I have a friend by me side. Before falling in love, she was a very innocent girl.

It’s just that when she see the exposed pictures on the website, she would blush and heartbeat for a long time. When we tell a little “story” in front of her, she’s too shy to listen.

I don’t expect that she has changed greatly after having a boyfriend.

She Starts to send various small Yellow emojis in the Wechat group. When we discusses related topics, she also begins to actively discuss with us.

She told us that in the past, she really felt that things between men and women were very boring. She couldn’t understand why some people were so interested.

She even secretly doubted whether she had frigidity, but after meeting her current boyfriend she knew what it was.

She thinks that her boyfriend is very handsome, also in good shape. She is very greedy for the feeling of being with him.

Some time ago, they didn’t see each other for a long time because of the epidemic but her boyfriend sent his abdominal muscle photos on Wechat moment frequently,

Causing her crazy fantasy every day. She couldn’t bear to hold her boyfriend down to do something secret…

My friend said she used to laugh that men are animals thinking about with their lower bodies. However, she never thought that girls would be so greedy for their boyfriend’s body!

So, do you know how greedy girls can be for their boyfriends? After reading this series of illustrations, you will understand…


When he is working hard or reading a book, 

she will jump on him,

like a bullying female president,

slowly approach him, 

pull off his tie 

and tease him.

He looks helpless(actually he enjoys it very much) and shy.


What a beautiful moon tonight,

Then don’t let it down.

I want to hug you with all my strength,

Kiss every inch of your skin,

Explore another way to be happy with you.


She pretends to be in a hurry and tells him:


What should I do if I forget a very important thing?

And then when he’s confused,

Kiss him directly

Tell him

That’s it.


Your mouth is so dry!

I have lipstick. Do you want it?

All right!

Then close your eyes,

Let me paint it for you.

Well, your lipstick is delicious,

It’s the smell of spring,

I want to take another big bite


The night is to sleep with people you like

Resting on his arm

Lying on his chest

Listening to his breathing

He’s the best heater, the most comfortable pillow

Hopefully, time will pass a little slower.

So we can spend more time together

The best love is to have you at bedtime

Wake up and kiss you


The longer you fall in love,

The deeper the desire for him.

Want to wear the sexiest clothes,

Attract him,

Let him indulge in your arms,

try to stop but cannot.


When I want to get close to you,

Do you happen to be thinking about me, too?

Your existence is the biggest philter,

Let me can’t help with it.

You are in my eyes and in my heart,

All because of you.


I can’t help approaching you when walking on the road.

Can’t we use the same scarf together?

Will you read my little mind?

Those sweetness and heartwarming.


Would you like some strawberries? 

It’s said that the best strawberry grows in 37 degree soil!

When you kiss me,
you can’t help but feel the heat and throb in your heart.

I want to sink with you in lust.


Sometimes there’s an illusion:

I’m like the goblin in the Journey to the West

If you see him, you can’t be greedy,

Try to eat him.

The difference is

I can eat when I want to.

Doesn’t liking a man make you crave his body?

Couldn’t wait to hang on to him every day, kiss and hug and be held by him up high, and do more and more intimate things.

It has been said that it is easy to get a man, but it is not easy to get a man’s heart.

But I am an adult, I am more greedy, I want his people and heart at the same time.

It’s just because of him, and only in front of him, that I am willing to put down the disguise and be frank with my heart and my desire.