What is the best way for a man to get along?

There should be a lot of people whose answer is: tune into vibrational mode with someone you like!
In addition, these moments when two people are together are really cool!


You’re playing, he’s laughing.

By his side,

You can always be yourself.

He will tolerate your little temper,

Give you countless gentleness.

Those blushes and heartbeats,

Those ambiguous and clear pictures,

It’s also evidence that he loves you.


Sunshine for you, and morning for you,

It’s lucky to sleep with you.

It’s a great happiness to wake up with you every day.

He has morning temperament,

He often falls in bed and plays coquettish childishly,

But in your warm and affectionate sight

He can’t help laughing quietly.


The best endorsement I can think of for happiness,

Just having you around.

Since he was with you,

He was never afraid of being alone again.

Chat with you, eat, sleep, go shopping, play games, watch movies,

All the common things are so interesting.

Time has become tender,

It’s like adding a magic idol filter.

It’s fun to brush teeth with you.

Only hope:

For the rest of his life, year after year, year after year, year after year,

It’s all about you.


You are his armor and his weakness,

You are the driving force for him to fight every day.

When tired, as long as you have a naughty smile,

Or a warm hug,

He will feel instantly full of power.


You often find it strange,

Why is his photography so poor?

He always make you so ugly.

What’s worse,

He’ll often secretly take pictures of you,

When you look mad and angry.

He things it is funny.

At the same time, he will be aggrieved: I do not make it ugly.

What you don’t know:

He’s seen all the ugliest and truest of you,

But in his eyes, you look good no matter what.


He’s bad sometimes,

I mean to make you angry.

When he finds you are really angry,

He will come and coax you.

You say he is a straight man, and has no desire for life.

You don’t know how much he likes to tease you,

Looking at your angry look, he thinks you are very cute,

He knows: you’ve never really been angry with him.


You don’t expect that:

It seems that such a strong boy would be afraid to watch horror movies,

But, because you like it, he is willing to accompany you.

See the chilling picture,

He’s so nervous that he can’t move.

He is so cute,

It’s 100 times more interesting than horror movies.


You have a cat and a dog.

He says the dog is him and the cat is you.

There’s no way to stay together,

Just let the dog stay with you,

It’s like he’s there for you.

He’s a fool,

Even if there’s no way to meet and hug,

But your hearts have never been apart, have they?


When meeting you, he wants to hug you tightly.

Feel the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest,

Listen to the clear heartbeat,

You feel very relieved,

Just being in his arms all day wouldn’t be boring.

He’s the sun, he’s the air, he’s the butter on the bread,

And he is indispensable in life.


It’s complicated to like someone,

But it can also be so simple.

It’s you around,

Just fine.

Just want to spend time with you.

Often feel that the time together is too short,

Not enough hugs, not enough kisses,

Just want to be closer to you,


Time together is slower,

More slowly.

I’m so glad,

I can meet the right person at the right time.

When I open my arms,

You ran to me.

If my happiness is smoke, your existence is fire,

You are my little lucky.

I can think of the best way to get along is to be at ease with you.

Accept each other, trust each other and rely on each other,

Share sweetness and pain.

You are my voyage,

I’m a little planet around you

You are my heart pounding, and my love life.

Just have you is good.