Perhaps in the eyes of many people, kissing and hugging is what girls want.

 In fact, when many boys are hugged, they will also become performing artists with rich inner dramas!

 Want to know what a boy is thinking when he is hugged or kissed? After reading this couple of illustrations by Korean illustrator Kim Soo Min, maybe you will have the answer.


When holding you

Like having the whole world

I want to be the strongest

Cover all the wind and rain for you

Give you a clear sky


He says

Your eyes are so beautiful

But it must not be as pretty as mine

Although, there are stars and sea in your eyes

However, I have you in my eyes

You are the most beautiful scenery


When I’m with you

I feel like I am not myself

I can’t control the crazy beating of my heart

Hormones are boiling all over the body

Looking forward to more touching and feelings


When you are around

How can I read books seriously?

Finally understood those words

“Liu Gong Fan Dai no color”

“Since then, the monarch will not be early


to be with you

Suddenly I fell in love with cooking

Try to laugh together

Cut vegetables and wash vegetables

Steamed and fried

Finally serve hot dishes

Your praise is my biggest motivation

One room, two people, three meals, four seasons

This life full of fireworks is happy.


Sometimes looking at each other ’s face

Will be slightly fascinated

So strange

This face

It ’s just the arrangement of brows, ears, nose and mouth.

I have watched it many times

But I always feel that I don’t see enough

Maybe you have a long poem written on your face

Need to spend a lifetime to read slowly.


together with him

You will understand what it means to be “confident”

Even if I woke up early in the morning, my face was not washed

You can still ask him generously

Do you think i look good

He will certainly not hesitate

Touch your hair

Touch your face

Say honestly:

Of course it looks good


Laugh with you

Trouble with you

Be crazy with you

Play with you

The most happy thing

Is to find someone

Can be a pure child in front of him

Two people together because of childish games

Laugh like a fool


You are naughty sometimes

Deliberately tricked him

He is always fooled

The self-control that was once proud

You can’t be defeated by your teasing

no way

From the moment I fell in love with you

He is willing to admit defeat to you


You are my first sight

Is also a joy

It’s the gentle smile on the corner of my eyebrow

 Fromm said: Love a person is not just an emotion, it is a decision, a judgment and a commitment.

 So when I said that I love you, what I thought about was the second half of your life.

 Since then, my entire world has to do with you.

 You are the kin of my skin, the food and vegetables of my ordinary time, the heroic dream of my exhausted life.

 Do you want such feelings?