Every once in a while, a similar discussion occurs online:

My boyfriend’s monthly salary is 3000 yuan. Can we still stay together?

Many people are saying that people with a monthly salary of 3000 yuan are not worthy of falling in love.

And many examples are given, saying that such a boy is either lazy or unwilling to fight, so his salary is low; he is either stupid or has no self-knowledge of his ability; he may also have poor family environment and need to fill in all kinds of holes.

In short, with them, there is no hope for the future, and it will be very miserable.

Coincidentally, Sister AI once had several girls who had been in love with boys with a monthly salary of 3000.

In fact, they say that when the monthly salary is 3000, it can be very sweet to fall in love.

I’d like to know how do they live.


@When rose is yellow

When I just graduated, my boyfriend and I were very poor. It was not easy to find an internship job. His monthly salary was only 3500, and I was even more miserable, only 2800 one month.

However, at that time, I felt very happy when we were together.

We usually can’t afford to eat too much delicious food, but we agreed to have a big meal every month when we get paid.

We also found a lot of money saving and fun dating methods.

For example, in the early morning of a weekend, we went to the surrounding areas by bike. When we went to some small roads, we will compete with each other. The winner can ask the loser to do a small thing for him.

Went to the museum, especially in summer, it was super cool inside and can learn a lot.

We often went to snack street. It didn’t take much to get full.

Now we have been married for half a year, and the monthly salary of us adds up to 18000.

Last year, we took out a loan to buy a house and need to pay back 5k a month. Besides, we have not paid back the twenty thousand yuan we borrowed from a friend.

Sometimes I envy those girls who find rich boyfriends. They can dress up beautifully every day and never have to spend half a day struggling to buy their favorite bag.

However, thinking of the whole process, I feel like our relationship process has left me great sweetness.

Moreover, I can be very proud to say that all I have now is my own hard work.

We have experienced such a poor life, but we have not been defeated. No matter what happens in the future, I am confident to solve it.

I have never regretted it.


@Xi Dasheng

I broke up with the guy who had a monthly salary of 3000.

But the reason was not about money.

At that time, though very poor, life was also very sweet.

I cooked at that time. He was responsible for eating and then washed the dishes.

The most common thing we did was to go to the small park nearby after dinner. Our life was peace and happy just like an old couple hand in hand to the white head.

In winter, there was no heating in the house we lived. I couldn’t bear the cold weather, so he bought me a warm water bag to warm my quilt, and then helped me soak my feet every day.

On weekends, we often chose a random bus route, took a circle, and then come back. It was relaxing to listen to the music together.

Sometimes we would pass a very high-end community, he was very forthright to say: wait, after I get rich, I will buy you a house here!

Then we started daydreaming together, discussing what kind of car to buy, how many nannies to hire, what kind of furniture to buy, and then both of us laughed like fools.

Later, although we separated, thinking of our love time, I only have gratitude.

Thank him for spending that time with me, accompany me from naive to mature. Grow as I wish.

Thanks for the warmth and love he has given me, let me know how to be really good to a person.

Many people are saying that no relationship can go far without material things.
I never deny the importance of money.

But love, in fact, sometimes is very simple, very simple. It’s just about two loving hearts.

Love itself, is not the richer the sweeter.

I sincerely hope that we can find a worthy person, from the monthly salary of 3000 to the annual salary of millions.