Brush to the @ writing of Nile’s Micro blog: watch the video, a husband of the family cheat, was found by his wife.

The wife is heartbroken. Although she still lives as usual, her heart is already cold. She says that from now on, she and this man will have no feelings. For herself, he is just the father of the child. To him, she just washes clothes and cooks for him.

When I finished reading it, I said, “well……”

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Some people in the comments are quite right. Often at this time, women feel very relieved: you see, I don’t love you any more. I’m all frustrated with you. It’s all your harm!

Does the wife have disheartened what really matter? As long as she did the housework, and never separated, then the men would care, we all know.

It’s hard to hear. I don’t love you anymore. Who cares if you are frustrated.

I found that people really have too many blind spots in their intimate relationships, so they have to think in different places.

It’s not to say that you should think about it more for the other party, but you have to think from his standpoint. What position are you in? Is that the position you are in?

Don’t think about it. Don’t add plot to you two. Don’t move yourself blindly.

A long time ago, I saw a similar one. A housewife happily said, “my husband is very kind to me. He spoils me too much. After pregnancy, he loves me and only asks me to cook two meals a day.”.

How did this illusion of “heartache” come from? It must be a man’s sweet words:

“Ah! wife! You are too tired, I love you, you are the apple of my eye. You also have a baby, the crystallization of our love, so you don’t have to work so hard. In the future, you only need to cook two meals a day. You don’t have breakfast. I buy it on my own on the way to work. I love you! ”

The woman thinks: “he said well, right, he loves me so much.”


But sometimes I feel that we unmarried young people do not seem to carry it so clearly.

My sisters, she almost thought she had a little sweetheart.

We all had doubts about this “peach blossom” at first. They met on unreliable social software, and the man had a face that all girls would love.

She was also afraid of meeting the sea king. But after meeting with him several times, she said to us, “no, he is the kind of boy who doesn’t dress up very much. He doesn’t know the name of many famous brands. He just reads, writes and writes papers in school every day”.

We asked her what he meant. She said yes, yes, he said it was definitely not bad boy. Over the past few years, he only knew me as a girl, because he was not interested in knowing others – he said it sincerely, even with the stupid feeling of being a straight man.

This technique! We all felt that something was wrong.

Later, we didn’t follow up on this section. Later, after seeing her circle of friends, she said that she had taken off the list. All the people in the circle went to the sister group and asked if they were with this handsome young man. She said no.

What’s the matter with her and that handsome guy? It’s just 0.01 steps away,”I miss you / wait for you / dream of you,” can be said, “Be my girlfriend” is a dead word.

The point is money. My sisters give him something small, 100000 yuan before and after. For Gucci alone, she bought hats, scarves, backpacks, canvas shoes, and almost bought alien computers.

After a while, the sisters also felt that it was not right. They asked him what you like about me. The other side talked about a lot of her advantages. He said it very carefully and didn’t mention the money. She thought it was really good. He must like me.

I don’t know how she realized the reality later. A professional woman who started her own small company in this relationship was like an 18-year-old girl who just finished the college entrance examination.

Love this thing, let us be cheated because it is too superior, sometimes really has nothing to do with IQ.

Love, love, a muddy sea.


In the feelings, don’t make up a position for yourself. What’s the matter with you and him? How kind he is to you, consider it from his point of view

Is this a price to him? Is he trying? Is it what he really does to a person?

Or, he just brainwashed you, gave you fake sugar and said, “you see how beautiful the package looks, just like I love your heart” – clumsy and perfunctory, but you also believe it.

In fact, his heart is clear. He doesn’t love you. What he loves is that you can bring him benefits, such as money, fame, laundry and cooking, or if you are pregnant, you have to arrange lunch and dinner every day.

If you think from the other party’s point of view, you can find that everything he pays for you is easy without any cost – for example, he just types on his mobile phone, and he can’t rule out doing it with other people at the same time. For example, he just praises you for being gentle and virtuous. It doesn’t take much money or brains to praise people.

If you don’t strive for your own preferential treatment, don’t touch the essence of a relationship, you are bound by fantasy and moved by yourself. Of course,
you are playing with love as you think.

For example, if you say “washing and cooking are just disheartened”, will he appreciate it? Nah! Of course, he has only one sentence in his heart: Hey, silly woman!

It’s really miserable to be the more stupid side in the feelings. Self interest is human nature. A few people tell you the truth: I’m sorry I don’t love you. Most people hold you to continue to use it, and cheat you that it’s true.

It’s really miserable to be cheated by you,

Bad boys are like poisonous apples. The toxicity is not on the skin, but deep into the bone marrow.

Promise me, you’ll eat the apple without poison