There was a very impressive private message.

The girl said, “I feel that my boyfriend doesn’t love me more and more. Although he did not say break up, but the alienation is unbearable. “ Then, she listed all kinds of behaviors that he deliberately let his girlfriend down.

He did not want to reply to the message, nor did he accept the  accusation of “not answering the message”. He only said, “I am very busy.” The girl deliberately said that she had chatted with her friends of the opposite sex for several hours and went out together. The boy said vaguely and innocently that he knew.

The girl said you’ve been so bad to me lately. The boy said you don’t have anything else to do. Why are you looking at our relationship with a magnifying glass every day?

But I was deeply impressed because after reading the private message, I would think, that boy was not a man who cheated on a woman.

At the beginning of the story, girls are loved more.

She was chased for several months. After being together, the boy treated her very well, satisfying her various vanity of “showing love”.

But soon after the romance began, the girl had trouble with her studies. Coupled with the pressure from her family, she could not find an outlet for her emotions.

So she began to seize on the slightest conflict with her boyfriend, A break up must be made, a break up must be shielded, less than three days, more than half a month, finally add her boyfriend back. During this period, her boyfriend borrowed someone else’s cell phone to send peace messages every day, but she did not reply at all.

“The most exaggerated period of time, a month can mention four or five breakups.”

The boy gave out his birthday present in advance. The girl secretly felt that it was very common, and she felt resentful. On her birthday, she called a bunch of friends, but found a reason not to let her boyfriend over.

“He’ll be sad about it, but I just want him to know that I’m angry with him.”

There are countless similar things.

I hesitated to tell the girl the truth – apparently, she thought the story was “meeting a broken heart”, But I don’t think so. Why did the boy change his mind and stop liking her any more? As a bystander, I can feel it very much.

I finally told her. I said that maybe you didn’t give him positive feedback. He always felt that you didn’t like him and you were not satisfied with him. No one could stand such continuous negation.

It was like, when her life sank in the sand, the boy brings the rose, she doesn’t appreciate it, buries the rose in the sand, and then blames the boy for not giving her more.

Like a person’s emotions, after a long period of time, it will plummet. In the end, the former likes will definitely become dispensable. This should have taught us how important it is to cherish after get a relationship.

Rubbing a heart repeatedly without allowing it to feel pain or disappointment, what is the reason?

In a relationship, those fierce words, those hurtful expressions, behaviors and choices, once they start, don’t withdraw, leave a trail of scratches in the other person.

The scratch is always there, and if you’re lucky enough to make up for it, the other person will pretend to be unaware of it for you — “It’s okay”.In fact, they quietly lick the wound.

It’s like a kid who quietly stayed up late to make up lessons, telling you that the 90 points on the paper were obtained by little study and can be higher next time.

But the harm doesn’t go away because the other person doesn’t give it back to you. How to say, in the feelings, must not see each other’s sacrifice.

You make a negative reaction to this relationship has been, you’ll have to allow each other also on the back step — of course, the other “can also be run in spite of all the holes are still” to me, but that love is the heart of iron and steel, we want to accept human love is full of temptation, of cowardice to back, you give sugar to each other, you what all don’t give, also leave disdain look, the other party in the heart to run away.

As always, when we make “love me” too difficult, we think that most people will give up.

And I don’t want any girl to take the heart to do willful test, with leave test attachment, with rejection test firm, with temptation test loyalty, no matter what answer you get, the other party’s love for you will be gradually consumed in the process.

Yes, love is consumed.

People also change.

It’s too late to cherish when you meet someone you like. When the ecstasy of being loved fades with the passage of time, the next step should be to let go of your arrogance and let him feel your sincerity and softness-boys also need to be concerned about a relationship Confidence, and part of this confidence needs you to give enough.

If the other side takes the lead in leaving the field, it is not worth him and does not need to be attached to. But when the other party is still in that position, when the heart is still in your hand, you expel the other party ahead of time in guessing, which is a pity.

I used to be like this. I was so arrogant that I hope a heartthrob who never takes the initiative to chase girls repeatedly expresses his sincerity, and when he does express it repeatedly, I pretend not to understand. My loss was destined, and it took me a long time to realize that when he knew that I also liked him, what a terrible experience I gave him.

As I said, people change and they quit.

It takes a great deal of understanding and nurturing to create a relationship that is fresh and fragile enough to find a lasting reason to trust two people.

If the only thing a relationship faces is loss, heartbreak will lead the story to a different ending, no matter how much the other person likes it and agrees with it when they say, “We’ll always be together.”

The sincerity is to be maintained, girls, your sincerity is, and so is the sincerity of others.

What I know about boys is that their disappointments are rarely expressed in time, but once he summarizes his disappointments, he will make a good decision to walk away without looking back.

In fact, when the roles are reversed, when the girl accumulates disappointment and then ends, it is a similar mindset.

So just don’t do it.

I always thought that boys were not sensitive at all, until I found out that a boy’s disappointment in me started from a minor incident. When he asked me to meet him in his city, I chose to go to the island in the opposite direction. .

When quarreling only for pleasure, it is a loss to say a breakup at will. Just a few words will block the black and let him coax him for three days before letting go, which is a loss. If you can choose to meet him, it is a waste of not choosing to see him.

“After being in love for a long time, do boys really care less about girls?”

This problem, for people who are not serious about love, is that they are too fresh and want to change the heroine of the story, but most of the time, we are not just people who are just playful. Most of the time this is a two-way loss process.

A person like me who sees too well, even if I fail in a relationship, I dare not blame others at all, because I deeply know that the other person disappoints me as many times as I let the other person down.

It is because we are too young to finish the lesson of cherishing this lesson, so that the sincere squandering of our daughters has become the dregs of old age.

People will change, people will retreat when faced with difficulties, and people will always walk away from each other because of disappointment.