In the eyes of many people, girls are always more obsessed with feelings, while boys are much more relaxed about feelings.
 it seems normal that devoted woman matches a playboy.

 Girls will value their feelings very much. Most of the selfless dedication is from girls.
 And boys are more realistic. In their hearts, career, success, responsibility … there are always more important things than love.
 When facing of breaking up, girls will not be able to come out for a long time, insomnia and anxiety, hair loss, sleeplessness, tears and tears from time to time …
 Compared to boys, they are much better. They don’t seem to feel the pain of falling out of love. They always look so breezy.
 Even if he lost the girl he love so much ,it only takes several times to drink outside with his best friends together.
 But, is this really the case?
 Maybe the indifferent man you saw has also been arrogant for love.
 They also experienced the unforgettable love to become what they are now.
 So what’s the difference between a boy’s first and fifth love?

First love:
 When he first determined his relationship, he was insomnia excitedly.
 He thought, great!  I also have a girlfriend!
 He wanted to tell people all over the world, look!  This is my girlfriend!
 He thinks that she is the favorite woman in his life. No other woman can get into his eyes. She is in his heart and she is in his eyes.
 He vowed secretly in his heart that he must treat her well.
 He is frugal, just in order to buy her a better gift on her birthday;
 The girl gave him a small cloth doll. Although he didn’t think he was in line with his masculine temperament, he couldn’t help showing off with his friends, and placed it seriously on the bedside;
 He feels that he has an endless topic with his girlfriend, and he is willing to coax his girlfriend to sleep even if he is sleepy every midnight;
 He thought about it how to please his girlfriend;
 Because the girlfriend said that she wanted to drink milk tea, he will stand in line for a long time in the winter to buy it for her;
 The girlfriend has a cold, he is anxious, afraid and distressed, and every time he goes out, he tells her to wear thicker …
 However, despite his hard work, he often angered his girlfriend.
 He would miss the dating with her because of playing games with good friends.
 He would feel unhappy because his girlfriend wouldn’t let him play games.
 He will feel that she is unreasonable to make trouble because of the girl’s inexplicable little temper. When quarreling, he will put the next sentence: whatever you want!  Just left angrily
 But when he saw his girlfriend was really angry, he would secretly angry with himself , and don’t know how to coax her well …

Fifth love:
 On the day when the relationship was determined, it was no different than usual. He still worked step by step, eating, and sleeping.
 Choosing her is not because of how exciting and unique.  He just thought she was just fit.
 He has learned that no one is irreplaceable, and no one is compulsory.
 He is already familiar with love,

 He began to understand,
Girlfriend ’s birthday gift is her favorite lipstick, bag, and exquisite jewelry, instead of the soap roses, purple glare glass balls on Tao Bao which make the girlfriend move to tears; He has knew about the brand and color of the lipstick.
 When his girlfriend is ill, he will buy her medicine to cook porridge and try to take care of her personally;
 When his girlfriend is angry, he will patiently coax her up, instead of desperately trying to reason with each other, quarreling and cold war endlessly.
 He became more and more proficient in feelings, learned more routines, and more and more knew how to avoid minefields.
 But also found that there is always something missing between each other. He doesn’t know how to truly love someone.

The first breakup:
 When he broke up for the first time, he sent a string of words in the circle of friends, telling his friends over and over again his story, every time he said, he was sad.
 Because of his love affair, he learned to smoke, drink, hide in the corner, let the smoke linger, and choke on his heartache;
 He drunk himself drunk and roared in the dark streets,
 He would like to use alcohol to paralyze his nerves every day, want to hide in the room to sleep forever, do not want to go out to meet people.
 But dignity told him not.
 A few days after the loss, he seemed to be resurrected in full blood, still in a cheerful manner in front of people.
 He goes to class with friends, sings, drinks, and plays. It seems that life is the same as before, nothing is different.
 But only the streets of no one in the middle of the night knew how much his heart hurt.
 He thought he would never fall in love with others again.

Fifth breakup:
 It only took him 5 minutes to accept the fact of breaking up.
 The life was as usual, as if nothing had happened.
 However, he still told his good buddy, let the buddy come out to drink with him, he was still drunk,
 His heart was empty, not sad, he thought, no matter what, he still loved it after all.
 He did not surrender himself, nor did he make himself desperately sad.
 He only occasionally think, where is the person who will really accompany him for a lifetime?
 Bob Dylan wrote in the song “The Answer Waving in the Wind”: “How many roads must a man walk in order to be a real man”.
 How many people must a man meet in order to find the ultimate partner?
 The path of love is not always smooth, and we always stumble all the way to find the right person.
 The boy ’s feeling was a glass of rock sugar water. The first person spilled it. He lifted it up and filled it with water to leave behind. The second person touched again, he still got up, filled it, and left it to the next person …
 Over time, the sugar is getting less and less, and the feelings will be getting weaker and weaker. In the end, finding the right person and living a little bland.
 However, at the beginning of their relationship, they had also loved desperately and paid hard.
 Everyone the boy met later got a glass of water with sugar.