Recently, I read a sentence like this: so what’s wrong with the bed’s joy? It means to love you every step of the way, starting from undressing. I will give you all my love.

It’s very high and violent, isn’t it?

For many girls, such intimate behavior for the first time is bound to extraordinary significance.

I remember when I was a student, I don’t know where the saying comes from, that is, if a girl has  her first time, it can be seen from her walking posture and eyebrows.

Of course, it turns out that this is nonsense.

But it is undeniable that after the first time, girls will have some changes, not only physical, but also psychological.

Sister AI has interviewed some girl friends and wants to talk with you.


@14 Na, 28 years old

In fact, when I was in college, I always paid special attention to this matter. At that time, the atmosphere around us seemed to be the same. I felt that it was a shame for girls to have sexual behavior before marriage.

Although I have also had a love affair, I am also ignorant, just have some good feelings for him.

We were limited to holding hands, hugging, and I would sternly refuse any kiss he wanted, and then less than two months later, we broke up.

After going to work, everyone seemed to open up a lot about this matter. Many former friends and classmates also chose to live together with their boyfriend before marriage.

If I haven’t had any experience in my 20s, it seems that it has become a very strange thing.

Then, I met my boyfriend last year. After a few months together, we had a natural relationship.

Before it happened, I was still very nervous, very tangled, very nervous, but after it happened, I was like a big stone half landed, there was a kind of unspeakable calm.

Because, I suddenly fell, in fact, that is the same thing.
There is no need to tangle so much, as long as the man is the person you like, as long as you are willing when it happens, it’s OK.

As for the future, even if it is a break-up, there is nothing to regret.


@Gray fly , 25 years old

After the first time, I felt like opening a box hidden deep in my character, which made me find another side of myself…

Before this thing was very shy,  and I also don’t think doing this has any meaning.

But after the first time, the scale became so big that I secretly learnt many postures. Now I am a proper big dirty master.

The body also becomes very sensitive to his touch.

My boyfriend is right: I don’t say yes in my mouth, my body will…


@TNT Su, 22 years old

After being with my boyfriend, I met a lot of friends. They would praise me. They think I have become very gentle recently.

They also joke that my peach blossom face and my improved skin.

In fact, I don’t know if it’s because of love, or if I’ve changed my skin care products and had a good rest at that time, but it’s true that acne is easy to appear on my face before and the situation is much better.

I used to dress in a neutral style and like the feeling of cool. Now I also like long skirts, bottomed socks, small heels and more feminine dressing.

I feel more and more love for him after I am with him.

It was as if the heart that had been drifting around before had suddenly fallen into place, and I wanted to stay with him until it was all gone.


@Shanshan Laiya, 23 years old

I don’t think there’s anything wrong doing what I like with the person I love. After being together, the two people become closer and the relationship is much more stable than before.

Sometimes, there are some small conflicts and frictions between the two people, which will be solved overnight. It is simple, convenient and do not hurt our feelings.

However, there are always a few days a month, I feel a little flustered.

Although we have done contraceptive measures all the time, we are always afraid. In case of an accident, we are not ready to get married and raise a child.

My aunt has not been very punctual. I never cared before.

Since we are together, every month the aunt may come that few days, I am worried.

I wish I could repost Koi fish and bless my aunt to come soon.


@A grain of rice for a young girl of vitality, 24 years old

It was depressing after the first time, and before it started, with a bit of curiosity, shyness, and a bit of anticipation.

It turned out that meeting that person, only a few minutes, felt like it was over before it even started and really felt like a big loss.

After that, I was quietly looking for reasons for breaking up.

My life has been so ordinary, but when I meet you, my heart is full of emotions.

Our whole life is made up of countless important firsts.

But a meeting with you is the most brilliant chapter.

Some people say that people had better not miss two things: the last car to go home, and a person who loves you deeply.

If you meet that man, don’t lose him easily.

It’s better to watch spring water together, listen to tide, and share a round of autumn moon.