Xiaoxi once made a boyfriend  on the campus when she was young. The boy is very good at speaking sweet words and coaxing.

 However, no long after that, Xiaoxi obviously felt that the boys’ attitude towards her was different and became more perfunctory.

 Later, she accidentally discovered that the boy was still chatting with other girls. What was even more terrifying was that the boy was chatting with his friends about some details of his intimacy with Xiaoxi.

 At that time, besides being sad, Xiaoxi was more disgusted and regretful. She hated why she was so deceived and how she could be with such a person.

 Since then, Xiaoxi has even developed fear and rejection of all boys, and waited until afterwards, after seeing a psychiatrist several times before it eased.

 Some people say that the most ideal love starts with high value face being and loyal to character.

 When two people are together, their faces will grow old, their talents will be obscured by ordinary life, and ultimately what supports two people together must be character.

 Su Cen once said: Don’t just be obsessed with love, character is more important than this.

 And looking at a man’s character, it is enough to see how he behaves in bed.


 See if he will take care of your feelings when you are having sex.

 The intimacy of boys and girls should make both people happy.

 But if a man is only concerned about himself in bed, he only cares about his own enjoyment, regardless of the girl ’s feelings, or knows that the other party does not like some postures and behaviors, but he still does it to make himself happy

 Such men may not know how to respect women and be considerate of others in their lives.

 A man with good attitude will never force you to do something you don’t like. He will care about your feelings, take care of you, and create and enjoy your sweetness with you.

 A person who knows how to take care of you when you are concerned about chaos will also respect you when you are sober.

 The man who will have sex with you seriously will also love you seriously.


 See his attitude before and after having sex 

 Some men will only talk sweetly when they are having sex with you and they will follow you in everything.
After that, he will disappear or pretend to be cold. He will not take the initiative to contact you, do not care about you, and are unwilling to chat with you. He never appears when you need him.

 This kind of man actually just treats you as a tool. He only wants to have sex with you. Women want intimacy based on the premise of love. This scumbag man is not thinking this way.

 Conversely, a man with good sex attitude will feel more intimate with you after having a relationship with you, and will cherish you more, and they will want to be responsible to you.

 They not only want to sleep with you once, but also want to sleep with you for a lifetime.


 See if they are responsible in bed

 Unexpected pregnancy is a very terrible thing for women, so a man with good sex attitude will be responsible for the safety of girls and take good safety measures.

 But there are also some selfish men who are reluctant to take responsibility for contraception, only thinking about being more comfortable, but asking women to take huge risks.

 Such men, women must stay away.


 See if they can respect your privacy

 No girl would want her intimate things with her boyfriend to become chatter and laughter in other populations.

 Especially in this society where the public opinion environment is more severe for girls, telling others the intimate details of girls and even as a show-off capital is really shameless.

 There are also some men who like to take intimate photos or videos with their girlfriends, but they use them as a bargaining chip when they break up or quarrel. Such men must be vigilant.

 The most basic requirement for a man with good sex attitude is to keep things tight on two people’s bed. Those two intimate and pleasant things can be known by them.

 Psychologically, when two people meet naked, they often have the lowest psychological precautions.  Our body is always the most honest, so it is the most true character of a man.

 The sex attitude is also part of the real character of men.

 People with good sex attitude must also be attentive, responsible, respectful of women, and responsible people, while men with bad sex attitude are destined to be selfish and do not understand respect and understanding.

 See all characters for details, how he loves you as he has sex with you.