There are really a lot of friends getting married around recently!
 I am a person who likes to attend weddings very much. When I see a pair of happy couples, I am also infected, and I have a lot of expectations for marriage and love.
 Although the wallet is really crying badly.
 At the wedding, many people would coax about the love experience of the bride and groom, and also ask about their first kiss.
 Sister Ai is also very curious and would like to know what it is like to kiss your boyfriend for the first time.
 How will your boyfriend kiss you the first time?


 Boyfriend knows the routine very well.
 We went to the zoo together, and then he scared me and said: Look, that wolf over there!
 I looked over there and found nothing, and turned to prepare to ask him,
 Was kissed.
 So the wolf he said was himself?
 right?  ?  !


 The two of us chatted about the first kiss.
 He said seriously: I bet your first kiss will still be there.
 For the sake of face, I have always said that I am also a female student with a story. Rows of boys chasing me.
 So I was very dissatisfied and stared at him hard: How do you know?
 He smiled cunningly and kissed me directly.
 After that, a sentence came: Well, I now know that your first kiss is gone.


 It’s snowing, he asked me to go out to play.
 He secretly stood behind me and threw a snow on my face.
 I subconsciously closed my eyes to shake the snow off. Then I wanted to turn to hit him.
 As a result, he came to kiss me.
 The snow piled up in my hands didn’t know when it melted, it was cold in one hand.
 But his kiss and his arms are really warm.

 My boyfriend is different. He pretended to feed me something, and then came directly to a wall.
 I was blinded after the separation, but he still seemed calm.
 I dare not look at him shyly, on the one hand I feel so sweet and romantic,
 I can’t help thinking that my boyfriend must be an old driver, maybe he has kissed so many girls.
 It turned out that he knew that he was a particularly shy boy, and had very few love experiences.
 He said he chased many Korean dramas in order to catch me.
 When he kissed me at the time, I was nervous not knowing what to do.
 After the kiss, I can only pretend to be calm, and I’m afraid I will slap him.
 Me, am I so fierce?


 My boyfriend is super romantic!
 At that time we were at the concert site and I was singing along with the music.
 He secretly looked at me, and suddenly turned his head to hold my face with his hand, and then said gently: You are really beautiful.
 I closed my eyes shyly, and he kissed him up.
 The people around us were screaming at us and applauding.
 Suddenly a girl rushed over angrily and said:
 Dead girl, please let go of my husband!
 Zhang Yixing!  Come and kiss me!  I am your wife!
 I was grabbed a handful of hair from her and woke up!
Kissing can definitely account for 30% of the total sugar in love.
 Romantic, passionate, gentle, rude, clumsy, shy, every kiss has a different feeling.
 But it is undoubtedly the most genuine expression of the feelings of the two people.
 Sister Ai sincerely hopes that everyone can kiss your sweetheart and love.