When many couples are together at the beginning, they have a lot of good hopes for their cohabitation.

Especially for many boys, cohabitation means that they don’t have to go to see her after work for half an hour, stay together for 2 hours, and then go home by car for half an hour;

There is no need to say good night through mobile phone every day or listen to the breathing sound in the other party’s mobile phone to sleep;

You can save a share of the rent. If you work late, someone will be waiting for you at home;

On the weekend, you have someone to stay in bed with, to play games together, to watch variety shows together and to complain someone or something. What’s more, when you want to hug her, you just need to turn around.

Most importantly, you can do whatever you want … That’s what you think!

However, experienced people will understand that cohabitation is not as good as they think, but rather dangerous!

Boys must have a look first!


Living together will break your imagination

When we are in love, we will try our best to maintain our perfect image, but cohabitation will tear down all the beautiful decorations, so that you can see the naked reality and break all your fantasies about fairies.

You will be surprised to find that girls do not wash their hair every day, girls also have foot odor, girls may snore and girl’s home can be so messy!

Originally, you wanted to find a diligent girlfriend to take care of your life, but you realize that  you have found a little princess.

In the future, you need to wash one’s clothes, cook one’s meals, and be assigned to do all kinds of housework. If you don’t do well, you will be disgusted!


Living together = a quick pig manual

When you just live together, you feel that it was warm and sweet to cook and wash dishes together.

It’s a pity that after a long time, you would think cooking is tiring, washing bowls is troublesome, and the food is not delicious! It’s still good to order takeout!

And when two people eat together, it’s better than one. Eating while chatting, or eating snacks while watching TV, unconsciously you will eat a lot more.

Hold the mentality of getting of fat together, two people’s weight will soar.

Lose weight or something, it is possible to succeed!

They say they want to lose weight. They are well prepared for body fat scale, sports clothes and fitness cards, but they never last for a week.

The two people who fail will comfort each other. Anyway, neither of us dislikes the other. Forget it! No more!


Living together can hurt you
Cohabitation is very physical, which is the consensus of every experienced man.

A lot of once strong and strong spirited guys can’t help crying out after cohabitation: can’t stand it, can’t do it!

Cough… It’s not the reason you think, oh no, it’s not all the reason you think.

It’s mainly because it’s really hard to sleep with your girlfriend at night. You can’t move for half a day. You can’t lift my arm the next morning!

If you don’t hold her, she will be angry: what do you mean? Are you tired now? Do you dislike me? Don’t you love me anymore? Do you have another dog?

When your girlfriend is angry, the consequence is very serious. Before cohabitation she is shield your Wechat, ignore you, now she asks you to kneel keyboard, instant noodles or durian.

That picture, heard of people sad, see the tears. The taste, who really taste who know.


Living together makes you lose your space

Once upon a time, you thought that the 45 flat one bedroom one hall was spacious enough to roll inside and back and forth.

But with a girlfriend, you suddenly find the place is too narrow! There are so many things for girls!

There are many things, such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, bags, kitchenware and oilet articles. The door is full of shoes. The table is full of small objects. You will encounter something if you are not careful
——But in every season she always says she has no clothes, shoes or bags……

What’s more! Her hair is in all corners of the room! Hair! Hair!

And your things can only be pitifully placed in the corner. Often you can’t find it.

Besides, your girlfriend will also throw away your broken socks with one toe, your worn underpants for many years, and the rags with history.

You have to spend more time “taming” your new socks, new underwear.


Cohabitation is a struggle

An important part of living together is quarreling.

All the strange reasons may make you quarrel. For example, in the morning, she occupied the toilet and couldn’t come out. In the evening, you didn’t wash the dishes after dinner. The TV time you wanted to watch collided. It was too ugly to cut your nails for you. It was so loud that she went to sleep……

Over time, you’ve learned to roll dice, rock scissors, or guess boxing in the face of a fight.

Even if you quarrel, don’t worry. Anyway, there is no contradiction that can’t be solved once and for a week.


After cohabitation, you can’t stand the loneliness of being single any more

Many people say they can’t get used to sleeping alone after cohabiting.

When two people are together, she may think that his snoring is too noisy. She always grabs the quilt and kicks him. But occasionally when the other person is not around, she feels the empty bed in her sleep, and still wakes up. There is an unspeakable loneliness.

It turns out that with TA around you, you will sleep more steadfastly.

I once heard a little story. One boy went to see his girlfriend’s parents during the Spring Festival. His girlfriend’s mother arranged him to sleep in a room with her brother.

As a result, when he fell asleep, he subconsciously turned over and hugged her brother. He also touched two times. Later, he felt that his hand was not right. He woke up in a flash and was afraid to sleep again.

Cohabitation is a magnifying glass, which can show the most real side of two people.

In such a close distance, no matter how hard we try to disguise ourselves, it doesn’t make sense. Those shortcomings, regrets, shortcomings, lowliness and selfishness will always be clearly displayed in front of each other.

But just like others say: real heroism is to see the truth of life and still love life.

Real love is to see mutual shortcomings, still love TA as before.