Be trustworthy

Do the things he promised to you best, whether big or small, it’s all important in his mind. He cares about you and is afraid that his image in your mind will be diminished and you’ll have a bad impression of him.


He likes to call you and send you We Chats.

At any time of the day he is very happy to call, text you. If you ask him what’s going on, he will say, in fact, nothing, and then turns the “nothing” in the opening to other topics, chatting about weather and trivia, just to hear your voice, through the airwaves to feel with you.


Watch your moves.

He cares about your every move on Weibo and your signature status on Renren. He’s more attentive than you to the food, travel, and fun stuff you post on Weibo, and he’ll even quietly Baidu to strive for another common topic with you when he encounters unfamiliar information or internet terms.


He takes the initiative

He will go with his own instincts and feel how to do what is helpful to you and take the initiative to do it. For example, he wakes up in the morning to make you breakfast. Having known that you’re going on a trip, he takes the initiative to book your flight, etc. If he really likes you, he always thinks of how he can do more for you.


Showing you a side of himself that few others see.

In front of you he has become a talkative and lively person, not only takes the initiative to introduce his family situation to you, he is even not afraid to share his eccentricities with you, he is also happy to let you know the secrets of growing up that even few friends know, because you are special to him!


Know how to respect you.

He always asks for your opinion on matters involving you, doesn’t always try to possess your body and doesn’t ask about your past, so you can have your private space, but he will not hide anything from you. A man who really likes you is like a parent who dotes on his child – he’s afraid of melting in his mouth!


 Always on time for an appointment.

He gets there before you on every date, he’s prepared for the date, the atmosphere is friendly and there’s never awkward silence. And after every date, he’ll be excited to set the exact date for the next one, so you’ll never get awkward silence with him. The time together goes by so fast, and you can’t get enough of it.


Be good at admitting mistakes

When fighting he will apologize to you first regardless of right or wrong, because he understands that women are emotional and can’t get along with rational thought. He thinks you are more important than right or wrong, and if you are wrong, he will wait until you calm down before explaining and he believes you will figure it out!


No objection to your preference.

He’ll smile and listen patiently when you’re talking excitedly about your hobbies in front of him, and he’ll join in enthusiastically when he’s interested. Even if your interest is in grooming your pet, he won’t laugh at you, because he finds all the time spent with you talking about everything so precious


 Learn by heart

He will remember important days, such as your birthday, send you well wishes and gifts, and be there for you, knowing it’s his duty as a boyfriend!


Introduce you to others

He will be eager to introduce you to his parents, friends and colleagues, and will think of bringing you along to important events, introducing you to others in the first place!


He can’t stop talking about you with his buddies.

If you have friends in common with him, especially good friends, you’ll overhear his buddy saying, “He talks about you all the time,” because he really likes you and wants his friends to know about you.

Such a boyfriend, please give me a dozen, please!!!!