A relationship is a myth. A healthy relationship is very much important for everyone but it is not easy to gain a strong and healthy relationship. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know what a truly healthy relationship even looks and feels like. So here are the top 10 characteristics of a healthy relationship:

Mutual respect. Respect means that each person values who the other is and understands the other person’s feelings and needs. In a healthy relationship, both know that it is perfectly okay to agree to disagree. They know that just because one partner has one viewpoint, it doesn’t mean that the other has to completely agree. They know that having differences in opinion and beliefs is absolutely normal. They also respect each other’s decisions, works, and family.

Trust your partner. Partners should place trust in each other and give each other space. This is proved that every healthy relationship should be built upon mutual respect. Both should recognize each other as equals and should always be open to their partner’s thoughts, beliefs, concerns, and needs. Without trust, a relation can break in minutes.

Be Honest. The moment you begin hiding things from each other, your relationship will begin to break. You should be able to share anything with your partner while receiving love and support in return. Secrets can be dangerous to further damage. You’ll always carry a sense of guilt as long as you keep things to yourself. Your and your partner’s dynamic is bound to be affected. Both people should share their genuine feelings with one another freely. Both partners should respect and accept the other’s feelings. Expressing one another’s true feelings aren’t repressed because both partners know that by not sharing them and that by not accepting the other person’s feelings it will cause conflicts later.

Best Friends Forever. True friendship is when someone knows you better than yourself and takes a position to protect you in a crisis. Friendship is a must in every kind of relationship.it is a base of strong relationships. A lasting friendship often equals a strong relationship overall because you share a deeper bond that goes beyond a romantic relation. With friendship, you have a more durable binding that is longlasting. If friendship is the foundation, any relationship can be stronger and better.

Reciprocity. Reciprocity is a process of exchanging things with other people in order to gain a mutual benefit. This means that both people in the relationship are working on this stuff. If only one person is taking an interest, accepting and respecting, giving the space, meeting the others’ needs, providing positive interactions, and repairing ruptures, then the relationship likely has larger problems that need to be explored.

Maintain Good Communication.

Communication is definitely one of the major keys to a Healthy Relationship. Effective communication builds trust with others. Good communication also improves relationships. With effective communication skills, you’re able to deliver clear expectations and objectives. Think together. Plan together, look forward together. Facing difficulties together only work when there is a mutual agreement. The conversation is necessary for a strong and healthy relationship. You should communicate to know that everything is going smoothly, at a pace that is enjoyable for both of you. When people don’t talk, they assume according to their own judgment. You can never imagine how far it can take you! To make sure someone you like understands you and your motives, actions, and silence correctly you have to explain it. So learn to talk for a better strong relationship.

Value your Relationships. You should give value to your relationship. You should value your partner. By being excited about each other’s achievements and celebrating even the little things, both parties benefit from a supportive relationship. You never want your relationship to get too serious. No matter how deep you are into things, both partners should remember to maintain a sense of humor. Never ever take your loved ones for granted. To build strong, trusting relationships, and show how much you value your people, get to know who they are. Make time for them. Show your love and care to them.

Give Unconditional Love. True love doesn’t come with rules and terms. At the end of the day, a relationship will not last if the couple doesn’t share a meaningful love for each other on every level. It doesn’t work if you selectively love them as a parent but not as your friend, or as a teammate but not as your romantic partner. Together, your love should be well-rounded, and mutual. Give your partner unconditional love and affection without any expectation.

Stay Loyal. Loyalty is being faithful in all of your promises, keeping your words. It is a choice. You cannot force someone to be loyal to you. A loyal partner is very hard to find nowadays. But it is very important for a healthy relationship because both partners are loyal to one another and willing to work through conflicts together.  They both truly believe in the relationship and are committing to the lessons and growth. They stick to each other in any situation.they support each other and never cheat another person.

Keep Balanced. No one person has any more power over decisions made as a couple than the other.  Both people have an equal say and have equal control over decisions made and both equally respect each other as a different and unique human being. You should keep balance in everything. Excess love or care can harm you. And always try to keep balance in your personal and love life. Keep in mind that You have your choices and own life

Have a strong foundation. “Your interests, opinions, and experiences can change as you grow. But if you share the same core belief systems, you will have a platform from which to build a strong relationship,” Rastogi said.

If your foundation is strong nothing can break your relation.

Spend quality time often. It does not matter how busy you are, If you love and care for your partner take out some time for them and carve out quality time. Spending quality time together makes your relation stronger and well rounded. “This does not have to be an elaborate date or a vacation; sometimes just going to bed a little early, turning off the television, and connecting can go a long way,” Hansen said.

Embrace your partner’s flaws. Not every person can be perfect. Your partner is also not a perfect one.She/he must have some flaws. You have to admit it and love them as they are. It’s important to let your partner be themselves. Never try to change someone for yourself. If anything of them hurts you talk and clear everything. Explain with care and never don’t insult them.

There are certain qualities that should never be missing from a loving partnership, and once they are, it’s only a matter of time until things start to fall apart.