Last night, a reader sent me some screenshots of chat records, which turned out to be a fight with his girlfriend.

The boy said that the two of them had a good dinner the day before yesterday. However, when they chatted before going to bed, the girl was in low spirit and not speak very well.

He sensed something was wrong and asked if the girl was angry, and the girl kept saying no, but the cold tone + the very short words + the lack of cute expression packets + the period at the end of each sentence… all manner of expressions, properly betrayed her.

The boy couldn’t help but begin to reflect on what he had said and done wrong, but he couldn’t come to the conclusion even after thinking about it.

Afterwards…he just said something like, “Baby don’t be mad, you have to go to work tomorrow, have a good sleep,” or something like that.

The girl never replied.

The boy sent another message in the next morning, only to find that he had been blacklisted.

The boy hurriedly called, apologized, coaxed, and spent most of the day, finally let the girl happy again.

But the boy felt a little tired.

He told me that his girlfriend is always like this. She gets angry for no reason. When she gets angry, she doesn’t say why. Besides, she also likes to fight a cold war.

It really wasn’t that he wasn’t in love anymore, he just felt a little annoyed. If they always in this pattern to get along, he doesn’t know if he wants to break up.

The boy finally told me: “Sister AI, I feel that many of your previous articles are written from the perspective of girls. This time, can you write from the perspective of boys? I really hope that girls can understand our boys a little more in love!”

(Here, Sister AI can’t help saying something out of the question: when I shared some content before, many people said that I must be a man!)

Actually, Sister Eyre is a woman. I know the thoughts of girls better. On the emotional issues, girls are often more delicate than boys, and they are more willing to share their stories. As for boys, who have more ideas, or what you want to see can also share with me.

Sister AI has always felt that love is a matter of two people. It needs two people to work together to operate. Without the efforts of either party, it is not possible.

For some reason, boys really want girls to understand:


Boys are human

They will feel tired and vulnerable, too

In today’s society, boys and girls are facing great competition and pressure. Especially boys, society has given them higher requirements.

Many boys will face a contradiction: if they don’t work hard, they can’t give the girl the life she want; but if they work hard, they can’t take good care of his girfriend.

Boys will also feel a lot of pressure. Work is very boring and life is a bit of a breakdown. But most of the boys will not show it. In front of the girl, he wants to be her dependence and her bearing.

So, understand them more, love them more, and give them a warm hug, or say a few warm words when they accidentally show their vulnerability, and stay with him quietly!


Boys need face, too. If they take the initiative for a long time, they will be tired

In a close relationship, it’s common to have a quarrel. After the quarrel, who apologizes and begs for peace first?

Some girls will think it must be boys! No matter what reason, boys should apologize first, after all, I am a proud little princess! You should coax me!

However, girls must not forget that boys also need face. 

After your quarrel, he tries to persuade and coax you patiently. The reason is not he thinks he is wrong, but he don’t want to lose you.

But if they always in positive position, they will feel unbalanced.

So, girls should also learn to apologize, especially when it’s obvious that your own problems, don’t mess around. When the other side gives a step, just jump down.

Don’t be a hard-headed person who wins face and loses feelings in the end.


Boys also need private space

Men and women in the infatuation period all want to stick together all the time, but after the infatuation period, they need to return to the normal life. No matter men and women should  have their own independent communication circle.

Boys also need their own independent space, so girls should never stick to boys all the time.

He doesn’t reply to you in a second and you begin to woolgather. You may think: why doesn’t he reply to my messages? Does someone squeeze his hand? Is it the paralysis of alcohol or the beauty of the sister? Is it a gaming obsession or a charming first love?

He wants to play games with his friends while you pull him to watch Korean dramas,

When he says he wants to be quiet, you get angry and say: “are you tired of me?”

Zhihu has a question: what does a girl do to make her boyfriend happy? The best answer is: give him 2 hours a day alone.

Give him some personal space and let your feelings breathe more freely.


If there’s a problem, say it. Don’t let him keep guessing

Many girls like to let the boys guess her mind. The person they want to find has a close relationship with her. Needless to say, he knows what she is thinking. Only in this way can prove that boys understand her and love her.

She doesn’t say what gift she wanted, but when the gift can’t meet her expectations, she will get angry.

When the boy do or say the wrong thing, she doesn’t speak directly, waiting for his self reflection.

But, sisters, don’t you really know what a woman’s heart needle is?
No one really knows what you’re thinking.

And wouldn’t you be afraid if he could see your every thought and all your secrets clearly?

So, don’t let him guess all the time. If there is any problem, just say it. It will reduce the contradiction by half.


Don’t make trouble deliberately

It’s no big deal for a girl to play a small role, and it’s also an adjustment of the relationship between lovers, but no one can stand it too much.

You feel that you are superior, demanding too much, thinking too much, and let boys do this and that. You are not satisfied at last. It’s more difficult than Party A’s father. Your rule of life is: I don’t care, you should listen to me anyway!

This kind of behavior really annoys boys.

Boys want to be happy when they fall in love. Few people want to find a leader to torture them.

Keep in mind that small works will be happy and big works will break up.


Love has different ways of expression, he may not love you the way you want him to

Many girls have no opinions, especially superstitious to others.

Hear others boast of their boyfriend, birthday presents are very expensive, from time to time a little bit of small sentiment, a little bit of big surprise you can’t help feeling sad. You don’t think your boyfriend can do it. Don’t he love you?

After reading some articles like “boys love you or not, just look at the details” and try to find evidence that they like or dislike you.

To be honest, Sister AI will also write some articles like this, but you should always remember that most of the time we are talking about most of the situations.

There are so many people in the world, different cultural backgrounds, different living habits, different ideas, how can you include all people in one article?

Every couple has their own way of getting along with each other. Love also has different ways of expression. Some people are romantic and like a person who can’t wait for the world to know that sending flowers, buying bags and holding high in the street.

Some people are too shy to express themselves. They don’t have so many thoughts and don’t like to say sweet words, but they will treat you steadfastly. The salary card is given to you. You can satisfy everything you want and take care of you carefully. He didn’t say that I love you, but his love is hidden in every little thing

If a person loves you or not, you should know best.

But don’t live only in your own ideal and other people’s eyes. Maybe he doesn’t love you the way you want, but his love is just as precious and meaningful!

Emotional management requires the joint efforts of two people. What depends on one person’s hard work is not love, but obsession.

Men and women do have great differences, so when they are in love, conflicts and problems often emerge in endlessly.

But Sister AI believes that as long as we have the determination and wisdom to get along with each other, we can eliminate these contradictions and go on happily.