Yesterday, I saw a topic like “How to play with crying scum man?”
Many of the respondents were discussing exactly how to do it, and most of the paths were.
The first thing you need to do is to learn the way of the slag girl, to take full advantage of the man’s desire to conquer, so that the scum man is completely in love with you, charmed by you between life and death , for you to pay, and then hit him hard emotionally, with a tooth for a tooth, to give him a taste of heartbreak.
Some of the respondents also proposed to let scum men get infected with HIV,or find boys with special professions to “serve” them, and even take videos and photos of them, so that they could use violence to punish scum men and abuse them severely.


It just so happens that I’m watching a Korean drama called “Couple’s World”, which is about revenge against the scum guy. Seeing this question, I wanted to come and answer it.
First, let’s talk about the main plot of the drama.In the story the heroine’s ex-husband can be said to be a scum man, he and the heroine married for more than ten years, with a boy in junior high school. He spend the heroine’s money every day, live in the heroine’s house, with the heroine’s money to open a company which is about to go bankrupt, and even with the relationship of the heroine to get acquainted with the wealthy investors.
As a result, he falls in love with a white,rich and beautiful girl,  younger than him. He has been secretly transferring his wealth and even embezzling his children’s insurance money….
As for our heroine,beautiful, elegant and slender, is the vice president of a famous hospital. She has a high emotional quotient, strong work ability, and can also take care of the family in an orderly manner. She is not strong, but can be said to be the “perfect wife” of thousands of men dreams and the goal and ideal model for thousands of women.
However, it is this perfect wife who meets a scum guy like her ex-husband.
Of course, as a modern independent woman, the heroine with high IQ and EQ, eventually decided to fight back, to tear the scum man, to collect evidence, and even direct a scene of domestic violence in front of their children. Finally she succeeded in making the scum man  out of the house without a penny. The company went bankrupt, and the scum man left home in disgrace, even without child custody rights.
Doesn’t that look great?
Unfortunately, this is not the end.
Not long after, the scum man returned with his mistress and their child in full view, and with mad revenge, the heroine’s life was in chaos again.
Being violently attacked at home,the heroine lost her position of associate dean. What’s more, her hard-earned children don’t understand her, even preferring to be close to her ex-husband who have done wrong. Sadly,her child developed psychological problems and quietly received treatment….
And the bitter heroine can’t help but have thoughts of regret and want to leave this sad place.


I haven’t seen the end, but my answer to this question is as follows—-
It’s okay to play with crying scum man , but it’s just not necessary.
Here, i set a not appropriate example: meeting a scum man is just like being bittern by a mad dog. The smart thing to do is to raise a big stick to drive the guy away, and stay as far away from him as possible, but there’s no need to do it personally and fight with the crazy dog, it’s likely that both sides will suffer…….
For too long you fight the devil, you become the devil yourself; for too long you gaze into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back.
Scum men are scum men because they have a low moral bottom line, and if you want to beat him, you can only have a lower bottom line than he has.
Scum men don’t cry, because they fail to know what true love is.
The scum will never regret , because they have no heart.
I n fact, life is not a good drama. “The Temptation to Go Home” is not often performed while “The Best Life for Scum” can be seen a lot.
Instead of indulging in the past, can’t let go of the obsession and the slag man entangled, why not stop the loss in time, dashing turn around, as soon as possible out of the shadow of the scum man, start a new life.
To live life to the fullest is to fight against the scum man.
Why waste our great youth on the scum man, with this effort, to find a tall, handsome and gentle man who is devoted only to you, doesn’t it smell good?
Doesn’t it smell good?