How fragile and fragile is contemporary gender relations?

Two days ago, my little sister Bella broke up with her boyfriend who had been talking for two years. According to Bella, it was the man who was tired, so she inferred that men are all big trotters.

But another friend of mine doesn’t think so:

“A man who lives with you, can maintain such a long and innocent relationship, already loves you so much!

I’ve seen them, let alone live together, even if I meet frequently for more than three months, I can’t help but let each other go. “

So Bella was simply cured by this sentence. After all, in the context of this era, it makes sense to say so.

However, when such a view of love became popular among young people, I was laughed at by a hot review on the hot search.

The thing is like this.

Wasn’t there a snack bar explosion in Wuxi two days ago? The surveillance footage showed a man and a woman walking back and forth on the street, suspected to be a couple.

A few seconds later, there was an explosion on the opposite side of the street. Then the man dashed forward and the girl was left behind.

Fortunately, there was no tragedy for the two of them, but what I never expected was that when such a picture that can only be seen in a TV series appeared in real life, passers-by actually focused on the couple.

This news was praised by more than 1,000 hot reviews. The first said: “That kid left his girlfriend and ran away. It’s not interesting enough.”

Because of this comment, I watched the full version of the video several times. It is really inappropriate to say whether the two people are girlfriends or not.

Secondly, even if two people are really boyfriend and girlfriend, when looking back and seeing this comment, should the girl break up with the boy?

After all, whether your life is more important or mine is more important, it is a more dilemma than “Your mother and I fell into the water at the same time, who will you save first”. I am not a man and I have a headache.


Between couples, you can discuss life or death when necessary.

Although most people will never face this problem in their lives, there are always people who like to move out for testing in calm times.

About “Your partner left you in a crisis.” Also about “Your partner loves yourself more than loves you.”

I think of a similar plot in the movie “Chun Jiao Save Zhi Ming”.

In the movie, Zhang Zhiming and Yu Chunjiao were about to change their clothes and go out for a supper after they were in the hotel. They said it was too late, but they didn’t expect the earthquake to come.

So Zhiming came out of the bathroom and tried to pull Chunjiao away under a relatively safe table, but Chunjiao was afraid of being unable to move, so she had to hold onto the doorknob.

So Zhiming ran over by himself and kept calling Chunjiao over.

Until the earthquake ended, the two people quarreled about this matter.

Chunjiao felt: Why did you care about me during the earthquake? abandon me?

Zhiming thinks: Should two people wait for death together? I just made an instinctive reaction.

Finally, the two broke up unhappily and broke up.

This plot is very interesting and meaningful for discussion, and many people are also concerned about this issue:

When your boyfriend hid himself during the earthquake, would you forgive him?

Whether he was forgiven or unforgiven is not revealed, I only know that Zhiming was crowned the title of irresponsible scum.

Don’t ask why, ask is that women need a sense of security,

The question is, in front of life and death, the man doesn’t care if you love you.


Maybe there are men or partners who are willing to give your life for you.

I believe that you who are reading this article now turn your head and ask your boyfriend, what should you do if you are in danger at the same time?

He will definitely give you a satisfactory answer, similar to: “Hold the baby tightly in your arms, Pig will run first, and I will cushion the back.” Such an answer.

So What? This is not a proof that he loves you for a lifetime.

Even if he did.

Some netizens shared that she was dating a boyfriend who loved her very much. One day when they were on the street, the two of them crossed the road together and did not see the oncoming car.

At this time, the man rushed forward, hugged her tightly, and pushed her to a safe place.

The girl felt so touched at the time, it is him in this life!

However, his behavior to protect her at the time did not prevent him from treating his love turbulence in the future.

The touching drama did happen, but it was true that she personally saw her boyfriend send ambiguous text messages to a dozen of the opposite sex at the same time. It was true that she went on dating websites during her relationship, and it was true that she was dating a colleague who spoke badly about her. It is also true to catch rape in bed, and finally to break up, while saying “Don’t forget the way back” while silently changing girlfriends is also true.

You see, he reacted to protect you in times of crisis, perhaps not because of love, or just because of “I am a man.” Such unnecessarily heroic things.

Even, maybe he was pushing you out, and he secretly regretted the moment he really faced life and death.


In our reports, we often see some stories about the love between husband and wife in critical situations, so we talk about some not-so-aesthetic reality, but most of them exist:

During the earthquake in Jiuzhaigou, a mother had just given birth to her child. Before he had time to share her joy, the disaster struck. In panic, the husband and mother-in-law left the mother and child and both fled for their lives.

You can say that the mother-in-law and the husband did not stand in the position of their relatives when they faced the mother, but when they ran away, they did leave behind their own sons and grandchildren.

Are they vicious? I don’t think it is vicious.

Don’t they love their blood or their wives? Of course not.

It can only be said that instinct has defeated conscience.

Some people say that many people just use instinct as a fig leaf for selfishness.

But you cannot deny that the nature of human beings is to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

This is why, drowning people often drag rescuers into the water;

In car accidents, the death rate of the co-pilot is also higher than that of the driver.

Because in times of crisis, the driver will subconsciously turn the steering wheel to the left and even forget that the co-pilot is sitting on your dearest relatives.

You can not forgive, but please forgive me.

Everyone has been on the plane, and during the safety report, people will also remind you: Please wear an oxygen mask yourself before helping others.

This other person also includes the wife and son sitting next to you.


In the past two days, I also watched a report on a cancer patient. She wrote an article on “Hardcore Knowledge-based Beautiful Girl Self-Help Guide”.

The most focused one is the question of whether to break up after a serious illness.

Most of the messages and stories she collected are talking about, most couples, in the face of life and death, will choose to fly separately.

The pain that the rest of the life brings to people is often not the disaster itself, but the true humanity brought out by the disaster.

“Are you willing to give your life for your partner?”

Until the moment of crisis, no one will be able to judge, but I hope you have room to avoid idol drama fantasies about love.

After seeing a joke, the couple went sailing, and they encountered big wind and waves on the sea, and the waves churned.

The husband quickly reacted, climbing up the mast to unload the sail, and shouting to his wife in the wind and rain: Untie the rope! !

The wife was completely unmoved, and the husband continued to shout to her, but she still did not move.

So the husband became angry: Why don’t you untie the rope!

My wife just aggrieved and said: You said you want to be gentle with me for a lifetime.

When disaster really strikes, what you need to judge is not whether he runs or not? Will you wait for you to run together?

Instead, you need to run with them immediately and run hard.

After all, putting both people in a dangerous situation because you don’t run is truly unloving and the greatest selfishness.

Of course, such an assumption is meaningless. After all, dangerous situations are not something everyone can meet, and the chances of meeting with a partner are even smaller.

However, this seems to be a new love test for many people, especially women-

“When danger happens, he runs away first, which means he doesn’t love you and breaks up! When danger happens, he protects you, which means he loves you and married!”

With this kind of thinking, usually only one sentence will end up: People who challenge animal instincts generally have no good end.

Although I usually call you fairies, I still want to say that the boss is no longer young. Be realistic and mature, so stop asking these naive test questions.

The sign of maturity is: after understanding the complexity of human nature, simplifying the surrounding environment and not deliberately testing human nature.

Remember, beautiful things do not need to be destroyed to prove their existence, willing to give your life for you, this is only the added value of love, not absolute.

Besides, why bother to die? Two people want to be happy together!