I could tell that she liked me by the way she looked at me. Ever since I started coming to the hospital, I had not had anything less than a lovely constant gaze from her – she would not set her eyes
off me, and each time we looked at each other synchronously, she complements it with a smile. There was no doubt; I knew I had found myself a lover.

There are several ways one could tell if the opposite sex wants them. Sometimes it could be very complicated if a guy is shy or if the girl is pretending to be in love with you. Nevertheless, if the feeling gets so high, it is often difficult to hide, and you will probably notice the following:

Unusual Attention

I’ve seen girls do this a lot of time. Even though they sometimes pretend not to like you, but they can’t avoid giving you unusual attention. They are just all over you.

My friend from University fell in love with me. She couldn’t say it, but she wanted me around all the time, and she was given to helping me most of the time. I could tell that she was all down for me.

She paid attention to every detail and knew even my daily plans. It was nothing short of care and love, and If someone wants or likes you, they will be interested in knowing the tiniest detail.

At that time, I had no girlfriend, and she would want to know my opinion about being in a relationship.

An attractive body language

Girls are good at this one. Where I come from, it was christened the green light. Most times, people speak this language before they even open up or come close to you. Your response to this language would determine if they would be turned on or off.

For instance, I didn’t do much to reciprocate the advances made by the nurse at the hospital. She called me out with every of her move without saying a word. It was written all over her. From her smile when we looked at each other to her gait when she walked in the hallway. But since I didn’t reciprocate in any way, she didn’t say anything further.

The opposite of my response happened with a girl while in high school. I liked her, but it was not as much she loved me. I gave her reasons beyond every reasonable doubt that I was into her, thereby reinforcing her feelings for me. Feeling she showed through her body language.

She was sitting at the end of the class, while I was sitting at the other end. From her end, she would look at me, and we would smile at each other at once. Then one day, she gave me a love note telling me how much she loves me. That was when I knew how strong body language could be.

They would want to be with you

Have you ever liked someone without a craving to be with the person?


That’s not possible. Anyways, it could only be if you know your presence would hurt the person.

My best friend’s ex-girlfriend would often travel miles to stay with him even though she knows the guy doesn’t want her around. I guess those days she only thought with nothing less than her feelings.

Have you had such an experience?

I guess, yes. If someone wants to be with you, they will create time for you even in their most tight schedule.

You don’t need to question it. Just ask for their time, and you will get it. You will be first on their list. They will feel responsible.

On the other hand, they will avoid you if they don’t want to be with you. Most times, it will take a bait to get them to see you.

Lately, I fell in love with a girl, but she doesn’t give a damn about me. She’s okay even if we don’t see for months. I don’t need a prophet to tell me she’s not in love with me.

They act more than they say

When someone wants you, they will get all turned on to do the very best for you. They will look for the slightest opportunity to make you happy. They know what you need, and they appear with it at the right time.

They keep to their words, or rather, act more than they speak.

I could have been on my friend’s birthday while in school, but I turned up days after.

No doubt, I never liked her. I couldn’t even call or text her on her special day. It was that bad, and it turns out this way most of the time when someone doesn’t like you. It happens to everyone with feelings.

My supposed intending girlfriend couldn’t even call me on my birthday; she only sent a test on social media. Few months before mine was her birthday: I got her a gift, sent a direct message, called her, and at the same time, I got a friend to wish her a happy birthday.

It wasn’t Karma that caught up with me, that is just the way it is. If someone truly likes you, their actions would prove it.

Don’t let anyone lie to you about that.

They will make you their confidant

Watch out when the opposite sex starts telling you things that are very sensitive about their life.

At this point, they have rated you to be relevant to them.

Often, they will share everything including their weaknesses. Conversely, some might feel insecure at first, especially when you are not a good listener. But if you’re, then it is an open door to hear all their life expedition.

This is because when you open up to someone whom you have feelings for you feel more attached and deep-rooted to their heart.

If you have all the above significant qualities exhibited, just know that you have no reason to doubt if the person wants you or not.

Furthermore, if there is something else to look out for, it’s if the person is supportive and desires to see you happy.