Singleness is a kind of disease, addictive

is a question: Is it abnormal to be single for a long time?

is a high-vote answer: I don’t know whether it’s because I’m perverted and I’m
single all the time, or because I’m single for a long time so that I’m mad. 
—— @ 午 馬。

don’t know anything else, but girls who have been single for a long time will
have a unique temperament. In the crowd, it is really obvious to distinguish.

are the “abnormal” behaviors of girls who have been single for too
long?  Sister Ai wants to chat with
everyone today.



think too much


a person has a lot of time to be cranky, she will think a lot.

the opposite sex talks to her for several days, she secretly doubts: Does he
like me?  How should I refuse if he
confessed to me?

 The male
god said: are you there?  She can
instantly make up a big drama of sadistic love.

inner drama is rich, and the surface pretend to be calm and peaceful.



Intermittent self-doubt, continuous self-consolation


 Seeing others show affection and encountering
special festivals, they will be sad and confused, and can’t help but doubt
themselves in the mirror:

 Am I
looking too ugly? Am I too fat? Is my figure not good enough? My personality is
not cheerful enough? I won’t be coquettish? Am I too poor?

start to comfort themselves again after a while:

think I’m fine! Although I have a big face, it’s not ugly! I’m just a little
bit fatter, but I will lose weight soon! Although my personality is not
cheerful, still very gentle and sensible! I have no deposit, but I can take
good care of myself!

 These men are too shallow to see my unique and
interesting soul.

 I am
very good, I am great, today is also a day full of vitality duck!


Have two opinions


 Sometimes they feel at ease, and do not need
to spend so much time to deal with complex relationships, and save someone to
be angry and sad;

they often envy other boyfriends for being considerate, and admire two people
who are in pairs, sweet and sweet.

often shouted that they want to have a boyfriend, but they would never take the
initiative to hook up with others. Even if someone came to chase it, they are too
lazy to accept it.




Good at playing back drums


 Girls who have been single for too long are
really hard to chase because they care too much about love and are extremely

soon as someone approaches her, the first reaction is to flinch: how is it
possible?  Is he kidding? Is he serious?

the person is persistent, she is also hesitant: good or bad, dating is too troublesome,
or single for me. Because I’m really too scared to be injured.

others walked forward 99 steps, she finally found the courage to take a step
forward, but once she felt that the other party had a little retreat, she
wished to step back 100 steps and ran to the house to close the door.

longer you are single, the more cautious you are about feelings, and the less
you dare to touch and hug it.


Single addiction, self-closure


 Being single has become a
habit, and you have closed yourself up. You have spent your boring days on
mobile phones, novels, TV, games, and food, and you have changed your house and
become introverted.

 Found the joy of single life,
anyway, you can take care of yourself very well, you go to the doctor when you
are sick, change the light bulb, and carry the water dispenser bucket,

 You feel that you don’t need
a man anymore, and then you are gone on the road of being single.

 I feel you will be single for
another hundred years.

Being single is not a bad thing, but if you are single for a long
time, your attitude towards love will change unconsciously.

 You began to hesitate, became
tangled, and became timid.

 It’s getting harder and
harder to fall in love with someone without reservation, more and more afraid
of being let down, and getting lazy to get to know someone again.

 Maybe we know that we may be
able to embrace love a little more bravely, but we still refuse to take that
step easily.

 It ’s not that we don’t want
to fall in love, we don’t want to love, we are just used to being single.

 But what I want to say is, don’t
worry, don’t be afraid, happiness may be late, but never absent.

 Love just needs a suitable
time, you will always meet someone, and you go from “Hello” to
“It’s nice to meet you”.