A lot of girls in relationships like to look for someone who is more mature than themselves, or has experience in relationships.

Because they feel that mature guys can better understand what the girl is thinking, he can handle those loving tricks, the topics you interest he can easily understand
And mature boys are better at taking care of girls, some girls enjoy this feeling.


Miss Men always believes that don’t fall in love with a boy who does not have experience.

She said, for relationship, one generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation rests.

The boys with a few experience don’t know what it means to be in a relationship, too boring.

And because of his young age, it’s not easy to appreciate, and he always feels like there’s something better waiting for him.

When you’re done, he turns around and runs off with someone else, and coaxes another girl the way you taught him.
Miss Men would think that way entirely because of her true experience.
Dream and her ex-boyfriend were in college together and both were first loves.
In nearly two years together, the boy from a nerd becomes to a boy who can know girls very well.
Then the guy cheated on a schoolmate from the next department.
When miss Men saw their chat recording, she feels very angry because all ways he used are told by Men.
since then, Miss Men made up her mind that she would never be in a relationship with a boy with little emotional experience again.


A while ago I heard that Xiao Meng was in love again, and she posted some very sweet chats in the group every day, and shared with us little snippets of the two people in love.

The boy was a few years older than Xiaomeng, and was particularly mature and interesting, and the two of them chatted, and Xiaomeng often laughed at him because he always found ways to praise Xiaomeng.

The boy is also particularly sweet, is the kind of eating out together will help you pull the stool, when you walk together, he will let you walk in the road, when you said a new movie is good, he bought a couple seat, small dream with him to talk about the things encountered at work, he will also be particularly patient to listen to her, then encourage her, tell jokes to make her happy.

It’s all small details when it’s all said and done, but it’s really easy for a girl to be impressed by that.

We were all so happy for Dream and felt that she had found the right person for her.

However, it was only a few days ago that I heard that Xiao Meng had separated from him, and it turned out that this man had a family in the first place, and he only took Xiao Meng as a lover, or one.

His WeChat has a grouping full of young dream-like girls, and in order not to get confused, he’ll even add notes to each one thoughtfully.

Mature men have been in love for a long time and are well versed in the ways and rules of relationship between men and women, and the small details that you think they are attentive to may actually be just the bait they usually sow for fishing.

You think you’re relaxed and happy with him, but you don’t realize that he’s just programmed to do that to you.

He doesn’t love you at all. He just wants a little fresh with you.


Hee is a girl who is inerested in older man.

She is beautiful since she was a young girl.  a lot of suitors around her, but she has no interest in the same age boys.
Then at the age of 20, she met a man she loves, 27, who treated her better than even she could have imagined.

While boys of the same age would coldly abandon their girlfriends for playing games, this man would take her for a ride when she was depressed.

While boys of the same age can’t give her a delicate gift on a date, this man can often take her to a fancy restaurant for a big meal.

When Hee was so immersed in such romantic love, this man took her to a bedroom with a huge bed covered by flowers, she agreed to have sex with him
But as a result, since that day, this man began to become very busy, reply her very slowly, and the tone of voice went from patient to impatient.

After a long time, Xiao Xi finally reacted and it turned out that she had been cheated.

A lot of girls love older men, because they are mature and experienced, feels like the old wine.
But maturity is a double-edged sword, and when he loves you, there are ways to make you happy.

When he doesn’t love you, he can be cold enough to let you want to break up initiatively.
I advise girls that do not try to fall in love for the first time with a man who has lots of experience.

Because you can’t tell if their deep affection is just perfunctory, how much of their love is true.

If you don’t hold it well enough, your maturity will become a deadly poison, leaving you injured and unable to speak.

If you’re not sure you can get away with it in one piece, don’t challenge it at will!