Mo Wenwei sang in the song “He Doesn’t Love Me” like this:
 He doesn’t love me and is too deserted when holding hands
 When hugging, not close enough
 He doesn’t love me, he doesn’t take it seriously
 When silent, too hard
 In feelings, a man may be very disguised, but some subconscious physical reaction will betray him.
 If a man does not love you, he must have these physiological reactions:


No longer want to look at you
 When a man loves you, his eyes are all you.  Even in a crowded crowd, he can easily find out your existence.
 His eyes will always follow you, always pay attention to you, and be ready to take care of you.
 But when he doesn’t love you, it’s a waste to look at you more.
 He will not always look at you with emotions like before, even when his eyes are on you, it is just a slight pause.
 You are no longer attractive to him, he will not even look at you.
 Therefore, he will not pay attention to whether you have a new hair style or a new dress today, and he will not notice whether your new shoes are very beautiful,
 Sometimes you wear too thin to catch cold, as long as you don’t even sneeze at him for a few times, it is too dynamic, he will not lift your eyelids.
 He is no longer willing to follow you.


Consciously distance yourself from your body
 If you carefully observe the walking posture of a pair of men and women on a street, you can clearly see how their true relationship is.
 Like to do everything possible to get closer to you, carefully want to hold your hand tightly.
 If you don’t love, you will deliberately distance yourself from you.
 He will consciously take a few steps, or even walking side by side will pull the distance between two fists.
 He also pretends to be playing with a mobile phone, or avoids the girl’s movement to hold his arm on the grounds that something is in his hand.
 His movements were not large, but he clearly refused.


Unconsciously resist intimacy, perfunctory
 Kissing, hugging, and touching are the most intimate behaviors between couples, and these intimate movements can most reveal a person’s emotions.
 If when you hug her, his muscles in his arms do not feel nervous, or he wants to avoid it by holding it lightly, something has been booked in his heart;
 When you kiss him, he often seems very indifferent or careless, and there must be some changes in your relationship
 When you touch him, he will try to avoid it. You really have to think about how deep his feelings are for you.
 Love is to kiss and hug and do things that both people like.
 I don’t love but I don’t want to suffer.
 If the intimacy between you becomes very rare, don’t believe that he is tired. Recently, he’s under a lot of pressure.
 You know, the man who loves you will always take the initiative to be intimate with you, how can I avoid you?


When you want to see his personal belongings

 He reacted very well
 If you accidentally get his mobile phone, he reacts particularly hard and even snatches it away.

 Couples must give each other enough trust,
 But if you usually trust him enough, you won’t often check posts, turn over his cell phone, and won’t ask him if he has an illegitimate relationship with other girls.
 But he has such a big reaction, then he is likely to fall in love with others, and there are their secrets on the mobile phone that you cannot know.
 The best state of respect between couples should be that one person feels that I don’t care if you play with my cell phone, because I didn’t do anything to sorry you, and I have nothing I can’t show you
 The other party thinks: I believe you have a sense of proportion and will not do bad things, so I will not go back to see your phone.
 If a man has other thoughts, he will be particularly sensitive in these areas. Once you come into contact with items that he may have secrets in, he will overreact.

In fact, many girls are very sensitive, whether she loves you or not, you can naturally feel it.
 It is just that some people choose to deceive themselves, others choose to ignore them, and others choose to continue to wait.
 But, you can never wake a person who pretends to be asleep.
 If his heart has been given to others, any more you give is just a waste.
 It’s better to take a step back and leave yourself some room for rational thinking before deciding whether you still want to take his hand and walk together in the future.