I saw the news yesterday
afternoon, Gillian divorced.

remember last time I saw Gillian and Lai Hongguo, still at the scene of the
TuCao Conference. She said that she was preparing for pregnancy with Lai Hongguo,
and she smiled sweetly and very happy, but just a few months later, there were
the news of their divorce.

Ai was a little surprised and felt that it was too fast, but when I thought
about it deeply, I thought it should have been like this.



all, this relationship has not been favored from the beginning.

about Lai Hongguo being a playboy have been flamboyant.

to Gillian, Lai Hongguo had a marriage for nearly half a year. During that
time, he was derailed. At that time, his ex-wife written passage to support him,
but soon after that, he divorced her.


 Lai Hongguo was suspected of being derailed by
netizens in September last year. They also found that Lai Hongguo always pays
attention to female internet celebrities, Gillian also stood up to help him

after the news of the divorce yesterday, some netizens found that Gillian had
silently deleted the Weibo which helped him clarify.

the reason for the divorce between the two people, Lai Hongguo issued a long
article saying that “it’s just that Gillian doesn’t love me anymore”,
but Gillian ‘s response was: “Two people’s relationship is a tough

wonder many netizens suspect that the man is deliberately setting up a love
affair, pushing the cause of divorce to Gillian.


fact, Sister Ai has always been very distressed to Gillian. Her childhood was
unfortunate. Later, she stepped into the entertainment circle for her
livelihood. She was brilliant and dazzling, then she encountered that accident
at the peak of her career.

 After struggling for so many years, she
finally crawled out of the gutter, but the shadow of the past has been chasing
her like a shadow.

 Gillian has always been fragile, sad, and
depressed. After so many years in the entertainment circle, she has not learned
to be smooth. Even if she is standing in the crowd, she will always be lonely
and free, unable to fully integrate into it.

 From her, Sister Ai often sees the shadows of
many girls.

 They are so inferior and often do not see how
beautiful they are. They are passive. They wrap themselves in layers of shells,
afraid of others approaching, but expecting someone to really understand her,
approach her, and warm her. Save her.

 In real life, there are really too few people
who can save them.

 And they are too easy to be attracted by

 The scumbags walked into their lives with
sweet words, wonderful promises, and early care.

 In the early days, the girls were resistant,
because they did not believe that someone would treat her like this, so they
would try again and again. If the other had cheated them successfully, they
would in turn treat him with carelessness.

 Just like Gillian, she gave Lai Hongguo so
many expensive watches and clothes until the other party told her not to send
them anymore, for fear of his hard working on business trips and she help him
to clean up his house;  She carefully              appeased his emotions……

 But if you meet someone who is not right, this
kind of pure heart and emotion will only become the capital of the scumbags
wantonly hurting her.

 So they are more
afraid of the approach of others and fall into this strange endless loop.


do many people look so good and perfect, but there is no way to have a happy
love and marriage life?

 Just because of the intimate relationship, we
will expose the true us.

 Love and being loved are actually a kind of

 If a girl does not have the ability to love
herself, how can she learn to love others.

 Gillian once said that she really wanted to
get married, but knew that no one would marry me.

 At that time, she urgently needed shelter from
a marriage to prove herself.

 But this time, she bravely proposed the
divorce, unwilling to deceive herself in an unhappy marriage, and would rather
bear the pressure of public opinion again.

 To be honest, Sister Ai admire her and also
feel happy for her.

 Sometimes, bravely
facing the true heart and bravely saying goodbye to the wrong people are
actually a kind of progress and a sign of maturity.


sang in “The Next Stop”, after changing the day, changing the bride
is ideal …

 I hope Gillian will stop for a while, face her
heart bravely, and heal herself, start by learning to love herself.

 Don’t look too high at yourself or
underestimate yourself, and try to maintain a proper self-confidence at any

 Self-affirmation, self-appreciation, and
self-respect, also have a strong heart.

 Such a girl, the scumbag will not approach her,
and only those who are really suitable will get close to her.

 Such a girl,
whether it be a diva or a bride, will have a steady life and the true