Dai Ti Wen Ben

Lifeis both good and bad, and there are some hard realities that we will all have to terms with in our time on this earth. These realities can be made the beauty of our life if we can accept them and live knowing they are true.

As children we were thought the basic survival guide to life: follows the rule, be yourself, be good to other people, get good grades and you’ll be good to go. These things were all we needed to survive life as children. Adult time on the other hand, is different story. We now know that the lesson thought to us as kids don’t exactly apply in real life anymore.

You need to understand that life doesn’t come with an instruction annual. There is no written book on what’s the right way to react in every situation possible. It’s all too random, unpredictable, and awful confusing in time. We’ve been exposed to the realities of life and we have to accept it.

We must pass through the darkness, to reach the light.”-Albert pike

There are ten harsh truths about life you need to accept now