I often see many fans leave messages asking me:

How to judge whether two people are really suitable? Should I be with him or not?

Many people have been faced with such a choice. Should they look for someone similar to their own personality or complementary? Which is more suitable?

In fact, there is no absolute quantitative standard for the so-called fitness. After all, there are individual differences between people and people themselves, as well as their cognition and values of things.

Faced with the same thing, one person may think it’s a big deal, and another person may think it’s nothing.

These differences can cause us to unintentionally do a lot of things that make each other feel uncomfortable, and one day it will erupt into inevitable arguments and quarrels.

A lot of lovers are like this. They used to love each other very much. But after a long time, when t some conflicts occur, they can’t help wondering: are we really suitable? Should we break up?

Many people say that whether two people are not suitable for each other, it depends on whether they have the same views.

What on earth is the agreement of three views? I think, if you have these kinds of manifestations when you get along, then you can say that you are not looking for the wrong person. Check it out!


You feel at ease with him around

Xiao xi broke up with her ex-boyfriend because of a very simple thing.

On that day, Xiao xi was on her menstrual cycle and her belly was really sore. However, friends of her ex-boyfriend asked him to play basketball. So he asked Xiao xi if he could go out. Xiao xi said at that time, “go if you want.”

Her ex-boyfriend just left!

Then Xiaoxi was very angry and couldn’t help saying goodbye the next day.
Her ex- boyfriend was also very sincere to ask: I really don’t know what you girls think? Can’t you let me play when your are in menstrual period? What can I do with you? Can’t I suffer for you?

Ha ha, no wonder such a boy has become an ex-boyfriend.

In fact, when we fall in love, most of the time it’s not for money, not for someone to help you cook, not to help you clean your room.

The most important thing in love is emotional value. It’s being with you that makes me happy, warm and at ease.

When you’re lonely, when you’re hurting, when you’re sad, you may not be able to help solve the problem, but you’re giving the other person the warmest companionship, and that companionship is the most valuable thing, and the most important value of a relationship.

He will let us know that the world is so big, but we are not alone in the fight, and there will always be people behind us. This peace of mind is irreplaceable.


In front of each other, you can be yourself

You believe in each other, you can’t help but let go of yourself and show your unknown side.

In other people’s eyes, she is seen as a new woman who is independent and confident, but in front of you she is like a child who has not grown up, who will cry and laugh over a brainless idol drama, who will spend half the day with you because she wants to eat ice cream.

He is a rational and cold man in other people’s eyes, but you know that he can’t help shouting when he sees cockroaches, and he will feel sad when he sees the old woman who is still selling vegetables at the roadside in the middle of the night.

You know the secrets in each other’s hearts and keep them for each other. You will be careful to protect the real and some vulnerable children in each other’s hearts.

As for his huge contrast between being in front of you and being in front of the other person, you will feel especially cute and adorable.


A lot of crap together

There is always something that two people can talk about. You don’t need to think about the topic deliberately. You can talk about whatever you see.
Even if sometimes there is no topic, you can send an emoji. Sometimes, you can play it for half a day. Childish like two primary school students.

Your chat has no purpose, no direction, so much back and forth, but in a few words can be summarized: “I miss you.” “I love you.” “I care about you.”

In fact, a kind of happiness in the world is that there is a person who talks a lot of nonsense to you.

It’s good to have a casual, pleasant and relaxed chat together.


Always interested in him

He is not so handsome, you are not so beautiful, you are ordinary people.

But in the eyes of him, your smile can arouse his interest.

Your heart will move, your mind will be nervous. Hormone flushes.

He wants to hold your hands, give you a hug, kiss you, close to you, do intimate things with you.


Quarrel without revenge

When two people are together, there are always differences and quarrels.

But no matter how angry we are, we will hold back the most hurtful words.

Even if you know that, you win.

Because we know that we can lose this fight, but we can’t lose each other.

We cry, laugh, quarrel and quarrel, but we will make up in the end.

We never really remember hatred, we remember love.

Moreover, two people can love each other and kill each other, laugh at each other and make fun of each other. You laugh at his short legs and he calls you fat grandma. But if someone dares to offend you a little, he will be even angrier than you, and he will definitely punish that person.


You don’t feel bored with him

Life is plain, but with him, you don’t feel bored.

Because you always have many interesting things to do. When you play, he is the best playmate and the best toy.

Sometimes there is a quietness to do one’s own thing, and a certain joy in your hearts.

No embarrassment, no repression, one inch of joy in motion, one minute of peace in silence.

In fact, the easiest way to judge whether two people are right or not is to see if you have more laughter than tears in this relationship.

Love is not enough for us to accommodate each other without bottom line. It is most important for two people to find a comfortable mode to get along.

The only way to get along without getting tired of each other is to have a spiritual fit, and to occasionally inflict on each other and kill each other without really affecting the relationship between the two people.

After all, I have confirmed that we are in the same way.

For such a man / girl, it’s better not to let me meet, otherwise, I’ll see her once and love her once.