My colleague originally planned to visit her boyfriend ’s house for the past two days, but recently the plan has changed. It may have been postponed to over fifteen, but she can’t help feeling nervous. She was nagging in a small group:
 You say, what if his mother doesn’t like me? If his mother asked me to wash the dishes, should I wash them? How much money would his mother give me for the first time? What kind of gifts should I buy for them?  If the room is not enough, where do I sleep?
 One of our friends comforted her: “What’s so scary! Don’t counsel! Are you afraid that his mother will eat you?”
 Now, she is also so nervous (counseling), I did not want to comfort her at all, but a little wanted to laugh.
 In fact, to be honest, there is no need to be too nervous to see parents.
 The experience of countless seniors tells us that you may be okay if you are not nervous. If you are always so nervous, something really embarrassing will happen!
 Here are the cases of seeing parents roll over, I hope everyone must not repeat the same mistakes!


 When I was eating, I was too nervous. I just picked up a dish of chopsticks. His mother talked and asked me to eat more. I was too nervous, I snapped the vegetables off my skirt and quickly turned into a piece.
 After I finished drinking porridge overnight, her mother stood up and asked me to have another bowl. I said no. The small porcelain bowl fell to the ground and shattered.
 Fortunately, my boyfriend came in time: Sui Sui (years old) safe.
 The scene was very embarrassing, I thought I must have been rejected.
 He told me after we got married that his mother was more nervous at that time, and she always felt that his son was not worthy of me. She was afraid that if she did not do well, I would dissatisfied and scared me away.
 When cooking, She nervously shook her hands and put salt twice. Originally she wanted to make 8 dishes. Later, when there was not enough time, she filled two dishes with one dish and bought peanuts instead.


 I went to her home with my girlfriend, and the door was opened by a woman who looked about 40 years old.
 I remembered that my girlfriend told me that her mother usually pays attention to maintenance and looks very young, so I came to say with confidence: Auntie
 At that time, I watched the lady’s face turn purple. Then, her mother heard the noise and came out of the kitchen. I realized that it was her cousin who came to their house to deliver things …


 The first time I went to my girlfriend’s house, her father was initially very cold. I had prepared a lot of questions that he may ask me, but he didn’t ask anything.
 Later, after eating, her father took me to drink together. I had a bad drink. I was afraid of drunkenness and frustration. But if I didn’t drink, I was afraid that he would not be happy.
 As a result, I was drunk as soon as I drank. Later, I learned that her father was in the office when he was young. The amount of wine was already practiced. Where is my opponent for this amount of wine? 
 Originally, the old man wanted to know more about me when I was drunk. Fortunately, after I got drunk, I just smirked and wanted to sleep. 
 I am vaguely remembering that it seems that her father dragged me into the room in the end. I was not willing to change my coat. In the end, my wife dragged her dad away and changed my clothes, wiped my face and took care of me until the middle of the night .
 What is rare is that her father was very kind to me later. He told my wife: “It depends on the character of the wine, the boy is quite reliable.”


 Who can be worse than me?
 I’m not used to the food they cook. I want to have diarrhea as soon as I finish eating. However, there is no paper in their toilet. I sent a message and asked my boyfriend to give me the paper.
 Afterwards, I felt smelly, and I was still afraid of flushing, so I kept pressing it all the way, and finally pressed the button of the water tank.
 What’s more embarrassing is that the closure of their toilets is not very good, and any sound can be heard outside.


 I am a southerner. I went to my boyfriend’s home in the winter the year before last winter. I found it snowing early the next morning. I was so excited.
 Forgetting to be at his home, pulling him and screaming, rushed out, and suddenly fell down the ground.
 Uh ~~
 Then the sentence was verified: it was snowing, the southerners looked at the snow and laughed, and the northerners looked at the southerners and laughed.


I am a distant marriage. I went to their house for the first time. I started to take a car from 6 am, and it was almost  1 pm when I got his home.
 Then I found out that their family’s meal size is really small and small! They just waiting for me to eat.
 After I finished eating a bowl of rice, I stood up and wanted to go to get another bowl, but his mother said: “Leave the bowl to me , you don’t need to wash it.”
Oh, I’m not going to wash the dishes!
 But I’m embarrassed, so I said I was full, and then in the afternoon I relied on snacks.
 I was later learned that his family’s meals were relatively small, and his mother hadn’t made enough rice at noon that day.
 In the evening, his mother made a lot of dishes, steamed a large pot of rice, and secretly asked my boyfriend: enough for her to eat?
 I think I really don’t eat too much!  !  !


My ex boyfriend, his whole family are all ridiculous.
 I went to his home, his mother was playing mahjong outside, and his dad went to dinner with his friends!
 Please! We agreed to go back a week in advance!
 Then, he was embarrassed and said that he would take me out to eat. His mother was not happy and say: there is food at home, cook it at home.
 I endured it at that time, and after eating, his mother came to the classic account-checking question. I tried to answer all the question as simple as possible.
 In fact, I don’t mind the attitude of his family. The key is that he didn’t mean anything to me during the whole process, making me like a questioned prisoner.
 Fortunately, we finally broke up.

Really, seeing these stories, I embarrassed very much so that my scalp became numb and my toes curled up.
 In fact, the reason why seeing parents is so embarrassing, in addition to the nervous and uneasy mentality, because many people subconsciously put themselves in a passive position. They are afraid of being dislike.
Actually, you don’t have to think in this way. For the couple who really want to get married, this is a good chance to know the atmosphere of the family, it could help us to know each other deeper.
The marriage is not a business of two person, it relates to the two family. How long can you get along with each other finally depends on yourselves attitude.