When I wrote the article before, I talked about how to chat with the girl you like. Many people joked: what’s the use of learning these? If a man wants to stop being single, it’s enough to have money.

I would like to say: do you think falling in love is shopping for cabbage in the vegetable market? All the objects are marked clearly. As long as you have money, you can choose the objects you like.

But how could the reality be so simple?

If falling in love is a simple exchange of equal value, how can there be so much infatuation and wrong payment and regret of being let down?

What’s more, if this is the case, the girls will make crazy efforts to make money, to marry Jin Chengwu, Wu Yanzu, Hu Ge and Wang Yibo. What else is there for you?

Have seen a lot of guys, they are really good. But the outcome of chasing girls is really miserable. They treated girls sincerely, and finally they have not been accepted.

What is the problem? Today, Sister AI wants to share with boys some of mistakes they usually made when chasing girls. Boys must pay attention to them!


Too nice for girls from the beginning

Being too nice to the girl in the first place, striving to give her all your passion, desperately trying to prove how much you love her, might actually scare her.

The relationship should be gradual and more intense, and being too nice to a girl at the beginning is like showing all the cards at once, which will make her lose the freshness and put yourself in a dilemma.

If she accepts your good way to her, she will have higher expectations for you in the future. One day, if you can’t do it, she will be very disappointed, and you will feel that she is too greedy and demanding.


Too much to please her

Lose yourself like a clown

What is unattainable is always in turmoil, and what is favored is emboldened.

Pleasing her in a relationship and pandering to her like a clown with 360 degrees no dead angle will lose you. It can also make her think you’re dispensable, even inferior.

How can anyone fall in love with you if you don’t respect yourself or love yourself?

Especially for many girls, they want to look for the shining stars in the crowd, which they could admire, rather than the audience who will only catch up with her behind.

She may be touched by what you give, but the emotion that comes in return is not love!


Too emotional when chasing girls

To like a someone is to be easily swayed by her emotions, but many boys are overly emotional when chasing girls.

The girl once did not reply to the message, his mentality would break down. He could not help but secretly speculate, is it me which sentence said wrong, is it she hates me, did I give up?

The pursuit of a girl takes time and effort, and there are inevitably twists and turns in the process.

If you are too impatient and emotional, you will be influenced by your emotions, and then you will do something that is not conducive to the promotion of bilateral relations.

What you should do is not to care too much about the result, just do it bravely, move her with your sincerity, and don’t give up lightly.


Emotional kidnapping

Some boys will have a strange mentality, thinking that if I’m after you, you should promise me. I’ve been so good to you, how can you refuse me?

It can’t be helped, sometimes feelings are unreasonable. Your sincere pay and selfless dedication, may just not compare to a smile from someone she likes. 

Love is consensual. You are willing to pay and the other is willing to accept!

If other people don’t like you, you should also respect her idea. After all, it’s hard to refuse a person you don’t like. She may be in various tangles so as to how can minimize the harm to you!


Don’t show yourself properly

In fact, chasing a girl is very simple. It’s just to show yourself to her and let her be moved by your merits and charm. And then like you, and stay with you.

But some boys just don’t know how to show themselves properly.  Sometimes they are too introverted and can’t relax in front of girls. They desperately want to a transparent person and couldn’t be found.

They only pay silently, send flowers, gifts and food, doing a lot of things.

Finally, he moved himself, but the girl even don’t know who he is!

Boys, on the other hand, are the other extreme, too showy and overly flamboyant in situations where girls are present.

For example, in order to show his good figure, they flirt with their clothes and show off their muscles when girls pass by, which makes the girl feel that boys are a little naive.

So behave when it’s time to behave, but just don’t overdo it.
There are so many people in the world, and there is no universal way to go after a girl.

Sister AI just has summed up some mistakes that boys often make for your reference.

If someone has successfully tracked down her favorite God / Goddess because of reading my article, that’s what I wants to see most.

In fact, liking someone is a very happy thing.

If we can be together, of course, it’s better, but if we couldn’t stay together finally, maybe it’s fate.

No matter what, I have tried and paid, and there is no regret, right?