Life is both good and bad, and there are some hard realities that we will all have to terms with in our time on this earth. These realities can be made the beauty of our life if we can accept them and live knowing they are true.

As children we were thought the basic survival guide to life: follows the rule, be yourself, be good to other people, get good grades and you’ll be good to go. These things were all we needed to survive life as children. Adult time on the other hand, is different story. We now know that the lesson thought to us as kids don’t exactly apply in real life anymore.

You need to understand that life doesn’t come with an instruction annual. There is no written book on what’s the right way to react in every situation possible. It’s all too random, unpredictable, and awful confusing in time. We’ve been exposed to the realities of life and we have to accept it.

“We must pass through the darkness, to reach the light.”-Albert pike

There are ten harsh truths about life you need to accept now:

1. Life is difficult sometime

It’s important to accept that life is sometime difficult. Everyone is dealing with some painful life challenges. You don’t know where you’re going, what to do, who you’re at that moment.

You’re in painful condition sometimes because of bad news, sometime because of other people, and sometime, for no reason at all.

Life’s a journey, and that journey happens to be pretty tough. Pain is fundamental part of life.

If you wouldn’t experience life on the dark side you would never recognize life on the dark side.

Stay positive when life gets you down, and like your thoughts and feeling.

2. People will disappoint you

Unfortunately, the one you love the most might deeply disappoint you and completely lost your trust.

The problem with other people is that they’re never going to understand us as intricately as we understand ourselves. We’re disappointed in the people around us because we use our own definition of love and if it doesn’t match up, we mistake different love for no love.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself from such an emotional pain is to stop expecting so much of people. Not everyone loves as you, not everyone cares the way you do, and not every invest in a relationship as much as you do.

3. Everyone is a bit selfish

Humans are weird. We are human beings, but only up to a certain limit. When it really come down to it, we are very selfish. In period of crises, we show our true colors.

Some people might act as if they are selfless, but do remember that nothing is the same as it look from its outside.

It is a fact that those selfless people are the most selfish when it comes to something that’s related to them.

So accept that everyone in the world is a bit selfish and don’t trust then deeply.

4. Accept the responsibility for your life

You’re the great when you accept the responsibilities of your life.

Do you care about yourself? Instead of blaming yourself take responsibilities.

Being responsible means that you contributing to an event occurring, either by your action or your failure to take action. Off course this could be a good or a bad thing depending upon circumstances.

Taking responsibilities is the key to a change and a life without stress and anxiety.

5. You cannot make everyone happy

Whatever you do, wherever you go, there will always be someone who will be unhappy with you. They might have a valid reason or not.

The problem when you try to keep everybody happy is that you have to give up your own happiness. Not only that but you also have to hide some of your own feelings and thoughts for their sake.

But it doesn’t seem to work, because if you are not happy how can you bring someone else happiness?

Moreover being true about your character will make sure that you never have to fake your emotion.

6. You can’t change your past

Stop dealing on the past and focus on the present.

Where are you at this moment? In your thoughts and memories of a past! Does anything change by that?

We can change our ideas about the past, our views and judgments about it, according to new evidence that’s turned up in the present.

But accept that the past is unchangeable. Learn from those lessons and become a better person toward yourself.

7. Nothing is permanent

One of the most brutal truths about life is that no one is immortal. Nothing in life is truly forever, nor the love, neither the struggle.

So you need to appreciate every heartwarming moment, every person that makes your life a little brighter, and every accomplishment that you achieve on your own.

Accept that nobody you know and loves is immortal. Don’t waste time on something you can’t stop from happening.

Whenever you stuck in a painful hard time, have hope that this will not last forever.

8. Future is unpredictable

The word is changing at a fast face and creating a lot of uncertainties. Not only may the world changing due to innovation, but your views and your surrounding environment also change. Unpredictable events will happen and chaotic time will appear.

Stop wondering what can happen. You create your worry about the future by thinking upfront. It’s doesn’t exist except in your imagination and wishes.

The future is unpredictable and you shouldn’t worry about it. You should to find the beauty in present moment.

9. Accept your imperfect physical look

No one is perfect, neither are you. Even if a person seems physical perfect, he/she has some defect. See anyone whom you think might be good or close to perfect but still, he/she may have some flaw.

And also if someone is perfect for you maybe that person is imperfect in the eye of someone else.

Accept that the body you have is yours and unique.

10. You can’t force anyone to love you

Not everyone will love you or even like you, but that’s perfectly fine. You don’t everyone need to be all over you. You need a few who will be real and will support you.

There will always be rude people who will mistreat you no matter how nice you are to them.

Who appreciate you and are glade they have you in their lives. These are the one you should truly care about.