Xue Zhiqian sang in the song “Ambiguous”: Anyway, the feelings are all ambiguous now, you don’t have to find a good match … It may be that the feelings are too expensive now, so that the people who pay the sincerity are embarrassed.
 Modern people seem to be too indifferent to feelings. The so-called sincerity has become a word that is ashamed to mention to people, and will be laughed at hard.
 After three or five days of acquaintance, you can become couples. After eating several times together, you can kiss, hug and even go to the next step after watching a few movies.  When some contradictions occur, it is easy to say break up.
 Simple, casual, sloppy, perfunctory.
 Many girls say,” I don’t want to fall in love anymore.”
 But in fact, those single girls who clamored for the supremacy of singles, were more eager than anyone else to have a lifelong love.
 Only sometimes, they never meet the person really like, and they don’t want to experience the pain of breaking up anymore.
 So what should a sincere relationship look like?  What kind of boyfriend won’t break up easily?  Do you want to know?


Treat you as a child
 Before Li Li had been in love, she had always been a particularly independent and good girl. She also loved to take care of people. When she went out together, she always prepared all the things that might be useful in advance. At the end of the meal, she sent everyone home and then took a taxi back home.
 But when she met her current boyfriend, she became the little girl who would grieve and shed tears when having a cold and fever.
 Lili ’s boyfriend is a very gentle boy. When they first started together, Lili had a fever in the middle of the night. Her boyfriend was about to take a taxi from 20km away. Lili said:” No, I have already taken cold medicine, and I will be fine after sleeping.”
 Her boyfriend didn’t think so. He came over in the middle of the night and saw that Li Li took the medicine and fell asleep.
 Lili has been smart and sensible since she was a child. Only in this way can she get occasional praise from her parents.
 Lili said that in front of others, she has always been the omnipotent big sister. Only with him, she felt that she could be a child with peace of mind.
 Not because of what she did was worthy of gentle treatment, but because of her, even if she was useless, she could still be cared for.

Willing to make an exception for you
 Big Bear is a very stingy boy. This is a fact that we all see.
 We all know that when Big Bear was young, his family conditions were not good, and the whole family was used to it.
 When it comes to money, Big Bear’s concept has always been to spend as little as possible, he never take the initiative to pay.
 We often make fun of Big Bear: You can’t do this, you can not be so stingy, who will marry you in the future is too pitiful!
 Later, when Big Bear met Xiao He, we didn’t expect that when Big Bear spent money on Xiao He, he couldn’t see a bit of it.
 Xiaoxi ’s birthday, Big Bear sent a Swarovski crystal necklace. Xiaohai likes Mayday. Big Bear bought tickets for the concert without hesitation. Some time ago, Xiaoxi casually mentioned that her phone is broken down. Big Bear helped her buy a new iPhone, but Big Bear himself still used Xiaomi, which he bought three years ago.
 Big Bear didn’t care, he said, I saved my money just to let her spend it!  Spending money on her is happier than anything.


Never think you are trouble
 There are always so many burdens in the lives of adults. For work and money, we are all busy.  Overtime stay up for a meeting …
 At the end of each day, I just want to collapse into the bed without moving.
 But the boy who really likes you, never think you are trouble.
 He is willing to take the bus to squeeze the subway for 2 hours just to meet you and have a meal with you;
 He is willing to spend time playing games for you to chat with you;
 He is willing to spend time and energy for you to choose the lipstick number you like.
 He is willing to go shopping with you all day;
 He is willing to work overtime desperately just to get off work ten minutes early;
 Even if he is very tired, as long as you say you need him, he will take the time to do everything possible to see you.
 He never bothers you.

 There has never been a 100% perfect boyfriend in this world, only two 50% people.
 People come and go, it ’s really not easy to meet you,
 I don’t want to break up with you anymore. I just want to talk to you about a long and long love. When winter comes, we will take a walk together, eat roasted sweet potatoes just out of the pot, warm each other’s hands with the heat, and wait for spring together.
 If there are contradictions, we will solve them together. If we have difficulties, we will work together. If we have stories, we will share them together.
 Let’s not break up again, let’s get married!