game and starts every game with me.

He’ll be chatting with you all the time.

Do his best to get back to you in seconds!


I’m not hiding you.

It’s about love.

Publish it to your friends.

I’d like to take you home and tell your parents.

And you’ll meet my friends.


He’ll tell you anything.

My boyfriend would tell me if his mother cheated on his father.

There are no secrets between us.

Maybe there’s a sense of security.

You’ll tell me anything, right?


He was gentlemanly with the other girls and kept his distance.

Never believe a man when he says he doesn’t know how to say no.

After my boyfriend and I fell in love, another girl started dating him.

He’s all block her in.


He’ll make you laugh.

When you’re not happy.

He’ll care about you.

He cares about you.


“We” comes up a lot.

“Our family,”

Words like “after we’re married


I’m going out to dinner with you.

I’m very generous.

You don’t need your wallet, you don’t need your brain.

I’m pleasure you are here.


He’s afraid of losing you.

Just one sentimental word from me.

He thought I was leaving.

He says you’re talking nonsense!

What’s not to love?

He’s nervous as hell anyway.

He told me not to scare him.


He’s the one who usually carries the heavy stuff when we travel.

Two large suitcases.

I tried to get it for him, but he wouldn’t.

He’s afraid it’ll make me tired!

I’m not that weak.

He’s just going to be responsible anyway!


When he’s alone.

He’s always trying to get you to stay with him.

He also wants to be the first to tell you when he’s sad.

When you love someone, you drop all pretense before her.

If your boyfriend would do that to you.

It means he really loves you.


He’ll put all his time, energy and money into you.

And you can feel it all.

Then it’s good.

He taught me everything I know about what a good man looks like.


You’ll feel yourself.

Found support and armor.

There’s love and a future with him.