It was only through chatting recently that Xiao Qi broke up with her tall and handsome boyfriend.
 The reason for breaking up is not because of cheating, domestic violence or any major contradiction, but because of a reason that may be very hypocritical.
 That night Xiaoqi had a high fever and sent WeChat to her boyfriend,

 I wanted to get some comfort, but it took a long time to receive the other party’s news: then take a good rest and drink more water.

 Xiao Qi returned a word very depressed: Huh?

 Inner OS: That’s it, this is over?

 There was no echo over there.

 Later, Xiao Qi burned uncomfortably and called the property in the community. The property came up soon,and helped her buy cold medicine.
 Waking up the next day, Xiaoqi saw the picture of her boyfriend in the circle of friends, only to realize that he was going to sing with a friend.

 Xiao Qi decisively broke up with her boyfriend.


 Actually speaking, the boyfriend’s condition is really the top of the boys that Xiao Qi has been with.

 I didn’t quite understand why Xiaoqi would easily break up with such a high-quality man.

 But after she finished speaking, I knew everything.

 People say that there has never been an inexplicable breakup, and all breakups are premeditated.

 Xiaoqi said, I am fed up with his coldness in this relationship.
 Talking about this feeling of love, Xiaoqi said, I don’t think I’m in a relationship, it seems that I just met an unfamiliar boyfriend.

 Xiaoqi usually encountered any problems in her work, and wanted to talk to her boyfriend, who was always absent-minded,

 I would only tell Xiao Qi with some superficial and perfunctory sentences: Don’t think too much, it’s okay, just go to bed early.
 Occasionally, he wanted to go out shopping with him, he didn’t want to go without a few steps,

 He tried on his clothes and asked his opinion. He often said, without looking up, “Okay, okay, and pretty.”

 Xiaoqi worked overtime at home late at night, worried that it would be unsafe for someone to ride in the car, and wanted her boyfriend to pick her up,

 As a result, the boy directly sent a 200 yuan red envelope and said: You have a taxi.

 All the details add up, and Xiao Qi feels that this relationship is too thin and has no meaning in existence.

 Doesn’t the meaning of love mean that two people support each other together, share together, and provide emotional comfort?
 If I was lonely when I was with you than when I was single, what am I trying to do?
 Although you are Gao Fushuai, but I’m not bad, okay?
 Xiaoqi said, I am not in love anymore, so I must stick to your little girl all the time, but you are so cold and so weak in existence, what is the point of falling in love with you?


 Normal people have at least a few points about their boyfriend’s requirements: loyal, responsible and useful.
 Especially the last point.
 In fact, love is very realistic.
 When we modern people fall in love, many times we will not fail to consider some external conditions, such as appearance, height, wealth.
 But again, we pay more attention to some internal things.

Good love is to be a valuable person to each other in a fragmented life where passion has faded.

Pay attention to each other’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, provide sufficient care, accept the other’s emotions, and provide positive and positive couple values.
 Instead of turning a blind eye to everything, under the banner of an old man and his wife, his own sense of existence is brought to the bottom and turned into a shadow of nothingness.
 In short, don’t just work hard on men and women, and try to perform well in your life.

 Wearing clothes can be cold, and stay with the person you like, don’t keep going high.
 A relationship gives us the greatest sense of security, but it is the kind of confidence that can trouble each other at any time.
 Because knowing the other party will not treat these things as trouble, but will willingly help you.
 But if, when the other party asks for your help, you just get your indifference and impatience,
 She will naturally not bother you again.
 But at the same time, you have become a disregard for her.
 Anything that is optional may be thrown away as garbage during the cleaning!